A Matter of Character (2/13/2013)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. xR0ckNR0llx

    xR0ckNR0llx Starting Off

    I want it to be as well but i dont see how it could be becuase the game carries on playing even when the console is turned of so if you had two or more different saves on the go you may forget about the other save or youll end up juggling like 3 or 4 different saves... :/
  2. staypuft

    staypuft Got Your Back

    You can always just plug an empty USB stick into your Xbox and use it as a second hard drive. Game won't be able to tell you have another saved game on the other hard drive. Voila, 2 saves.
  3. MatchesMalone

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    When you play the game, there is only the auto-save. You can not manually save the game (I believe) and if you do you overwrite the previous save file.

    However, I am not sure if you can't have multiple game sesssions per gamertag. So like:

    Game1 - Location: Church - 8 Suriviors - Resources: 5 Materials, 4 Ammo, 10 Food Units, Saved 2013-03-25
    Game2 - Location: Farmland - 15 Suriviors - Resources: 15 Materials, 8 Ammo, 26 Food Units, Saved 2013-03-31
    Game3 - Location: Tutorial - 1 Suriviors - Resources: 0 Materials, 1 Ammo, 2 Food Units, Saved 2013-04-01

    Each one is a different playthrough, so they do not conflict or relate to one another with each other. Each game started out with different survivors and equipment generated. That is why I think it should be posisble for multiple playthroughs of the game to be saved and tracked, just not multiple saves of the same game.

    Also, the game does not "run" when you quit and/or turn off the xbox 360. What it will most likely do, is compare when the last tiem you played to the current time, what work survivors were tasked with, how long the work would take to complete, the availability of supplies, how much of the supplies should have been used by this point, etc.

    It takes and compares that and then generates what the current situation would be. So there wouldn't be an actual program running, since that is physically impossible when the xbox 360 is turned off. Not to mention games are never allowed to run as a background process on the xbox 360.

    However, I am not sure if Undead Labs has specifically stated one save per gamertag or just one save per game session.
  4. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    There is only one save game per gamertag Matches :) It is not possible to have multiple game sessions per gamertag.
  5. Sounds as simple as making a profile for his sister. I did the same thing for my son so when he earned achievements on games they where his not mine. Anything I have bought and downloaded on my Xbox has been available just fine to him on his profile.
  6. xR0ckNR0llx

    xR0ckNR0llx Starting Off

    Thats exactly what i mean with the fact the game runs while the console is turned off seeing as it is obviously possible that a game cannot run while the console is off... and im pretty sure everyone knows how that it works like and they knew what i meant?
  7. MatchesMalone

    MatchesMalone Got Your Back

    I don't see why they restrict it that way. But that's their decision.
  8. pretty cool
  9. is there any chance custom characters could become a thing in the future, like as an update or dlc? even just alternate outfits to pre existing characters would be kinda cool (i imagine my people eventually wearing bloodstained clothing that hasent been washed since forever ago)
  10. what time is the Q&A coming out???
  11. Rusty

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    Just joined and wanted to say I am looking extremely forward to State of Decay! As well as getting to know and grow with the community here. Keep up the great work Undead Labs and gang! Thank you for all the great info on the game and I look forward to more news about it as we get closer to the release. :)
  12. CAN NOT WAIT!!!!! XD it is just perfect thats how i see it XD
  13. Bronxsta

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    Dont know if this was posted here but on Tuesday, Sanya gave an update on the Q/A on Facebook:
    The first pass on the Q&A is done! I mean, I've sorted the questions, translated them, and answered what I could. On to the devs with it!

    So can we maybe expect the Q/A tonight or Friday?
  14. yea I hope so
  15. Is the Q&A tonight??
  16. Bronxsta

    Bronxsta Starting Off

    Doubt it
    Maybe Friday, but probably the weekend
  17. Undead Labs wrote on Facebook that the Q&A is coming out tomorrow. They were delayed by a particular question (which they'll mark out) so it'll be interesting to see what question delayed them. Exciting!
  18. Bronxsta

    Bronxsta Starting Off

    Cool. Can't wait

    Around what time can we expect it? Between 6-8pm, 4pm, noon, earlier?
  19. Sweet can't wait then.

    G0LGOTHAN Starting Off

    Could be a way to increase morale?
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