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    Nay my friend. If it is ready tomorrow or Tuesday, it goes. If it misses that, then the 12th. They won't take their finished product, and shelf it for a month and a half because they dumped a lot of money into it. And the only way they make that money back and profits is by releasing it. Microsoft is a business, business function on money. No business holds back their product for a month because that means they are "in the red" for that product at least.

    Change your 99% to 99% sure it WILL be in June. Have fun playing Wedneaday or on the 12th!
  2. Undead Jeff

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    Nah. They were just doing their job, and they even contacted Sanya for comment before posting. We're very happy with the coverage and love they're giving SoD.
  3. Just had a great idea. They should call the strain of the virus that created the zombies; the Jeff strain. Pun Intended.
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    That's assuming it's a virus. For all we know, they may take the supernatural route (the red glowing eyes) or they may take the classic Romero approach and never clarify what started the outbreak :)
  5. Omg durr hello!
  6. Add-ons for games are added on Tuesday and u might get the occasional add-on on a Wednesday or Friday arcade games are updated on Wednesday on demand games are normally updated on Tuesdays (but not every Tuesday) and indies are whenever and Deals of the week (DOTW) are on Tuesdays along with sales and specials
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    How could they not love it ;)

    EDIT: Just realized The Man himself spoke to me I feel honoured :eek:
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  8. Crossing my fingers, hope we can all play this come Wednesday!
  9. Damn right man :p and welcome to the forums :)
  10. so i know that everyone was talking about s.o.d whne its going to come out june 5th so is that true or is that a bust becuase im getting married on the 4th and im one lucky guy so my wedding gift to my wife is going to be s.o.d since we are big gamers and she is a hard core zombie finatice so yea . is that the date when its going to come out
  11. Hahahaha. Did you ever see the Simpsons episode where Homer gets Marge a bowling ball for her birthday? Good luck dude!
  12. Fleshblight

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    Jeff --

    Thanks for that very informative article. I love behind-the-scenes/logistics-type stuff, and the one you wrote was exceptional.

    I can't wait to play the game on June 28th!


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    The 28th? Why would you wait that long? :p
  14. ok now i hear that the game is coming out june 5th /june 15th/and now finally june 28th which is it becuase gamestop realesed the date and said that s.o.d was coming out on june 5th and thats what 579 people are saying to are twitter and facebook and alot on these`s forms so whats the deal
  15. June 5th is the offical goal and hoped for release date. The only way this could change is if the final certification with Microsoft for State of Decay goes wrong. If it does, Undead Labs will fix whatever is wrong wifh the game and send it back.
  16. Very interesting read, I hope some of game sites pick it up so more learn what sometimes keeps games from "coming out"!
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    Long hair! *Runs up and hugs* I haven't seen you around these parts for ages! Or maybe I'm just really un-observant. :confused:
  18. Can I refer you to the original post on page one of this thread, Jeff gives us a full and in depth explanation of the release date standing and all issues therein, an insightful read.

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  19. June 5th June 5th come on we can do it!! Lol
  20. Plz release on june 5th, not only hav i been waitin for ths game for 2 years, my friends constantly bugging me whn it coms out, but june 5th is also my birthday :D so plz JUNE 5th :D!!!!!
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