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  1. agentwred

    agentwred Starting Off

    Agreed. That was an awesome read. I hope to one day have to jump through those hoops myself, so its kind of cool to hear about them. And good luck guys; I know you want it to pass even more than we do. And if it does pass, well, I guess I won't be posting around here until July 5th. All free time will have to go towards playing the crap out of that game.
  2. Jeff,
    You and your team have been the biggest fan friendly group in any form of media. Undead Lads has always kept the fan involved and ware of what is happening (when you let the cat out of the bag... or a crazy robot out of the cage.) After all these years, my excitement for this game has not changed. I just want to remind you that there is more work to be done after fans get their hands on this game and give feedback. Relax for the summer, then we can play with some of the ideas for......."Class 4"!
  3. Undead Brant

    Undead Brant Here To Help Staff Member

    Holy! A subFreak sighting! Hey subF, look carefully around downed aircraft in game...
  4. Are you shitting me? He got a easter egg in the game?! What about me Brant?! :) lol
  5. Hopefully june 5th! Ive Been patient 4 2 yrs and im ready 2 explode
  6. XiricaDalla

    XiricaDalla Starting Off

    It's always nice to receive this kind of detailed info from the devs.

    I'm feeling spoiled. Would never be able to accept other kind of treatment. ;)
  7. The Zomble Legacy

    The Zomble Legacy Starting Off

    That's what I told my friends. The devs are actually involved in the community!

    JIRWINKO Starting Off

    I know exactly what you mean. It's been a real pleasure actually talking to -them- and not just forum moderators and admins, it's nice to be treated like people and not like numbers. That kind of character will increase their numbers- In Sales :D
  9. midniteryu

    midniteryu Starting Off

    Well, its certainly been a while hopefully they meet their June 5th target. I can't wait.
  10. Negnar Holf

    Negnar Holf Here To Help

    Rarer than a ManBearPig sighting!

    I've only seen the fellow post 5 times in my history here, but I'm going to safely assume he was well known at MMOZed :)
  11. Funnyman155

    Funnyman155 Starting Off

    Maybe you can punch them zeds in the throats
  12. This has to be one of the most pointless stupid posts ive seen so far !!,Worst attempt at trolling you know Jeff cannot ensure a release date yet.And a little tip for the spelling of your buzzy "bee" its spelt be in the context you are using it ;]
  13. Well, I didn't really know it was that hard.. thanks for sharing the informations with us Jeff and I understand that you guys are working your ass off to release this game on the targeted date so I'll just be waiting. C'mon guys we've been waiting for a whole 2 years and we can't wait another 1 week?.. Let's give Jeff and the whole team a big thanks for keeping this project alive and moving on with it!
  14. What he said..
  15. I third this. :)
  16. Dantron

    Dantron Here To Help

    Dantron waves to Freak. :)

    Dantron reveals that if was Freak that first tossed Dantron into Dantron's Cage. :mad:
  17. so I thought it was coming out today??

    Why hasnt the game came out
  18. Thank you undead labs n Co, great game :D 9/10 just a few minor issues (texture pop in) other than that its great fun i just moved my base to a house with a cool tree outside when i get the resorces its going to be a snipers nest Ty
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