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  1. We need people to take pictures or make videos of their glitches lol.
    I love them, some funny things have happened to me in other games before, like red dead redemption lol, flying people.
  2. I want some awesome DLC addons, like extra maps or something :)

    wooo yea
  3. I've been following you guys for a year now and this my first post lmao. I just bought state of decay and I'm loving every minute of it. Thank you for all your hard work and I wanna say I LOVE YOU UNDEAD LABS!
  4. So I bought it and I have to admit, it is the Zombiegame I was waiting for. The Engine could gos a litte smoother and it is kinda rough around the edges but boy it is so much fun! Even my wife was was totally in it :)

    Thanks undead labs for this! I hope you guys make loads of money with it :)
  5. You guys actually did it: you made the best zombie game ever. Congratulations, and thank you so much!!
  6. Played for a couple hours last night and i am enjoying it so far! the only minor glitches were a few zombies halfway through a fence, *SPOILER ALERT* ........ when leaving over the bridge my followers didnt climb out of the river, I had to go back down there and escort them each step. and the last one was when i got to the church Maya just ran into the wall next to the pastor..... all minor and didnt effect my game though! Will be getting on tonight for more Zombie slaying!
  7. My only game breaking bug was on a mission where i had to help other survivors defend their house, a Zed got stuck up on a bed and in a corner and became invulnerable. He was the last zed in the house so the mission wouldnt complete. A simple restart cured it but still a pain as i had to trek all the way back to the house in question just for the quest to end after restart.

    Other then that i can live with slight cliping issues. Im having way to much fun, showed my mate today and hes buying at soon as he gets paid on monday!
  8. Well...Mayas dead.
  9. Thats on you for getting to carried away and I dont blame you, it happened to me to for thinking "aah she can handle it, she´s a soldier ffs" hahaha I'm so inlove with this game.

    I've only had minor issues with the game so far, I drive slow most of the time and use horns and sirenes to lure zeds away from home and hot spots etc.
    now I'm not a mod or anything but for further glitch and bug issues, take that in the Bug thread (http://forums.undeadlabs.com/forumdisplay.php?15-State-of-Decay-Bugs) so they can adress, work and solve them asap.
  10. They need to fix this performance issues in xbox urgently asap
    This hurt the experience very bad

    Also try to set the game as 720p, it looked like to run under sub-hd resolution

    I played a little more, this place is dangerous
    I lost my first character brutally ahhaha :p

    I sent a girl alone to gathering some resources in a field nearby and she couldn't escape the hordes due lack of stamina to run or hide somewhere, she was dead and get splited in a half by zombies, lol

    Nice game! But PLEASE
    Fix the bugs
    Improve the performance and try to tune up the visuals in xbox
  11. question. can you have multiple game saves? or just the one?
  12. only one per gamertag bro
  13. Thank you guys for the time that I expected you made me turn on my 360
  14. Congrats to the entire team with SOD. I just purchased the game to support the developers of the game. Also if you were wondering I bought a used system to play the game and also to support the great team work that went into this game. I have been following for a while and wanted you to know that I am the owner/founder of an action-adventure open world site and have also spread the word of this amazing game.

    My wife has her own business and I understand how much work goes into something you truly love. Congrats to everyone, always remember there is no "I" in team, and glad that this game will be nice to come home to after a long day's work and make the summer drought of games seem like a breeze.
  15. how long does it take for your car/truck to be repaired? ive had my truck in the parking spot for many day/night cycles and still has not been repaired?
  16. 1 day in real time. That's one actual real life day that needs to pass.
  17. I feel like i followed this from the very beginning...im so...im so...excuse me...im so proud of this game!
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