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    If you’ have never before played a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game, don’t worry Treasure Hunt will be easier for you than other adventures, not harder. You won’t have to worry about complicated decisions concerning choice of weapons, spells, deity to worship, and so on. You’re just a normal man or woman, suddenly caught up into a bizarre, unpredictable, and dangerous situation. Just react to the situations you come across as a real person would. In this adventure you will be starting out in life as an average villager, merchant, sailor, etc.

    Your actions during the course of the adventure and your style of play will have a major bearing on your final class of character. I will not dictate this to you but I will remind you of your actions, lets have some fun.

    I am new to running a computer role playing game, and I will be trying to post daily. ((I should be able to, I work sitting in front of a computer)) If this is going to work I will need dedicated players, so if you are unable to commit to posting every one or two days please do not apply. I know the real world comes first and if you are going to be away let me know. If you drop out or quit your character will be carried with the group until the next time the group gets to town, and left there. Kind of harsh I know but it has to be that way or the game will die.

    The Rules:
    1: This is for fun be nice to each other and me.
    2: I post, resolve combat, NPC reactions, Exp gained etc.
    3: Then you all post, if you edit your post let me know.
    4: There will be a private conversation started with each player, sometimes there will be situations that will need it. ((Mu ha ha)) There will also be a conversation for all of us to ask questions about the game.
    5: I will be running 1 or 2 NPC to flush out the party, others may join if it is part of the story

    6: Death can happen in this game play smart.
    7: This is for fun be nice to each other, and me.

    The Korinn Archipelago

    Your character is from the Korinn Archipelago, a peaceful trading and fishing area, a string of islands extending far out into the western sea. The Archipelago contains hundreds of islands, some enormous, some too small to see on the map. And you do have a map, which I will give you not that you need it, you know the waters by heart. The area, which was sparsely inhabited in times past, was settled about a hundred years ago by colonists from far to the south. They were led by a great seaman named Viledel. Viledel, never the subtlest of men, made as his base one of the westernmost of the Islands, in the area most thickly prowled by pirates and corsairs, and began his campaign of smashing piracy wherever he found it. His followers set up settlements and quickly spread further and further west, into the larger islands closer to civilized nations. Viledel, who was known as the Sea King throughout his life, died 60 years ago when a pirate raid crushed his island defenses and overran his home. Since then, the archipelago has had no central government, but has broken into a hundred petty island nations. Most islands and cities get along quite well, knowing the advantages to be gained through peaceful trade. Piracy has increased in the last 60 years. concentrated in the westernmost of the chain’s islands, but pirates no longer rule the seas. They prey upon the merchants like parasites instead of sharks. However, the further west you sail, the greater the risk is of running into pirate ships, and some particularly bold buccaneers sail deep into civilized eastern areas for the rich pickings there. Your character is from the Archipelago, from whichever island you choose, a worker in whichever profession you decided upon.

    Throughout the archipelago, the islands share some common features. By and large, they are hilly and mountainous, with few good fields. Consequently, there are not many farmers; there are many fishermen, and herdsmen of goats, sheep, and pigs. Many wild herbs and spices grow here. These, plus wool, linen, leathers, fish, pork, and mutton, make up the primary goods exported and traded throughout the island. The people are mostly simple fishermen and herdsmen, hardened by weather and adversity. There are many traders, especially on the larger islands and in the greater port cities,which also feature many craftsmen and providers of luxury goods and services

    The largest and most important islands of the archipelago include.

    Barret's Quay: This is a smallish eastern island, noted for the taciturn nature of its inhabitants (almost all humans — a few dwarves, no other races). It has no large port cities.

    Caftenor: This is the most southern island of any size, and one of the richest in terms of fish catches and temperate weather. Quite a few halflings live here among the humans, and Caftenor is the most frequent stopping off port for ships bound between the southern
    nations and the western islands.

    Chawdik: This is a fairly poor eastern island, notable mainly for the very large gnome population living on the south coast; it’s the largest gnome community on the islands.

    Dennik: Unfortunate Dennik is the western frontier — any further west, and you’re in pirate controlled territory. This island actually has few fishermen. The seaside villages are too vulnerable to buccaneer raids. Most of the population tends herds or grows spices in the upland fields, trading with the eastern ships when they put in. The population is almost wholly human, though there are some halforcs living here.

    Highport: This island is the greenest of all the archipelago, mountainous and heavily forested. It is a rich trading island with several strong port cities and large elvish and half elvish populations.

    Jacaman: This island, smaller, uglier, weaker, and more unfortunate than Dennik, is still the archipelago’s chief producer of several exotic spices. There is a lot of risky trade out to the island, and a lot of pirate interest in the isle and the sea-routes leading to it.

    Pandira: This western island was a notorious pirate haven in the days of the Sea King, but has been abandoned and unoccupied since a few years after the Sea King's fall. ( this the Island where Treasure Hunt took place )

    Rabin's Reef: This is another forested island, noted as the summering spot for wealthy families, especially those from Ventris.

    Ventris: This is the largest of the islands of the archipelago, and the richest. It is characterized by high mountains, thick forests, and several plains worthy of growing crops. The island is thick with demi-humans as well as humans and commands a good share of the sea-trade that occurs in the archipelago.

    What I need from you.


    Race: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnomes (each has advantages and disadvantages)
    Age: Will differ with race

    Secondary Skill: Choose one: Armorer- Bowyer/fletcher- Farmer/gardener- Fisher (netting) Forester- Gambler -Hunter/fisher (hook and line)- Animal Husbandry - Jeweler/lapidary -Leather worker/tanner -Painter -Mason/carpenter- Miner -Navigator (fresh or salt water)-- Shipwright (boats or ships) - Tailor/weaver -Teamster/freighter -Trader/barterer -Trapper/furrier -Woodworker/cabinetmaker -Sailor

    You all start with Sailing (recreational) and swimming.

    Bio: Who are you? What do you look like?

    The Races:

    Humans: No advantages, no disadvantages, enough said. Starting age 17-24
    No level or class restrictions

    Dwarves tend to be dour and taciturn. They are given to hard work and care little for most humor. They are strong and brave, but they also enjoy beer, ale, mead, and even stronger drink. Their chief love, however, is precious metal, particularly gold. They also enjoy gems, of course, particularly those of opaque nature (except pearls which they do not like) and diamonds. They like the earth and dislike the sea. Considering that their women tend to be bearded too, it is not surprising that some dwarves are somewhat forward in their behavior towards females not so adorned. If dwarves are a trifle suspicious and avaricious, they generally make up for such faults by their courage and tenacity.
    Starting age 35 - 50 young adult
    Level Restrictions cannot be a Mage, Paladin or Ranger

    Elves are often considered flighty or frivolous, and this is the case when they do not believe a matter to be of import. They concern themselves with the natural beauty around them, dancing and frolicking, playing and singing unless necessity dictates otherwise. Because elves love nature, they are not fond of ships or mines, but of growing things and the lands under the sky. They do not make friends easily, but friend or enemy is never forgotten. Their humor is clever, as are their songs and poetry. Elves are brave but never foolhardy. They feast, but eat sparingly, drink mead and wine, but seldom become drunk from excesses. While they find wellwrought jewelry a pleasure to behold, they are not overly interested in money or gain. Magic fascinates elves, however, and if they have a weakness it lies in this desire. If elves tend towards haughtiness and arrogance at times, they are not inclined to regard their friends and associates as anything other than equals. Starting age 100 -175 Young adult
    Level restrictions cannot be Druid, Paladin, Ranger, or Illusionist

    Gnomes are most lively and full of humor - often on the black side or practical iokes. They enjoy eating and can drink as much as dwarves do. They are sly and furtive with those they do not know or trust, and even somewhat reserved with most bigger folk such as elves or humans. Gnomes love all sorts of precious stones, and they are masters of gem polishing and cutting. In most other respects they are not unlike dwarves, but they enjoy the open world of growing things almost as much as their mines and burrows. Starting age 50 -90 Young adult Level restrictions cannot be Paladin, Ranger or Mage

    Halflings are quite similar to gnomes, although they eat more and drink less. They also are prone to favor natural beauty and the outdoors more than they do their burrows. They are not forward, but they are observant and conversational if in friendly company. because they are more open and outgoing than either dwarves or elves, they get along with most other races far better than the former two do. Halflings see wealth as a means of gaining comforts only, for they love creature comforts. If they are not overly brave or ambitious, they are generally honest and hard-working when there is need. Halflings love stories and good jokes and are perhaps a trifle boring at times. Starting age 22 - 33 Young adult. Level restrictions cannot be Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, Mage or Illusionist
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    NPC Characters:

    Melisana Melkeras of Ventris ( Mel ) Cleric of Athena Level 4
    EXP: 9071 Next level: 13000
    Human Female Age 19, 5' 5" 130 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes.
    Sailor/ Merchant and Swimming
    AC 1 HP 32
    Luanguages: Elven, Dwarvish, Common
    Melisana, daughter of the merchant Valis Melkeras of Ventris, good-natured and insightful young woman, of sufficient natural wisdom not to have grown up spoiled by overindulgent parents. She is determined to make her own way in the world she has set herself the task of becoming a good sailor and merchant, a goal she is accomplishing.
    Spells: 2 first 2 x Clw, 2 second: find traps
    Weapon Proficencies: Mace
    Coin: 67 gp
    Gems: 20 x 10 gp , 0 x 100 gp, 1 x 50 gp, 1 x 1000gp
    Jewelry: Dimond ring 750 gp
    Melkeras seal
    : cloak, large sack x 3, backpack, tinderbox, fancy clothes, wine skin
    Armor: Plate Mail, +1 shield, boots,
    Magic Items: Holy symbol Turn 1 lvl higher, +1 mace, +2 sling
    Horse, saddle, saddle bags

    Trinsa Rayanon of Jacaman Level 3 Mage
    EXP: 9071 Next Level : 10000
    Human Female Age 20 AC
    6 HP 18
    Secondary skill: Farmer/Gardener, Sailing (recreational), Swimmig
    Languages: Common, Gnome, Dwarvish
    Trinsa was orphaned at age 12 during a pirate raid on her home island of Jacaman, and has worked on one of the many spice plantations ever since. She has a strong hatred for pirates and there ilk and has sworn that one day she would avenge her parents.
    Spells: 2 first, magic missile x2
    Weapon Proficencies: Dagger
    Coin: 67 gp
    Gems: 30 x 10 gp, 18 x 100 gp, 1 x 1000 gp
    Jewelry: 750 gp pearl necklace
    Melkeras seal
    Equipment; Cloak, boots, large sack, dagger x 2, Backpack, staff, 6 darts, Ink and stylus, tinderbox, 6 oil, fancy clothes, wine skin
    Horse, saddle, saddle bags
    Armor: Bracers AC 7, +1 Cloak,
    Magic Items: Earring of recall extra first lvl spell, Wand of magic detection (7 charges), Wand of Wonder (13 charges), Wand of Frost (18 charges )
    Potions: CLW
    Memorized spells: 2 first: magic missile, sleep
    1 second: Web

    Spell book:
    1st Level
    Read Magic, Magic Missile, Burning Hands, Detect magic, charm person,read magic, push, shield, unseen servant,
    Level 2 -invisibility, mirror image, web, levitate

    Scrolls: Invisibility x2 charm person, push, cone of cold, detect magic

    Chloe Grabmore Fighter Level 3 AC 2 HP 30
    EXP: 6985 Next 8000
    Secondary skill: Music/Gambler
    Chloe likes to talk and has plans of becoming a Bard. Born in Clearlake and raised by her uncle. She works for her uncle Freddy Grabmore as gopher, delivering messages and helping him how ever she can. When not at work she can be found in the tavern listening to the Bards and trying her hand at dice.

    Equipment: pack, tinderbox, 6 torches, 2 sacks, small hammer, 6 spikes, belt pouch
    Weapons: +1 short sword, dagger, 6 darts,,
    Armor: Elvin chain mail +1, Buckler
    Coin: 27 gp
    Gems: 3 x 10 gp, 19 x 100 gp, 1 x 1000 gp
    Jewelry" gold bracelet 300 gp,
    Magic items: 2 leaves Kingsfoil
    Mount: Sally the Dog

    Slippery Jim DeGrizz Human Thief 5 th level HP 30
    Exp 10001 Needed 20001


    Jim has been in and out of jail so many times he has lost count, when he was in jail they never held him long always finding away to escape. Not much is known about Jim's past, but the rumor is he is a bastard son of some high ranking noble. A member of good standing with the guild. Always wanting more Jim is looking for new opportunities.

    Weapon proficiency: Daggers, Long sword, Short bow
    Equipment: 10 foot pole, rope with grapple, thieves tools, backpack, tinderbox, spikes, hammer, small mirror, water skin, oil x 6, belt pouch, 2 large sacks, dagger, long sword, short bow
    Armor: Leather +1 AC 7
    Magic Items: Periapt of Proof Against Poison +1, 15 +1 arrows, + 1 dagger
    Potions: Invisibility
    Gold: 200
    Gems: 1000 gp
    Mount: Light riding horse, saddle, saddle bags
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    Cast of Characters:

    Griff Proudmead Halfling male. AC 7 HP 30 5th Thief
    EXP: 13006 Next Level: 20000
    Secondary skill: Fisher/forester, Sailing (recreational) swimming
    Languages: Halfling, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Common
    Racial Abilities
    Detect if a passage is an up or down grade 75% must concentrate on task
    Surprise a monster 66% if alone
    Superior night vision
    Weapon Proficencies: Daggers, short sword
    Equipment: keys, dagger x 2, large sack, cloak, book,studded leather, dagger, short sword
    Magic Items: Belt of lockpicks +10%, Sea King's Dagger +1 ?, +1 short sword, cloak of elvinkind
    Potions: Invisibility, Ventriloquism, Levitation, CLW x 2
    Gold: 38
    Gems: 54 x 100 gp, 1 x 50 gp
    Melkeras seal
    Hobbit hole in Clearlake: fancy rug 100 gp
    Roy the Pony

    Yomok FlaskMaster
    Dwarf male AC 1 , HP 36 Cleric 4 / Fighter 4
    EXP: 9031 Next Level 13000/18000
    Secondary skill: Mason, Sailing (recreational) swimming ( only if you have too )
    Languages: Dwarven, Halfling, Elven, Gnome, Common
    Spells: 3 first. 2 second
    Racial Abilities
    Detect grade or slope in passage, upwards or downwards 75% probability
    Detect new construction or passage/tunnel 75% probability
    Detect sliding or shifting walls or rooms 66% probability
    Detect traps involving pits, falling blocks and other stonework 50% probability
    Determine approximate depth underground 50% probability
    + 1 to hit opponents who are half-orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, or orcs.

    Superior night vision
    Weapon Proficencies:War Hammer
    Equipment: 2 x shackles, large sack, cloak, boots , 20 ft rope, shield, hammer, Fancy clothes
    Magic Items: Heward's Handy Haversack ( 4000 coin capacity ) , Dwarven Thrower +1 ?, +1 chainmail armor, Talisman protection from evil, +1 shield, ring of swimming
    Potions: Heroism, CLW x 1, Extra heal one dose left, invisibility, hill giant control
    Scroll: Charm person, Protection from undead, CLW x , cure poison x 2, cure disease
    Jewlery: Ring Seal of the Sea King (500 gp)
    Gold: 45 gp
    57 x 100 gp, 2 x 50 gp, 1 x 1000 gp
    Melkeras seal
    Mount: Giant Ram: AC 6 HP 20 Damage 2-12 charge

    Kale Fletcher of Highport Ranger 4
    EXP: 12294 Next Level: 20000
    Human Male Age 25 AC 4, HP 40
    Secondary Skill: Tarpper/Furrier, Sailing (recreational) and swimming
    Languages: Elven, Halfling, Common
    When Dad was at sea Will spent his time in the woods surrounding Highport putting food on the table from an early age and made some coin selling furs at the local market. Will was married for a short time before sickness took his wife and young son two years ago. Bitter and quick to temper, Will spent most of his time in the forests of Highport
    Weapon Proficencies: Spear, Bow, battle axe, long sword
    Coin: 57
    Gems:10 x 100 gp, 0 x 1000 gp
    Melkeras seal
    Equipment: large sack, cloak, spear, dagger, long bow, 15 arrows, bastard sword, backpack, tinderbox, fancy clothes
    Armor: Cchain armor, boots,
    Magic Items: +1 Battle axe, +1 longsword, 6 +1 arrows, +1 Black arrow never miss(1/per day) returns, onyx dog, gypsy bridal,
    Horse, saddle, saddle bags
    Potions: CLW x 2, 6 holy water, 10 x Dust of Tracelessness

    Cos Corridan of Dennik, Human Male AC 4 HP 20 Paladin level 2
    EXP: 3668 Next level 5500
    Secondary Skill: Carpenter, Sailing (recreational) and Swimming
    Languages: Common, Elven, Halfling
    Weapon Proficencies: Long sword
    Equipment: broad sword, inlaid chain mail, shield, boots, cloak, dagger x 2, large sack x 2, hand axe
    Magic Items: Scabbard Imbues blade with a bless spell, once per day, Dagger +1
    Gold: 14 x 100 gp gems 51 gp
    Melkeras seal

    Name: Maxon Thanis AC 5 HP 13
    : Human
    Class: Thief 3rd/Mage 2 level
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Secondary skill: Trader/barterer

    EXP: 2501 next 5000 / 4500

    : gp:105 sp:80
    Gems: 5 x 100 gp

    Magic Items: +1 dagger, bracers AC 6, +1 ring of protection
    Potions: clw x 2
    Scrolls: Charm person

    : Rapier, Dagger, Cloak, Belt, Boots (low soft), 3x large Belt Pouches, 1 small Sack, Backpack, 2x 50' Rope, Thieves tools, Tinderbox, 50 Caltrops (in small sack), 5 oil flasks, 5 torches, 1 small silver mirror, Spellbook

    Color, Dampen, Tie, Hide, Distract, Belch, Yawn, Giggle, Bee, Firefinger, Tweak, and Whistle.
    First Level: Read Magic, Sleep, Light, Charm Person, Grease

    Bio: Grew up in a Merchant family and it looked like he was on the fast track to being a trader since he was good with numbers and at reading people, but a chance encounter with a pickpocket nudged him in a slightly different direction. He's still a trader at heart but doesn't mind helping himself to a little extra if it wouldn't cause too much trouble, though he's better at being stealthy and setting or disarming traps than picking pockets. He has some talent for magic but prefers illusion and misdirection over the more offensive spells. While not nobles themselves his family is fairly well known around the islands and often rub elbows with the upper class.

    Talon Arros, Female Elf, AC 10, HP 6 EXP: -280. Died page 7

    Group fund: +1 scale armor
    2010 gp
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    Armor class.PNG upload_2017-4-2_9-52-22.png upload_2017-4-2_9-51-19.png equipment.PNG

    Bog Fighter level 1
    Age 22 HP 10 AC4
    Secondary skill:Farmer
    Good natured, slow of wit but fierce in battle. Bog is big 6' 6" and massively strong what he has in strength he lacks in intelligence. Bog was adopted (age 5) by a elderly farmer and his wife when he wandered badly wounded and scared onto the farm when he was quite young. His father died two years ago his mother just last month, left alone with no one to give him instructions, the farm quickly fell into disrepair, when one of the local merchants offered him 100 gold for the farm, he took it not knowing any better. With his fathers old two-handed sword and some old chain mail he took a boat to Highport where he met Stile who saw his worth and befriended him.
    Equipment: back pack, 3 x large sack, tinder box, 6 torchs, 1 week iron rations
    Weapons: 2 handed sword , dagger, 10 foot pole,
    Armor: Chain mail
    Gold: 100 gp

    Stile: Thief level 1
    Age 20 Hp 6 AC 7
    Secondary skill: Carpenter/shipwright
    Stile just starting out on his path to adventure, the third son and youngest of seven, Stile has no intention of going into the family business of shipbuilding. While working along side his brothers he did manage to learn the trade, but is looking for a way out. Since meeting Bog they have made plans to leave Highport with the next adventuring group that would have them.
    Equipment: backpack, cloak, boots, 10 foot pole, 3 x large sack, tinderbox, 6 oil, hammer 6 spikes, 1 week iron rations, thieves tools,
    Weapons: short sword, 2 daggers, short bow 20 arrows
    Armor: Studded leather, boots,
    Gold: 100 gp
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    Name: Griffo "Griff" Proudmead
    Race: Halfling
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Secondary Skill: Fisher (netting) Forester

    Bio: "Griff" loves to fish and would do that everyday if he could. In fact, most days that's what he can be found doing. He makes an okay living but his hobbies always take priority over anything too serious like hard work. He has a fondness for nature and shiny things. He gets along well with others especially when it comes to birthday parties and testing any baked goods. He has an adventurer's spirit, likes to try new things and go to new places even though he has never left his home on the island of Robin's Reef.

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    Name - Yomok FlaskMaster


    Race - Dwarf
    Gender - Male
    Age - 45
    Secondary Skill - Mason
    Bio - Although trained as a Stone Mason, Yomok's real passion is the brewing of his home made ales. Some of his Clan members have even suggested that he should forsake the dust of the stone carving, so that he can concentrate on his brewing.
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    Race- Human
    Gender-Male. 5'10". 165 stone. brown hair blue eyes.
    Secondary skill-Carpenter

    A skilled carpenter, Cos is tired of having his creations constantly burned to the ground in the isle of Dennik by marauding pirates. He's left his home to seek opportunities elsewhere, and at this point, doesn't much care what those opportunities might be. Cos is eager to see if the world really contains all that the 203 "Tomes of Dennik" really say it does. (Hey. There was nothing else to do but read). Dum vivimus vivamus has become his motto.
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    Welcome we should be starting soon, have you played D&D before?
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    He was the original player of Justinian. I forget why he couldn't play. I think he was moving at the time.
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    I forgot to mention Cos' full name.
    Name- Cos Corridan
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    These are the stats for the goddess Athena they come from the AD&D book called Deities and Demigods
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    I am trying that now.
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    yes you did
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