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    Information on the PC version is in the FAQ.
  2. im ready me and my whole 72 friends on xbox we buyin opening day for sure.....
  3. It's 4 parts leading up to Wednesdays review so it was last Thursday Friday (yesterday) and they'll pick it up on Monday I believe
  4. Rome502

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    Yessss. Thanks Jeff for the update. That is the ishh. *Also crosses finger for the smooth sailing of the final phase.* Come on June 5th.

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    Well, folks, I don't want to sound like I'm partying too early in celebration but let me put it this way. Recently I went on a diet, I used tonight as my cheat night to treat myself to a delicious pizza and a six pack of Bud Light. Why you may ask? Because hearing that unless basically hell freezes over it's about to be in our hands has gotten me all giddy and goofy in the gamer cells of my body :p
  6. CodySP

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    Quick, Get this man a wad of money and an office with a Window in it!
  7. I'm throwing my money at my xbox and later my PC! Why is it on fire?!
  8. I just thought that it is'nt always a wednesday that arcade games or indie games are added to buy on the marketplace i am a frequent buyer of games in both indie and arcade and many new games appear at any day of the week so it's possible that SoD could also be added as soon as it's ready for sale couldn't it?. I have read over Almost a few times and am a bit confused as to why SoD would only be added on the wednesday as far as i know its things in sales and specials etc for that week that are updated on wednesday as that is my pay day every fortnight and theres always new sales on a wednesday.Anyone else aware of this coz if so then even if its not ready by the 5th it could still be added before the 12th or even before the 5th over the next few days if im correct.
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  9. What the hell is wrong with you??!!The only thing that is a joke is your disrespect and incompatence at reading forum posts!.The UL team have been above and beyond the realm of straight with us about what is happening they have never said it should be ready by now as far as im aware!! and if a game isn't ready then obviously it wont be released untill it is (apart from games with deadlines that get rushed out unfinished and are full of bugs etc).I suggest you go away and reread the ALMOST thread that Jeff quiet brilliantly posted,if you cant get the idea of when it will be released from that thread then you have no buisness commenting with such disrespect and language in this forum!!.The clue is in the name ALMOST !,you should be ashamed and embaressed for the way you have reacted im sure i speak for all of us as a community when i say there is no need what so ever for that kind of reaction no matter how much you claim you love UL that is not the way to show it!!.
  10. xR0ckNR0llx

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    well there is already a list of countries theyve got at the moment but that might get bigger even after the game release im not sure how it works but i think can still ask to get them in other countries after the game release
  11. xR0ckNR0llx

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    here here :p
  12. Microsoft arn't allowed to just keep a game for over a month just to put into a promotion lol !!!!This is the most absurd thing i ever heard almost funny if it wasnt so proposterous!.It is physically impossible for this to happen as they can't just invent bugs etc just to fail the cert test to hold it back till july >.< ,Dude that has made me almost wet myself with laughter great imagination but that is as far as that goes your imagination and no further thankfully.
  13. I agree 110% UL are amazingly honest with us as a community going above and beyond what they need to tell us they could have just said it will be ready when it's ready but they havn't.The only other dev with this lvl of honesty is Craig from Total Miner Forge in his games forum informing us about the 1.8 update recently so much so that he even listed all features added and bugs and crossed them off with time and dates as they were fixed!!.It puts big developers to shame and shows a new trend in Underdog devs making games for gamers with some of the best communities we have experienced long live UL and any small companies like them,i just wish we could do something to show our thanks and dedication more than we do already besides buying the game in our millions(yes millions i am confident it will rival the likes of Minecraft,Day Z and Telltale Games Walking Dead franchise);)
  14. Their 2nd day was posted on their website, but it didn't show up in my YouTube feed. Today they'll have another video, probably a little later on since it's so early.
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    I can't believe it's finally here. This is an exciting month!
  16. Well, I hope not too long. I dont want to be a Grandpa when i finally get my hands on it! :L
  17. I just put a ton of point on my xbox live account so I can buy this first thing when it comes out.

  18. Oh did they say the price that this will be?
  19. Num47

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    Great read Jeff...Hope it all go's smooth, shame that IGN sorta burst your bubble over your the target date.
  20. Hello to the folks at UL

    I've been lurking here for some time, I read about Class3 initially a year ago and stopped paying attention because I wanted to play this game so badly then. I also know of someone who told me that they supposedly got their hands on the leaked developer's copy (and somehow knew how to mod their xbox without getting banned from Microsoft). He offered to burn the game for me but I refused. Plus I'm not sure how truthful hew as in that regard. It's not that I haven't played pirated or leaked games before for free, but I didn't want to do that this time because I wanted to support UL when the game comes out and I will gladly pay the $20 or whatever it costs when it's released. The way you guys have handled the correspondence with fans on this forum is a breath of fresh air. Although some seem to have complaints, ie. "I know it's out of your hands but get your shit together" (like just wrote it isn't in the hands of UL and then complain they need to get their act together.....?) I will gladly wait for this game to come out when ready.

    This is possibly the zombie game I've been waiting for even before "Zombie" games became popular. Can't wait, keep up the good work, I am going to buy both the Xbox and PC version (as I play both) and will absolutely support UL till Class4 is feasible. MMO version (or even co-op) of State of Decay is going to be epic.

    Lastly, just wanted to say Thank you.
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