A Feast for the Living

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. Undead Jeff

    Undead Jeff Got Your Back Staff Member

    For discussion of the garden-building clip posted to the Undead Labs website in A Feast for the Living.

    Hey Sanya — shall we consolidate some of the other threads here?

  2. Nightowl

    Nightowl Starting Off

    I concur sir, lets have Sanya bring all the vegetables here , and plant a feast :)

    ADAMANTIUM Got Your Back

    It will be like thanksgiving!
  4. foxhound400

    foxhound400 Starting Off

    Oh, great clip, and save me a seat, food looks great lolz =)
  5. Capt.C.Baker

    Capt.C.Baker Here To Help

    OMG!!! Thank you for mentioning me and my summary! I love you guys!! LOL
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  6. Damn. You got your name in an article. That is like getting your own Wikipedia page or something
  7. That song was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Please tell me that song was from in-game and not just added for effect!

    Otherwise, it looks really good so far. One question though, will we have the ability to place "facilities" as they are called, where we want in our base/outpost? Or are the locations pre-determined?
  8. Undead Jeff

    Undead Jeff Got Your Back Staff Member

    That music was in-game music from State of Decay composer Jesper Kyd. It's the happy theme that plays when everything is going well. Don't get used to it. ;)

    Home sites have a number of interior and exterior sockets where you can build things appropriate for that location. Most interior rooms are sockets, and most of the usable area outside the structure (but inside the walls) is made up of sockets, with enough space between so your fellow community members can get around between them efficiently.

    Within each socket, you have a broad range of choice about what you want to build there, depending on your own survival strategy.

  9. Deffcon_1

    Deffcon_1 Starting Off

    This base building design is PHENOMENAL!! Im so very excited for this game to come out now!!
  10. Wow! Looks like I'll be buying the sound track as well!:cool:
  11. My god I LOVE this game so freakin much
  12. Haha one of my sentiments as well! I love the Assassins Creed soundtracks, especially one song in particular in Revelations;) Just one more reason to love this game<3
  13. Video was awesome, even though the music was nice till the end, it left you with the feeling that things are going to get ugly!
  14. Is there any chance we can get the EP shown in the video? That serene sounding atmosphere would be awesome to have! Undead labs musical director is doing a great job :D
  15. Biggsmile

    Biggsmile Starting Off

    Loved the music, loved the vid, the graphics and shadows effects looked amazing, so much thought and detail has gone into SoD, I commend you all.
  16. Jeff looks a little sick.. I think he is going to eat all the UL's memebers and they are gonna start the real apocalypsis... Good Luck Seattle.. but we want some zombies here in Spain :p
  17. So, whats up with the () zombie hunt () in the top right corner? :D
  18. This Building aspect looks BEAST. :D

    Just one question Can we build defences in and around our compound ?

    Oh and Jesper Kyd makes amazing game soundtracks you guys done good getting him on the job :D
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  19. Looks very polished for "Alpha" :D Getting really excited! (As well as my fiance'!) ;D
  20. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    Harvest Moon with zombies? There are no words that convey how much this wins.
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