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  1. I hope that its came out later this day in Germany. The USK just has to work faster :D
  2. First zombie kill is wearing a shirt that says "ask me about my BIG DICK" AHAHAHAHA

    Oh man, I love how this game rewards people that look in every nook and cranny.

    Also, my inventory is alteady full within half an hour, I hope there is someway to transfer items to an npc that's with you, tough choices already. I LOVE THIS GAME.
  3. So USK 18 now only Microsoft Needs to upload it
  4. Thats it downloading, just have to wait to finish work now and get home to play this beauty!
  5. Two more things left to do:
    1. PC Version *^*
    2. Bring it to the Steam Shop
    Complete these tasks and you acquire infinite Epicness! :D
  6. Just played the trial, I want to thank everyone that put in their hard work and dedication toward making this game. You'll have my money on your desk at some point today or tomorrow!
  7. I love this game!!!!!!!

    One question, how do you get to sandbox mode?
  8. krymzen

    krymzen Starting Off

    i played it this morning and its great so far...theres a sandbox mode?
  9. I don't believe there is a sandbox mode but I don't know for sure. Is it possible to kill Alan???
  10. I mean that the game make a savegame before the last mission starts.Then u can finish the game and after that u can load that savegame to sandbox it :D
  11. I'm downloading it now, but it's being a b****. Anyways, can someone that has it answer a question for me? Can you have multiple save files? Like, have multiple games going and saved at the same time? Because, I know I'm gonna have my game going. But what if my buddy wants to play his own game? He can't do it on his profile without buying the game, but he could start another game on my profile and play, right? You guys don't frown upon that, do you?
  12. Hi guys
    Anyone has the same feel of me? I thinks this game is a little undercooked :/

    I found the meele gameplay so flat
    There are also some basics problems like:

    Severe popups (i hit my car in a fence when i was high speed), since gta vice city of ps2 i haven't seen this...
    Some clipping polygons here and there
    Some zombies with colision problems (i saw a half of walking alive zombie inside a wall, the other side is out of wall)
    Weird framerate, weird hangs

    My car rolls out and being step side, i had serious diffculties to get out car because my character couldn't go out

    I hope a TU come soon to fix these little things that occlude this great game ;)
  13. chomikkPL

    chomikkPL Starting Off

    I've found only two problems :)

    framerate drop :(

    cars are making flips, stopping on small obstacles like little rocks

    but these are pretty small problems, and this game makes them barely invisible
  14. Right, framerate drop is my only problem (most often during car travels), but the game is awesome!

  15. chomikkPL

    chomikkPL Starting Off

    :) lets all be happy that this marvelous game is out, I'm sure that they will patch it :)
  16. Okay, finally got it downloaded. Played for an hour or so. Only have minor problems.

    Clipping issues with zombies going through walls or other objects.
    Also had a zombie survive a fatal blow, and I had to hit him a couple more times to put him down.
    Curious as to why there is no brightness slider in the settings. Same for stick sensitivity setting. The camera moves a little too slow for my taste when I try to turn it.
    Also curious as to why we can't re-map the controls. I'd like to move reload to a different button, but oh well, I guess.
    I've also seen the framerate drops, but nothing too serious. As long as the game doesn't lock up, I'm usually fine with it.

    Again, these are just minor things. I'm really diggin the hell out of the game so far, though. I haven't made it very far, yet. In fact, it just turned to night for the first time. That's why I mentioned the brightness slider because it got really dark. Anyways, great game. A huge Thank You to the devs for making it.
  17. the glitches is what makes it fun too lol
  18. YES Please!!! :))
  19. Yes there are minor glitches but you can't expect a game to be perfect straight away, besides ITS STILL AWESOME!
  20. VladimirKenju

    VladimirKenju Got Your Back

    I had one glitch that scared the hell out of me. I compiled several cars in front of my base. When i left the game then started again they were all gone. But they weren't gone but just invisible, git to drive an invisible car for a few seconds.
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