A Matter of Character (2/13/2013)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. Necrotic Eradicator

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    Or perhaps cause a ruckus if someone is sexting a few survivors at once ??
  2. i think sexting doesn't come into play in the game at all. it's just a trait that is there, that doesn't help to contribute to the group. undead labs wanted to give us an idea that not all traits in the zombie Apocalypse are useful.:)
  3. Any news on the Q&A???
  4. Bronxsta

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    Should be up sometime tonight
    Can't wait
  5. MatchesMalone

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    It's out now! YAY!
  6. It's good that all the stats are random, but i thought it would be cool if you could at least put your name in, would make you care for the character a wee bit more i guess. Because i don't want to see myself getting torn to tiny bits by a zombies. I know it wont happen, but just thought it would be a nice touch.
  7. What do you know
  8. Okay, so what's the deal with survivors and stamina? I understand that you'll have a set maximum stamina that wears away over time and a temporary, in the moment stamina meter. UL says that once your survivor's maximum stamina is low low, they'll have to rest, what if you're not near a bed or camp or something? Would you be able to go onto a rooftop or pass out, or could you pass out anywhere from exhaustion? After a survivor is resting, I understand that you can switch to another, but what if all your survivors are resting or everyone else died and you had to rest, would you be forced to put the controller down and wait a day while your person rested, or would you have the option to skip forward in time a little after you rest (I think the easiest thing to compare this to would be something like Fallout or T.E.S.)? Thanks, can't wait for the game to come out! >.<
  9. Rusty

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    Since you control only one survivor at a time, I would imagine there will probably not be times where everyone has to rest. Unless maybe you have lost most of your community and you only have a couple survivors left.

    If you are out and about and low on stamina you can hide and regain some stamina, then I would guess you have to try to take your time and be really sneaky to get back to your base. If you are able to hide somewhere and switch to another survivor, the tired survivor(now a npc) will stay hidden and try to survive. You then may be able to meet up with them and escort them back to your base.

    Also, welcome to the forums friend. :)
  10. Fraser98

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    Does anyone know whether it's possible to change the clothing your survivors are wearing?
  11. Capt.C.Baker

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    Welcome to the forums Fraser98!

    We, as forum members, encourage all the new members to please take the time and read everything in the FAQ and everything in the State of Decay News Area provided below, before asking any further questions, but I will go ahead and answer this one question for you. You can not change clothes in this game. The only thing you can change is the backpack you wear.


    State of Decay News and Q&As

    Firearms Thus Far

    A lot of time and energy has been put into those, so please help us out by reading through them.

    If you can't find what you are looking for in the links above, don't forget to try searching for it using the search feature in the upper right hand of the page. ;) Thank you and enjoy your stay!
  12. while in combay ... when u run out of your stamina , is there any Item to regain or somethig like that ?
  13. FTcivic

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    Yes you can eat some food and snacks to restore stamina from what I know.
  14. Num47

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    If your character gets over tired, is it possible they pass--out or would your stamina deplete and not regenarate?
    Also do they get bonuses for having a good nights sleep?
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  15. Capt.C.Baker

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    Sanya posted this in another thread yesterday:

  16. Virgel

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    That's a cool feature, can't wait for SoD... It is going to be epic.

    BTW just to let you know FT your inbox is full.
  17. I guess we really will need to switch to other characters a lot more than I originally thought.
  18. Num47

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    Thanks again Capt :)
  19. very helpful Capt .. tks !
  20. Will there be any kind of RPG system such as stamina/strength upgrades?

    as for character designs it seems fine so mby later you could add camo DLC's for XBLA mby :/
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