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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by Last Post, Dec 25, 2013.

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    MasterClock 3.2
    clock addon for State of Decay, Breakdown and Lifeline.
    '© 2013 Undead Labs LLC. All Rights Reserved.’

    * released first at undeadlabs forums.

    Author: Last Post
    first published: 2013-12-25

    LAST UPDATED: 2014-07-13
    Tested and works on UndeadLabs patch released on : 2014-06-23



    To set up your own custom key-mapping, please check the guide below:
    [MasterClock 3.2 Tutorial] Set up your own custom key-mapping (change default buttons) for MasterClock 3.2

    Read the MasterClock User Manual here:

    VERSION 3.2
    : www.nexusmods.com/stateofdecay/mods/12
    @Google-Drive: MasterClock_ver3.2.zip

    Whats new in 3.2 ?
    New features:
    - [ User -Interface: ]

    1. Journal / Radio menu / Supply Locker/ all other Containers:
      1. pause or slow-motion now works for the above items.

      2. added user-toggleable option in MasterClock Settings menu, to automatically enable the following modes below, whenever Journal / Radio menu / Supply Locker / all other containers are activated.
        1. Pause
        2. Slow-Motion
    - [ User -Interface: ]

    1. Re-wrote majority of the MasterClock code responsible for handling UserInterface (UI) interaction and also for Pause/Slow-motion modes:
      1. reduced usage of flowgraph nodes and migrated these affected
        functions to the Lua code for the MasterClock entity.
    2. Journal / Radio menu / Supply Locker/ all other Containers:
      1. Fixed the behaviour of UI for the following actions/events, when in Pause mode:
        ( these actions/events can now be completed, instead of being stuck in pause mode ):
        1. Loading Resource item from Container to Rucksack,
        2. Break Open Resource item,
        3. Destroying items,
        4. AutoSave sequence activation.

    Known Bugs:
    - [ User -Interface: ]

    1. Journal ( Home section)
      1. The countdown timer for when you build Facility/ do Facility Action, is effectively paused or slow-motioned, whenever the following conditions are met:
        1. When the Journal is set to Pause or Slow-Motion, and only when the Journal is still opened.
          the countdown-timer will work normally after you close the Journal.

    Manual method:
    Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file to:
    ..\Steam\steamapps\common\State of Decay

    Nexus Mod Manager:
    NMM installation method is supported.

    MasterClock does the following 5 things:

    1. adds a clock to the game interface,

    2. gives you the ability to set the time of day by using its fast-forward feature,

    3. lets you customise how fast or slow, day or night moves in real-time.

    4. enables slow-motion movement for your player character,

    5. enables pausing the game, but only when you are actively playing it.

    Like a boss!

    MasterClock 3.2 currently DOES NOT AFFECT any of the following timers in the list below:
    ( However, I am still researching for solutions to affect the real-time clock, without relying on the use of zombiestandardtime.
    My original intention is still making MasterClock able to affect the following timers: )
    1. timers for all missions (eg: infestation, ally save, etc)
    2. the wait/countdown timers for all Journal functions, such as when
      • constructing facilities, starting facility actions.
      • using the Journal radio tower to request to search for more:
        • survivors
        • Materials/Medicine/Food/Fuel/etc

    The above timers that I've mentioned are heavily reliant on your current PC computer's real-time clock.
    Meaning, if you change your computer's real-time clock forwards or backwards, these timers will be affected.
    To my knowledge, the zombiestandardtime tool works exactly in this manner by reporting a different real-time clock value to the State of Decay software, which then tricks SoD into thinking its at a different time period.
    Because both of these tools affects different clocks, MasterClock can co-exist with zombiestandardtime.

    • State of Decay
    • State of Decay: Breakdown
    • State of Decay: Lifeline
    • NOTICE : Starting from version 3.0, MasterClock has become a stand-alone product
      and does not use a modified mission_mission0.xml mapfile anymore.
      MasterClock will work independently of any mod.
    • Works with existing savegames.

    Cheers and enjoy! :D
    Last Post.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2014
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    [MasterClock 3.2 Tutorial] Set up your own custom key-mapping (change default buttons) for MasterClock 3.2

    Hi everyone!,

    Due to popular demand,
    here is a simple workaround fix you can do on your own right now,
    until I can find a way to enable key-mapping within MasterClock's own user interface.

    You will only need to edit one xml file, and you are good to go.

    1. Go to the folder where you installed State of Decay:

    2. Go to the following folder:
      ...\State of Decay\Game\Libs\ui\UIActions

    3. Open and edit MasterClock.xml file.

    4. Search for the following keyword below (key equal):

    5. You will find 5 instances of Key=
      Each line corresponds to different control-buttons for MasterClock:

      Key="h" is the toggle for time-mode
      Key="n" is the button for fast-forward
      Key="b" is the toggle for Settings Menu
      Key="pause" is the toggle for pausing the time/movement
      Key="mouse3" is the toggle for Slow-Motion time/movement

      Line 43: <Inputs entityId="0" Key="h" NonDevMode="1"/>
      Line 46: <Inputs entityId="0" Key="n" NonDevMode="1"/>
      Line 49: <Inputs entityId="0" Key="b" NonDevMode="1"/>
      Line 166: <Inputs entityId="0" Key="pause" NonDevMode="1"/>
      Line 179: <Inputs entityId="0" Key="mouse3" NonDevMode="1"/>

    6. Replace the text between the brackets, like below:
      Example - to replace the default Slow-Motion key from middle-mousebutton to z:
      edit Key="mouse3" to Key="z"

    7. You may refer to a list of names of keys in the link below:
      http://docs.cryengine.com/display/SDKDOC4/Setting Up Controls and Action Maps

      Scroll all the way down until you reach the section called "List of Key Names"

    8. Save MasterClock.xml and then close it.

    9. Congratulations, you've done it !
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2014
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  3. Exactly the one I was searching for, could it be possible that this mod could have an impact to the daily reset feature in State of Decay??? Anyway, nice mod 5stars straight from me dude.
  4. Last Post

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    Thank you very much for your compliments Malik Adanan.
    About the impact to the daily reset feature, I am not really sure because I did not test that one :eek:
    That thought must have went past my head somehow. :p

    If you ever come across a bug regarding this, please kindly send me an update here. Thank you !
  5. Draciel

    Draciel Starting Off

    Hi! This looks awesome ;) But if I speed night from 1h to 30 min., will all mission times be halved? Will zombies spawn double fast? :)
  6. Last Post

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    Only one way to find out my friend :D

    Just download and dive in!
  7. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    You just turned my character mods from the development time plus a freakin' hour of standing around waitng for daytime into 2-30 minutes of work including dev time, yes! I also intended to build fancy sundials for the game that, hopefully, really work and can actually be used to deduce what time it is in the game. So far, I've been using power poles and signs, haha. This will help there too :)

    I will absolutely use this when I roll around to my next character modding session. It does use the mission_mission0.xml, of course, so that could get interesting with mods eating eachother. I'll just include directions for the fix or pop in a second version with that, I guess.

    Anyway - bloody brilliant! I have all these things I want to do and not enough time to do them and I love that we're finally getting more people in on things so I can be advanced as well :)

    I don't often physically play the game except for when I need a brain break to think about a more complex problem or get a feel for the game to make sure I'm not going all ideas and no ambiance, but when I do I'll keep an eye out for any quirks in the mod, if there are any in terms of cascading things happening.

    Thank you again!

    : Rolls around in the mod, tosses it in the air, frolicks through it, clearly enjoying himself :
  8. Last Post

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    I am happy that you're happy :D. Its great to see the see the work you've done on your mods. Always a pleasure to seem them in action.
    I always do wish I can play all the mods, but I have so little time to spare.

    Regarding mission_mission0.xml, what I did was basically create a new Flowgraph entity and generated my own EntityGuid and EntityId.

    Just to help you out,
    you may wish to download my entire code here: MasterClock_internal_version8-code-snippet.zip
    You can easily insert it to your existing mission_mission0.xml file.
    Just look for the last two lines below in your mission_mission0.xml, then copy-paste the contents of the xml in the zipfile.
    Also the user.cfg file needs to be in Game directory for it to work. They contain console commands to enable the debug display.

    Hope this helps. Keep up your good work! :D

    *some other code belonging to undeadlabs here
    insert my xml code at this position
  9. YojimBeau

    YojimBeau Famous


    I've got it set to 1.5 hrs of daytime to .5 hrs of night, so as to preserve the 2hrs RT = 24 hrs GT.

    Super easy to adjust too. Excellent work again, LP.
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  10. Karstedt

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    I love you man...
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  11. jwideman

    jwideman Got Your Back

    You are a legend, Last Post!
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  12. Cypherdiaz

    Cypherdiaz Got Your Back

    Nice work man.

    Just going to suggest you put this (and your fire mode fix) Up on Nexus. we need to populate that site's SoD database honestly.
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  13. jwideman

    jwideman Got Your Back

    For those interested in simulating 16 hour day/ 8 hour night over the usual real 2 hour cycle, use 9/18.
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  14. Karstedt

    Karstedt Got Your Back

    Gotta say, in addition to the awesomeness that is being able to set the times cycle, the in game clock is aweomesauce on top.
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  15. jwideman

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    Agreed. I really like the in-game clock. Even if one likes the default times, it is nice to have.
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  16. Last Post

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    Thanks man!
    I purposely made it easy to adjust the speed settings , so you could control time like a... boss !
  17. Last Post

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    Love you back...
  18. Last Post

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    Just doin ma job sir.. thankee..
  19. Last Post

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    Already dunnit.
    Mirror link to nexusmods already added to the first post.
    Thank you!
  20. jwideman

    jwideman Got Your Back

    Two things:
    1. No matter what time it is when you quit, it is noon when you return. Even if you exit the game, restart, and load back up a minute later. Can this be fixed?
    2. Can you change the displayed clock to AM/PM rather than a 24hr display?
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