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  1. K-Man

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    The little and far town of Forums has ultimately come to its end...
    In the night many leave their houses,

    packing their few belonging,
    carrying dear memories
    and giving few words of farewell to those still left...

    In the dark night, in the empty town, one light still shines..
    the lamp in the town hall is lit,
    calling for everyone left to come together,
    speak up and decide what to do.
    This time the enemy they are facing
    cannot be fought by mere discussion...
    it requires action!
    Something that everyone fears: change...
    They'll have to leave the safety of their familiar walls to move to a new land,
    where they may prosper again...

    It will be a treacherous journey,
    and not everyone will survive,
    but strength is in numbers and friends,
    and home is not just a roof over one's head!
    The Major stands with the adventurers and the survivors,

    those that don't want to let go of things yet,
    and that still want to hold their ground
    with people they might have come to call friends or even family!
    "In two weeks we leave!
    On this map, we have the chance to create our NEW HOMES.
    All together, for what I hope WON'T be a last time!"

    >>>follow the link to see our new home:

    This used to be an easy and fast game, and one I promised myself to restart one day.
    This is the (unlucky) day it comes to be once again (What a twist!).
    Some of you might have played it, some of you will be new to it, but I hope all of you will find fun in it!
    In this game you will have to be cunning, you will need to find allies, and will need perhaps a certain amount of luck!
    You will have to give in daily actions, and actively discuss with the other players!
    Everything you can do will be related to which role you have.

    How to Join
    Just follow the link [>>> https://www.draakdorei.com/forums/threads/★-lupus-in-forums-exodus.83/ ], join SwissArmyKnife's new forum, and send me a PM with the name "Lupus in Forum": that will be our SECRET way of communication.
    In two weeks, starting with the (depressing) closure of the Undead Labs Forums, I will proceed by randomly giving each one a role (examples of roles are explained below, but new roles might be created - any question on your role will be answered in PM).
    I will list all the Players in a neat post.
    Not all roles will exist at all the time, and not all the roles have special actions.
    Each role will define with which team you'll be playing.
    Secrets are key to victory! (Anyone could say being the Seer! But... can you... trust them?!)
    Roles must NOT be revealed, until the game is over.

    How to Win
    There are two teams: the Wolves, and the Humans.
    Humans have to eliminate all the Were-wolves.
    Wolves are more various, but generally will have to outnumber the Humans in order to survive (there must be at maximum a Human for each Wolf).
    Most importantly, we win by playing together!

    The Game
    The game is divided in Nights and Days.

    Night: during the night the Wolves go out hunting! The Werewolves will chose a meal.
    Players will be also able to use the special abilities of their Roles.

    Day: during the day the victim will be revealed... it was nice to know you (DON'T REVEAL YOUR ROLE!).
    The remaining players will now start naming their suspects, pointing fingers and deciding WHO is most likely the Wolf!
    The two most suspected players will be set on trial, and one will be hanged after a poll (everyone will PM me their choice. Even the dead players will be allowed to chose which of the two players will be hanged!)

    I invite players to use this thread to talk and discuss! The Seer will try searching for those he can trust, and the Lovers will investigate, always relying on each other!
    Every 12 hours I will start the Day/Night stages, and make a reassuming post with who died and who still lives.


    + Were-wolf: eat 'em all! Once a night they kill a player.
    + Peasant: kill the wolves!
    + Seer: once a night the Seer can name a player, to learn if it is or not a Wolf.

    + Lovers x2 [8+]: the Lovers can trust each other.
    + Wolf-woman [8+, instead of a Were-wolf]: the Wolf-woman can chose to devour another Were-wolf.
    + Baron Samedi [8+]: once in a game, even if dead, the Baron can resurrect a player.

    + Clairvoyant [9+, instead of Miss Purple]: once a night the Clairvoyant can learn if the hanged player was in fact a Wolf.
    + Miss Purple [9+, instead of the Clairvoyant]: every night Miss Purple will learn the number of evil players still alive.
    + Were-hamster [9+, instead of the Witch]: the Were-Hamster can't be killed by the Wolves. If the Were-hamster survives to the Wolves s/he is the only winner. If the Seer names her/him, the Were-hamster dies.
    + Witch [9+, instead of the Were-hamster]: the Witch is seen as a Wolf by the Seer. Once a night the Witch can name a player, to learn if it is a Wolf, or the Seer. If the Witch survives to the Humans s/he is the only winner.
    + Old Hag [9+]: every night the Hag will tag a player as Suspect.

    + Possessed [10+]: the Possessed wins if the Wolves win.

    + Hunter [11+]: the Hunter can name a player every night: that player won't be killed if the Wolves chose him/her.

    + Were-cow [12+, with either the Seer or the Fortune Teller]: knows who the Wolves are, but the Wolves don't know who the Cow is. The Were-cow wins if the Wolves win.
    + Dorian Wolf [12+, instead of the Stalker]: during the first night Dorian Wolf will hide the Portrait on another player. If Dorian Wolf gets killed, s/he can chose to live, killing instead the player with the Portrait.
    + Doctor [12+]: once in a game the Doctor can kill a player.
    + Stalker [12+, instead of Dorian Wolf]: during the first night the Stalker will give the Ring to another player. If the Stalker dies the player with the Ring dies.

    + Mythomaniac [16+]: during the first night s/he will name a player: if that player is a Wolf or the Seer, the Mythomaniac becomes one too. If not, the Mythomaniac will be a normal peasant.
    + Fortune Teller [16+, with the Were-cow]: another Seer.

    -Portrait: the player who has this object doesn't know it. If Dorian Wolf is murdered, the player could take Dorian's place.
    -Ring: the player who has this object at the end of the day will be allowed to pass it to a player of her/his choice. If the Stalker dies the player with the Ring dies as well.
    -Jack 'o Lantern: the player with the lantern can name a player, and learn if that is the Seer or the Clairvoyant
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  3. K-Man

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    I've tagged all those I could find
    Many other names.. were unresponsive to the @

    I hope to see you all over the other side
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    Yay yay yay yay!
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    I approve.
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    thats cool, but ill pass on playing and opt to spectate. :p
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    First ones to join are:
    Kid Kayole

    Come on people! We need more hunters!:D
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    I've joined)
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