30 Day's of Night: Harvest Moon (OOC/Discussion)

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    30 Days of Night: Harvest Moon

    “They thrust and cut, they killed and ate one another. In the towns, the tocsin sounded all day long, and called out all the people but who had summoned them and why nobody knew, and everyone was filled with fear.” - Fyodor Dostoevesky, Crime and Punishment

    Marlowetown, Alaska. A town of adventurers, thrill-seekers, and hardline Alaskans. An isolated town, sitting right on the Arctic Circle. The town is a special one, as it experiences a polar night, 30 days of near total darkness. Not only that, but it is contained within one large apartment complex, with shops on the first floor, government offices on the second floor, a church and homeowner’s lounge on the third floor, then apartments, condos, and small offices on all the floors, all the way up to floor 14 and the roof.

    Regardless, you’ve found yourself here, in Marlowetown, on the day before the sun disappears behind the horizon for the last time in a month. What you don’t know is something evil lurks behind the snow drifts, waiting to leave at dark.

    It’s November the 12th, 2017. and tomorrow, your world changes.

    Because the cold, clamy hand of life is about to give you one massive bitchslap of reality. Oh, and bloodsucking freaks.



    FLOOR ONE: Starbucks, McDonalds, Copper River Eatery, Joe Daniel’s Diner, Marlowetown Real Estate Office, Utilities Office.

    FLOOR TWO: MTPD Office, Town Hall, Planning Offices.

    FLOOR THREE: Homeowner’s Lounge, Church of St. Christopher, GeoTech Office

    FLOOR FOUR THRU THIRTEEN: Offices and Apartments.

    FLOORS FOURTEEN & ROOF: Hotel Marlowetown, Indoor Pool, Sauna, & Gym,


    You should also know that there are two ways into Marlowetown: The old tunnel which provides highway and railroad access, and the Colonel Jackson Port, which freezes over in the winter. Other than that, there isn’t too much in the town aside from the tower. Also behind the hotel, about a mile up a small ridgeline is Radio Marlowetown. Also, near the port is the Utilidor, a facility which manages the town’s heating, water, and electricity.


    THE DEAD: Yes, the dead. They have few weaknesses. Light, bright light, fire, and chopping off or shooting these bastards in the head is the only way. Other than that, you’re in for a tough fight. They hunt in packs, have huge claws and a mouthful of sharp teeth, and have super strength/speed/senses. However the cold has also dulled their senses. Either way, good luck pal.

    DISEASE/WEATHER: It gets cold this time of year, folks… No seriously, it does. The average temperature is -14 degrees. Seriously. Dress in layers, wear winter gear, build fires, stay warm folks. Also, unless you manage to find shelter in TWO actions, you will come down with hypothermia (provided you aren’t already in shelter.)

    RANDOM ACTS OF GOD: You’re sleeping in your apartment when suddenly BAM! The goddamn ceiling collapses in because some idiot above you decided to try and torch a vamp. Next thing you know, the pack is hammering on your door, and Prometheus himself is lying on your foyer floor, bleeding from the chest due to a massive piece of wood stuck impaled in him.

    Events like these, while not necessarily the same, will keep you on your toes.

    Also make sure to keep yourself clean. Set up proper sanitation, boil water, don’t eat raw meat, you know the drill. It would suck to have salmonella while also trying to survive a polar night AND deal with bloodthirsty vampires.

    DEHYDRATION AND STARVATION: Drink water and eat food. Pretty simple.

    JOB/BACKGROUND: This will affect your actions, rolls, etc..
    HISTORY: Character's Backstory
    SKILLS: Choose ONE skill of any choice, be reasonable (You’re a doctor who enjoys hunting game in your free time, or a construction worker who likes to read a lot, former member of the Boy/Girl Scouts, etc…)
    ITEMS: You will start with five items. Three of them will be related to your profession of choice, and two of them can be anything reasonable.
    Example: Joe the Policeman has his service pistol, a glock .40, two magazines of ammunition, and a bulletproof vest. He also owns a warm winter parka, and a first aid kit.


    1. You can do THREE actions per day. These include going out to scavenge, building things, researching the hottest new vampire killing implements out there, etc… However, there is no limit to how many posts you have involving talking, participating in an event chain, etc.​

    That’s really it. Other than that, just roll with the punches and who knows? You may just survive the vampire hoard.​
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  3. Biggles

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    If you have any questions, you can post them here or PM me.
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    NAME: Henry Tolb
    GENDER: Male
    DOB: 9/22/1990

    Utilidor Insurance Claims
    (Works on inspecting insurance claims on behalf of the company)


    HISTORY: Henry has moved over from Anchorage, Alaska. Most of his life he has been a pretty calm guy, who wanted to live a rather plain life. He has played sports like Paintball, Airsoft, and does occasionally games FPS shooters mostly.

    SKILLS: Extremely Offensive/Aggressive player: Offensive bonus (When this player is attacking he has a bonus)

    ITEMS: File on people's names, occupations, and addresses, a plastic fold-able map, a piece of chocolate candy, a Swiss army knife, and a green winter jacket.
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    NAME: Robert Claesson
    GENDER: Male
    DoB: 8/26/1994
    JOB: Service Tech w/ 'Radio Marlowetown'


    Grew up in Anchorage Alaska, with two sisters and a brother. Received a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology at the age of 23. Was enticed to work further up north with Radio Marlowetown due to pay and opportunity to get away from the city. Has served as a Service Tech for the company for three years and four months.

    SKILLS: Mechanical and Electrical Repair (job) as well as outdoor camping.

    ITEMS: Keys to Radio Marlowetown, small toolkit, flashlight.
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  7. Biggles

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    If you guys have your characters ready, let's get em posted!
  8. Biggles

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    I forgot to include character history in the template! If you haven't made your character yet, or have, please include a brief albeit detailed history of your character!

    Sheriff Bronson Callahan
    Gender: Male
    DOB: 5/25/1970
    Job: Sheriff of the Marlowetown PD. Skilled with firearms, athletics, and is a strong leader.
    History: Born and raised in Marlowetown, Bronson is the Alaskan's Alaskan. Hearty, brave, and skilled with firearms and rifles, Sheriff Callahan was elected as sheriff of Marlowetown after his father, the former sheriff, died. However, years of service have worn Sheriff Callahan down, and he has a bad right knee. He is married, and has two boys in college.
    SKILLS: Bronson is a skilled leader, and is able to get others to work faster on projects and motivate his underlings to work hard.
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  9. jackstack

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    NAME: Leo Tillmann
    GENDER: Male
    DOB: 4/9/1990
    JOB/BACKGROUND: Airplane mechanic
    HISTORY: Leo moved to Alaska a little less than a year ago. His father had passed away two months before that, while he was finishing his technical training as well. A family friend allowed him to live with them to finish his education. Once he graduated, he wanted to work with UPS but they were partial to members of the military and they were the only ones hiring. He had no other family members in the lower 48 states and he was overstaying he welcome with the family friend. He had a first cousin in Marlowetown, Alaska, and there had been a opening for a airplane mechanic at the local airport. He didn't have many personal belongings to bring and his cousin had already had a room with a bed and dresser. He brought several articles of clothing, a little more than a few of them being appropriate for the area. The biggest belonging he brought with him was his father's Ford Ranger. He had sold his car, his father's house (Though, he sold the house when he moved in with the family friend for the long haul. With his education bills and the eventual lack of a job due to the area, he couldn't afford to stay there.) and many of the stuff that held no sentimental value. Once he moved, his cousin took him to the airport manager for the job application. If there was a such thing as good luck, he got it. The manager stood there and asked if he had his Social-security, and a few other papers. he did as he just got in and they walked to the manager's office. Leo told the manager his story of how he ended up in Alaska and how he just graduated from technical school. They discussed how he was the first one to apply for the job, and he was the first one to get an interview. The manager laid it out pretty simply for Leo, "Fifty grand a year to start, and if you stay with us and do a decent job, it can reach as high as seventy, with benefits as well." Leo, puzzled, asked, "How can a small..er airport like this offer that?" the manager explained that this was a refueling stop for some planes, and a lot took off from here as well. The manager stated that they make a lot of money when it gets busy and they only employ three mechanics at most, with one retiring. Leo was desperate for a job and this wasn't a bad gig either. Leo asked the manager if he was willing to hire on the spot and the manager said yes. He and has cousin made it to his cousin's house, as his Ford Ranger wasn't going to be delivered to the house for a few days. He got settled in, started the job, was trained by the three other mechanics at the airport, and he was doing generally well. He has a few relationships, nothing that turned into anything substantial. Today, he still is sharing a house with his cousin, and is working for the airport as a mechanic. They were now back down to three at the airport as the oldest guy recently retired.
    SKILLS: Mechanically Inclined
    ITEMS: Personal work tools such a wrench, pliers, and screwdriver. The other two items are a chain to pull his truck out of the snow, and first aid kit.
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  10. Biggles

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    Anybody else plan on applying?
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    Just finished my application for Henry Tolb if you can add it into the player list would be awesome.
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  12. Virgel

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    My application is finished as well.
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  13. Biggles

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    Glad to see it! I'll think about starting this in a few days if we don't get anymore applications.

    Everyone's is fine so far.
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  14. TheMuse

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    Not sure how much time I'd have to commit to this, but I may put in an app in the next couple days if I can.
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    NAME: Ashley Starr
    GENDER: Female
    DOB: 12/25/1995
    JOB/BACKGROUND: Waitress/"Exotic Dancer"
    HISTORY: Ashley grew up in Texas under very strictly religious parents. At 21 she decided she needed to move out and determine her own future. She got on a plane to go to Hollywood to start her career as an actress... only she read the flights wrong and ended up in Alaska. With no money to make it back to home, Ashley ended up in the comically tiny community of marlowetown, where she started working as a waitress at the restaurant. Using the power of the internet however, Ashley scrounged together some cash to purchase a portable pole, and dances for private parties in the meantime, making more money doing this for the desperately lonely townsfolk and tourists than she does as a waitress.
    SKILLS: While Ashley never really perfected the art of makeup, she did manage to be born with the genetic advantage of an athletic, aesthetically pleasing figure. Her dancing in her spare time has actually gotten quite good, and has given her a good deal of fitness, which is good, because she's not the sharpest tool in the shed.
    ITEMS: Makeup kit, Portable Dancing Pole, Winter Clothes, A Small Pocket Knife, A laser pointer.​
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    Beep-Boop I guess? ;)
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    Oh give me a minute, I'm busy.
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  18. Virgel

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    Just popped on quickly to say that I'm locked in writing final papers at the moment (hence my lack of participation in the game thread). I'll be back once things return to some form of normality!
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  19. Biggles

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    Glad to hear it!
  20. jackstack

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    Does your last post apply to all of us? The one with the light going out.
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