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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. The only reason holding the release of the game is.. MS!
    As someone already said, the game for PC is done already, now MS and Steam are trying to make some kind of deal
  2. /slow headshake.

    I'm not going to bother quoting. If I, in my not so many posts, have ever come off as condescending or belittling, I apologize. Simply put, I will have to follow the Captain on this. It has become obvious that some members have an unjustified grudge against UL. I have seen conspiracy theories and outright accusation from various PC gamers on these forums. Im simply done. Im sure that I will see SoD on Steam when it releases. Good luck UL and of course, Sanya.
  3. Can't wait for the game,sorry if it was already told,but will the game come out in like 1 month or will we have to wait more because,if there's more than a month waiting then i'm off to buy an xbox 360 xD
  4. Being heavily invloved in the DayZ community/forum I am used to the waiting AND don't mind waiting some more. I want the expeience to be polished and proper. I'm not a needy child who is going to throw a trantrum...but

    What is slightly and i do mean slightly irksome is the lack of news, concrete or otherwise, fro UL. There seem to be pretty straight with the community in regards to the direction of the game (think the co-op accoucement) and I know they are busy with actually making amazing games but an inkling or crumb of news would be nice. Just heard today that SoD PC is going to support old OS's such as XP...well not too exicting but good news all the same :)

    I can't wait to play!

    And in this forum just like the loud and petty mob in the DayZ community who hound the devs with all sorts of demands, these impatient, needy people aren't metnally equipped to play such an in depth game anyway.

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  5. Wish i had your attitude bro,it's like no games (good games) are comming out now,i think State of Decay and Walking Dead 400 are the only good games released since May.
    Really hard to keep a calm head if you don't get to play good games :D
  6. BrainBreaker

    BrainBreaker Starting Off

    Yeah 400 days gave me a little ''zombie fix'',sadly it was too short. :)
    If thats true that PC port is done,then I hope MS and Steam can hash it out,and will get game after 07.22,as someone said,no new releases untill steam sale is over.
  7. One thing wrong with your analogy, and another wrong with your theory...

    First, reading only the first 2 sentences of each paragraph or skipping ahead to seek closure...well, it's a story. That's the wrong way to do it. And comparing literature to a video game is like comparing apples and oranges. They're two COMPLETELY different forms of art.

    Second...you won't own the game. You'll own a license to the game, which allows you to play it in whatever forms UL supports and allows. Depending on UL's policies, they may tacitly "approve" of un-supported modding, but since the game is only going to be available on Steam, I don't know how/if that would even be possible.

    That being said, mod support for the game could be awesome. However, since UL is apparently focused almost exclusively on the XBox version, with the PC version being almost an afterthought (the fact that there was only a single developer working on the PC port tells me that), I doubt they'll spend much time working on mod support when it would only be applicable for the PC version. But I hope I'm wrong!
  8. What you said about the PC version being an afterthought is possibly true, but I don't think it is because of the amount of people working on it. They have explained why assigning more people wouldnt make it come out any faster.

    Besides, the game is probably ready by now, since Sanya won't confirm or dismiss these rumors. If a company remains silent rather than dismissing the rumor, then it is probably true. If the rumor is false then there is no reason for the company to remain silent.

    PD: Mod support chances are very slim indeed lol
  9. Asmodeus

    Asmodeus Starting Off

    Please don't tell M$ it's okay to make people do this. As far as I would go, is finding a diagnostic & repair guide online that's decent & written by a person who seems to know something about electronics especially graphics components which i think was the issue with my 360. & then proceed to attempt repairs myself, & then test it out, & then grab the points & live (pointless, greed-driven purchase imo I would never have bought the month if it weren't forced to download the game) & then hope the machine worked long enough to wait out the Steam version.

    The PC version will without a doubt have a modding community, the extent of the mods will depend on how easy it for the modders to add or change things. Many early mods may become broken without an update after the game is patched or new content is added, so beware of early adaption of mods. The best you will not tend to see for the first 6 months to a year of a game being out, it takes time to learn what can be done & to test the waters with smaller projects and then to develop more ambitious projects. Bethesda games give players the tools, and it still takes a bit of time to see some of the larger, more complex additions to the games often in spite of having those tools. you're going to need 3x the patience for the good mods , that you have waiting for the Steam release. just to let people know who may not mod their games much & aren't used to this. It may turn out the easiest (and least game breaking) mods will simply be skin replacements, in which case we can expect a lot of zoey & claire redfields. personally, I'd prefer a wesker which we'll have I'm certain. a year or more down the road, there will certainly have been an Attempt at the least at a very ambitious mod either adding content to the game or altering much of it's mechanics if not both. how that will work out, who knows, but I know it's coming sooner or later. I waited a year to begin really playing Skyrim, so that I could then look at how it was modded & have waited past those updates that seemed to be breaking as much as they fixed every time a new patch was coming out early on. which reminds me, this game must have been very polished & thoroughly playtested before release because as a sandbox game with complicated mechanics that run even when not playing it's had very few large bugs from the patch notes I've read. very impressive. I expected huge bugs for a game on this level, & there haven't seemed to be many that are potentially game breaking beside the community size that I remember reading about.
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  10. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    The person working on the PC version (and it's person, singular - as stated upthread, this is not a project that benefits from multiple people, they'd just trip over each other) is not the same as the people cranking on the sandbox mode. They are parallel projects.

    This is not true. We are not done working on the PC version. We are done with _content_ because the content is the same in both versions, but we're not just slapping a keyboard on the console version and calling it a day. Please do not repeat this very silly rumor. :)
  11. Of course there will be a modding community for this game, I'm just saying we shouldn't expect mod support from the developers. No matter how shitty a game may be, there is always someone crazy enough to start making mods, and then a modding community is created. Only one question remains: How easy will it be for people to develop mods for SoD?
  12. Cool, the term "project" is now being used. Now they just need to be managed. Keep up the good work!
  13. logan23

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    Thanks for the clarification =-)

    Thanks again,
    You guys are Awesome!
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  14. I heard the guys mention today on Twitch that State of Decay will be coming to Steam Early Access, which I think is great. Is this early access release on Steam contingent upon the completion of the sandbox mode?
  15. Atreides Ghola

    Atreides Ghola Starting Off

    Well, at the very least, early access on Steam will allow us to help squash bugs, since it's a hella job for only one person.
  16. Awesome. Even though there is no such thing as "Early Access" when regarding the PC version release. Its more like a "late access".
  17. Wyndrusher

    Wyndrusher Starting Off

    "late access" would be not buying it during "early access" in regards to the pc version. At least it's coming and this year to boot as Jeff said in the live chat.
  18. He said "this year"?
  19. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

    perhaps you should just watch the twitch feed...btw, very nice job on the extremely improved English (judging from your last few posts)
  20. Wyndrusher

    Wyndrusher Starting Off

    Yep he said this year & also gave some info out about the sandbox mode, basically you can play as long as you like then take a bus with some of your survivors out of the valley & it re-rolls the valley but it's harder each time(less stuff, harder hordes etc), you can keep doing it too, sounds great.
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