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  1. yea, they've done great here! I told everyone on my friends list it was out now. I got one person who hasn't heard of it before to buy it. So I want 2% of that sale :p
    I'm excited telling everyone I know and don't know to check this game out and buy it! I fell in love when I got to play the leaked version, and I knew I was getting it no matter how much it cost. I said I hope it was 1600msp so they could make more money, even though I'm tight on money lately. :)
  2. :D i cant wait

  3. YEAH!!! The game is juste great. I'm already enjoying it soooo much. Thank you guys, you made it! For REAL! The ultimate zombie survival game!!!
  4. Lol
    I change my german account to austria.Now im downloading it :D
  5. But you can get kicked for that from Microsoft or not ?
  6. done :D thank you
  7. sadly yes! So I prefer a second account
  8. Done downloading and start gaming xD
    And no u cant be kicked because its not forbidden to do that.
    Only a few apps may doesnt work.but the rest of your account stay as it was.
  9. But if my second acount gets kicked then the game is away too right ? and I payed the MS Points for nothing
  10. The account will be not kicked :D
    Its a service from microsoft that u can change your region.i take that service thats all.
    and on the page not only one word say that u can be kicked.
  11. Sure you can Change the Region if you goes to another Country then sure its ok but if you life in Germany and just Change it to get something you cant get in Germany that you can be kicked
  12. My question is if I download it with a second acount this one gets kicked and I Change to my regular acount can I Play the game or did I payed the MS Points for nothing ?
  13. Whatever you purchase on ANY gamertag on that xbox, any gamertag can play the game on that xbox.
  14. even my german gamer tag when the game isnt adverbiable in Germany ?
  15. yea, as long as you sign in on any gamertag on that xbox that the game was purchased on, you can play it on any gamertag.
    Your buddy could bring his gamertag over on a USB Drive and sign in and play any game you've bought as long as he's signed in while on your xbox.
  16. yes, it is possible. BUT if the game is IP locked then the answer is no. Some GoW 1 DLC had that lock
  17. edit, sorry you said "IF" it was IP locked
    Are you sure it's IP locked? It may not be. could try it atleast with the demo or whatever. I thought someone a few posts back got it working on one of their other gamertags or something.
  18. Then I will try it with the demo Version
  19. No, I am not sure. I also doubt it. BUT I haven´t checked it for myself so I am not stating, that it isn´t when that is my opinion and not a fact!
  20. Well im an aussie who just made an american account and purchased so im downloading it now so i'll find out and let u guys know in a few hours when its done.

    EDIT: NOT IP BLOCKED!!!! Go for it guys, just make an american account and use Paypal to get the MS points and get the damn gmae. Moving my Xbox back to my bedroom for an all nighter :p
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