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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. sajuuknights

    sajuuknights Starting Off

    will its been some time since I posted anything here... I see that little to no process has been made.. sad face, but been playing GTA 4 all this time. to tell you the truth my desire for this game has diminish. heard its coming out for early access.. so what does that mean ? are we getting one that's not been patch or something ?
  2. It doesn't mean anything LOOL! There isnt even a release date for the early access version, and when it is finally released (it will probably take months), you will need a Windows xbox controller to play, and I'm not spending $110 + early access license just to play this game.

    The only update on the actual PC version is that "it will be out this year still", which means the devs have absolutely no notion of how long should the porting process take at all. Like if you told me back in june that the porting would take 2 months, I would already be upset, but having no date set IN ADDITION to the possibility it will take up to 6 months is just an absurd. It is almost as if they were delaying the release on purpose.
  3. Abhor Deities

    Abhor Deities Got Your Back

    Guys, calm down. Sheesh. I'm waiting for the PC version as well. Though I do have it on the Xbox, I primarily play on the PC. They are working on it. Everyone that is getting worked up over this just needs to calm down and be patient.
  4. Oh lucky you i still have to wait 1 week until i get The Last of Us :(
  5. Still no movement on a PC release date for this?!? Dang! I've really lost most of my interest in this game now. Wonder if Star Citizen will release first?
  6. I guess SoD will release after HL3! lol
  7. Wyndrusher

    Wyndrusher Starting Off

    I really doubt HL3 will be out in the next six months ;) SoD will though.
  8. Everyday I become a little more disappointed towards this company and project.
  9. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

    Are you still trolling this thread? Out of your 104 posts, 99.9% of them are in this thread & the other PC thread complaining and when Sanya addresses your concern, you still complain. While there is no issue with those that do complain (everyone has that right after all), you are truly doing a disservice to those that have a legitimate gripe or complaint by trolling the thread. It makes it much harder for Sanya & others to help & answer questions when all you clearly have done is troll the thread from start to finish and troll other topics in the forums that others post and complain about the very same thing (even if that isn't the subject at hand).
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  10. Wyndrusher

    Wyndrusher Starting Off

    What he's utterly missing, is that it's coming out on early access, which means we'll get it sooner than we would have otherwise on steam, sure using a controller isn't exactly optimum, but it's way better than not being able to play at all. Then again his interest in the game is waning, so I'm sure the trolling will continue long after the game is out and we're enjoying it.

    Basically it means we'll get it as soon as possible, and during early access they'll fully finish the keyboard & mouse controlling and any other hiccups that occur.

    Also 110 bucks for a pc xbox controller o_O wow perhaps stop getting gold plated ones, I mean they're only £25 here in england/£35 if you go to the expensive shops for some reason.
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  11. Just when I thought people had stopped talking nonsence about my posts, there comes Irish again. So now I'm a troll? So now I've been complaining about the PC version delay all along... just because I want your attention? WTF do I care about having your attention? Tell me, what exactly makes a complaint "legitimate"? If complaining about release delays isnt legitimate then your basically saying half the ppl who posted in this thread so far are trolls and the community is doomed. Besides, what other threads have I been to in this forum to complain if not for the ones regarding the PC version release? Get a f**king life.

    I would just ask you all to let me do my thing, but well, I don't care and dont need your approval LOL!

    EDIT: Everything imported to Brazil is 4 times more expensive due to taxes, so it doesn't matter if there will be an early access, I won't be playing it, because I won't buy a xbox controller just to play ONE game. Besides they don't have a release date not even for the early access, and it is already ridiculous that it takes more than a few hours since the announcement to be available, imagine if it takes another month?
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  12. Wyndrusher

    Wyndrusher Starting Off

    Then you'll wait longer till the keyboard & mouse setup is done pretty simple really, we know when it'll be out by, we know what form it'll be in, there really isn't anything else left to say till they can nail the exact date.
  13. Except that I will remind everyone, everyday (except weekends), in the proper threads about this subject, that the time taken for both the "early" access and the definitive version of the game are ridiculous, until it has taken so long that I won't care anymore.
  14. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Okay. Enough. We've had multiple exchanges where I've explained the context, the business end, the technical end, and repeated myself over and over... and said quite clearly that *wanting* information doesn't magically make me *have* information.

    Saying the same thing over and over when I've given you a full explanation is a form of trolling.

    This thread is a YEAR OLD, and it's time to lock it and give ourselves a nice collective break.
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