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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. How was my english bad? And I can't watch the twitch feed, it is blocked via proxy because of company policy.
  2. Hydrophobiac

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    The only news we have about PC, is that it's going to be on "Early Access" on Steam... So when we gonna have the game (we don't know exactly when), it even wont be finished...
    You'll see, the next week we'll learn that SoD is going to be on Greenlight, if they continues this way... Psssshhh
  3. So I tried PMing Undead Sanya but her inbox is full. So I will post my question here.

    Am I allowed to give away some older games I never activated on Steam, here on the forums? I bought a bunch of games in past sales and never gave the extra copies away, mostly because I either bought 4 copies of Walking Dead and only 2 friends didn't also buy it, (for example) or my friends didn't want the games I offered them.

    I need an admin or mod to say yay or nay before I make a post in the Fun Stuff thread to offer up my dusty digital wares.

    (please, do not ask me for games, yet)
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  4. IrishDead

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    They don't mind giveaways...just put them in the Off Topic section. We had people giving Microsoft Points when this game launched. I call dibs on the good stuff...lol
  5. Asmodeus

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    early access is great news... it allows us to get ahold of an in-progress version sooner, and then allows feedback on bugs getting the port finished even faster. I like when they added that feature, I have been seeing a lot of early access games recently. my worries have been settled now.
  6. Totally agree :D
  7. Undead Labs announced today (with livestream) that State of Decay will see the light on PC before the end of 2013, driven by the success of Xbox Live Arcade. Will initially be supported only by the PAD in an edition "Early Access" on Steam, but once launched officially one can also play with mouse and keyboard. Clearly, the game will be the same but we will have an enhanced graphics, better textures and a higher frame rate.

    For the news about Sandbox mode:
    Sanya Weathers of Undead Labs summarized as follows: "Without going into too much detail (these will arrive within a week), you begin in this world, put on your community, clean up the area, and when the resources end up simply steps leading to the next area there will also be part of the community. the next area will always be the same map but with new resources and will also be more difficult: more zombies, more difficult, more ... more."

    I'm sorry for my bad english but I can't speak (and write) english really good (in fact I use Google Translate for write the news)

    Here the original article (but is in italian):http://kingdomgame.it/news/846-state-of-decay-sul-pc-nel-2013-dettagli-per-il-sandbox
  8. Didn't we all,already know that the game will come before the end of 2013?
  9. Yeah, and these aren't even good news.
  10. from what it looks like an Aussie Console version will be released before the PC that's cr@p
  11. Wyndrusher

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    First on xbox, guess that covers oz as well
  12. Hahaha imagine the pc version to be out on 31 of December hahahahahaha :p at 23:59
  13. Wyndrusher

    Wyndrusher Starting Off

    I think I'd be going "yay it's finally out, now lets play"
  14. this game comes out the same time GTA V comes for PC :/ wich would be in 2014 :'(
    and then its like, yes im gonna play this game.. oohh nevermind i already bought GTA V
  15. Which is, unfortunatelly, very likely to happen lol... maybe not in the very last minute of the year but like 15 days before.
  16. Wyndrusher

    Wyndrusher Starting Off

    I'm not even remotely interested in GTA V, so December is fine with me. Dead State, The Dead Linger & State of Decay however, much more my type of game. Of course, sooner is preferable :)
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  17. I can't believe someone even compares GTA V with State of Decay,GTA V is nothing new it's just like all the other GTAs,and if you really plan playing GTA V on your PC,then gz dude we don't even know if it will come out for the PC,and if it does it will be surely as amazing as GTA IV on the pc was (That's sarcasm).
    State of decay is something unique,an open world zombie survival game,we don't have much games like that,DayZ and infestation do not count they aren't like State of Decay,the only other good zombie open world game is Undead Nightmare. :)
  18. Well , I'm happy replaying The Last of Us on my PS3, and I hope the PC version of SoD comes out before GTA V otherwise I may play it only next year :p
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