A Matter of Character (2/13/2013)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. Zombiepreacher

    Zombiepreacher Starting Off

    So I have a question about something that is happening in my playthrough. I needed a tools expert to turn my workplace into a machine shop, but I could find none. Then, after leaving the game for several hours I come back and find a Paul Burke listed as the tools expert and can now upgrade it, but he's not anywhere in my character roster or house (the church is my current base still). How is he helping me?
  2. Lord Jallace

    Lord Jallace Starting Off

    My characters a cooking coward =[
  3. Dead Paradox

    Dead Paradox Starting Off

    I love the game. But I hate the hacked Leaderboards in the top 10. 2,259,345. REALLY? Did you just wreck every car you could find into a horde?
  4. Dead Paradox

    Dead Paradox Starting Off

    Click D-Pad down in your home and see if it has a "Tool Expert Advice" option. I got Quentin to be mine, but he was just a neighbor and never moved into my Warehouse near the town of Marshall.
  5. Lord Jallace

    Lord Jallace Starting Off

    I had a tools expert, her name was ivonne, she got torn apart because my survivors like to go missing every 5 seconds =[
  6. sgallaty

    sgallaty Starting Off

    Has there been any thought to softening the requirements around the cardio skill set, or perhaps allowing us to change the qualitative 'utility' skills on a character? Point being, it's very likely to have 4-6 wit before getting 2-3 cardio, so a normal non-spoiler following player will pick one of the utility skills that unlock which prevents picking a higher level cardio skill. Also, getting 7 cardio basically means "run into a corner for 10 hours by putting a rubber band on the game controller."
  7. Any known cure for black fever?No chance I can heal the sick with chicken soup?
  8. JussBL4ZE

    JussBL4ZE Starting Off

    it would be neat if see the characters utilize their and level up their "useless" skills while at base camp.. ie at base camp a person would see someone playing sudoku or sexting.. it would be interesting.. also if having two skills would unlock a special move.. ie "reflex" skill and "powerhouse" skill would unlock a new move..
  9. Quintus_Fontane

    Quintus_Fontane Starting Off

    I know it's been addressed, and forgive me bringing it up again, but is there no possibility in the future of designing a character to represent 'you' in the game?
    The game is focused on the community you build, and I both understand and love that, but having a guy that I can name, choose the skills of and choose the skin of to put in the game to represent little ol' me in this rag tag bunch of badasses would be amazing (And heartbreaking, when I inevitably get him ripped apart by ferals! xD)
  10. SOD is so far my game of the year. So many $60 let downs lately, it's nice to be blown away by a $20 game.

    I would like more then one save file however. I think it'd be cool if you had to earn additional saves in game. Kinda like resident evil and ink ribbon. You'd still have you auto save file ,but if you wanted a manual save you'd have to earn it.
  11. Patrick

    Patrick Starting Off

    Lol. just pure lol
  12. X3MIST

    X3MIST Starting Off

    Great article; I've been so focused on killing zeds & skilling up, I've pretty much neglected the home life. I have a leader who I don't care for too much, but she's the only one right now, so she needs some Leadership skill; I've noticed it skills up when I'm in a mission with another survivor. This game is a lot more deeper than I thought. :)
  13. I have a player Kyler who has a Sudoku skill that requires a Sudoku cheat sheet what is this about and can anyone list the different traits/skills the players will get and what the benefit/downfall It would have on the character. Besides what is listed in the article.
  14. Phobos

    Phobos Banned

    Playable Characters. They feel ganertic. Not saying saying it's a major issue in the game by any means! BUT I feel it would be wicked if they had more viraity. Or... I'm im not sure if you could do this in a class 3 game but do you think group uniforum dlc could happen? where once a person joins your group they wear like a badass uniforum? Just a thought form left field and a question I hope you can answer, So my mind will stop thinking about uniforumed survivors.
  15. I have question i was state of decay I was in a house a horde comes spots me die and go back to get his stuff and i cant it is under the house what do i do
  16. Capt.C.Baker

    Capt.C.Baker Here To Help

    This is a bug and should be reported in the bug area here:


    Sorry that happened to you dude. That sucks.
  17. Thank you new to the site and i know it does suck i had a lot of stuff on him he was my main character i used
  18. im on my 10th go on this rely good game and the best part on this game would have to be the start of it any way can any one tell me why i get cooks and garbage and beer pong nothing useful sorry for the spelling not to good at it
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