Announcing State of Decay 2

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Thank you :)
  2. rebel36

    rebel36 Famous

    Man, who pissed in your cereal this morning? This game began as an xbox live Arcade game with a small 2 gigabyte limit, developed by a small studio with a tiny budget. I love Bethesda but they are notorious for releasing AAA titles with larger staffs and budgets that are filled with bugs and glitches. Many games are that way. Does SOD have bugs, glitches and problems? Yes, but it's still amazing to me they did so much facing the limitations placed on them. It is okay if you are critical of the game, some of it is justified, but you don't need to make it personal and call out forum members by name. Criticism is fine, just don't be a jerk.
  3. Backpacker Lee

    Backpacker Lee Got Your Back

    @J.S Coolen

    I too hope that State of Decay 2 will be better. If the reviews are to your liking then I expect to see you somewhere in Trumbull county. If I see your flare go up, I'll come over and help.

    Happy new year to you.
  4. Goonie

    Goonie Here To Help

    Oof. Sorry for opening that can of worms. Can someone pass the kool-aid? I'd like to continue blindly worshipping the fine people at Undead Labs for working on our dream game and charging reasonable prices for quality content that helps them make a living and feed themselves and loved ones and fund future projects and...should I continue? Cause I can.
  5. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    Well... since our options seem to be limited to kool-aid (vs.) a tiny chamber pot full of piss & vinegar that's been aging in the whine cellar for the past year...

    Kool-aid, please.
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  6. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    Well if nothing else, that was entertaining :cool:
  7. maltriagon

    maltriagon Here To Help

    So... are we going to keep it? I've always wanted a troll. It can sit on my update status bar. It seems to like "finished games" but I think its just one of those teenage phases. (Since it doesn't seem to know what it's talking about.) I'll feed it Skyfall and Star Wars Battlefront 3. Then it might really want an actually finished game.
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  8. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Guys, stop. :) I asked him to cut it out, that means you too. It's been so long that I know y'all don't remember not to dogpile. But well, we don't dogpile.

    I love that you are all so damn supportive, but we can't do it at the expense of personal insults to other people.
  9. maltriagon

    maltriagon Here To Help

    My apologies. I knew it was wrong but was gonna say it anyways. I had a triggered moment XD.
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  10. Remember that for every hater, there is a lover. The Yin and the Yang. I still play all the time even though I know Trumbull like the back of my hand. I have 875 hours in SoD and another 210 in YOSE, so even if SoD2 is only a minor improvement (I'm sure it will be better than that) over SoD and YOSE, I'll be happy. Even after all those hours I still find guns I've never seen before, which keeps me going.
  11. maltriagon

    maltriagon Here To Help

    Dem guns are one of my favourite things about the game. I'm basically a pokemon trainer but with... guns... yea. Gotta catch em all, SoD guns!
  12. KatArus

    KatArus Got Your Back

    Toxic fanboys are toxic :/
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  13. Goonie

    Goonie Here To Help

    Toxicity is never a good thing. We should all remember to respect each other's views and opinions, no matter how different they may be. Let's spread the love, eh?

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  14. amp_the_nation

    amp_the_nation Starting Off

    When a game launches, depending on how hard it was pushed to release, it will have bugs. To me, it's not about how many bugs there were, but how willing the dev's are to work, improve and fix the game as it goes on. I have friends who don't like this game because of what it is, but I also have friends who would buy the game if it was $100 because of the experience it gives them. Keep it up guys, can't wait to hear more good news.
  15. KingZombie

    KingZombie Starting Off

    When SOD2 was announced, that's when I made the decision to upgrade to Xbox One lol. Feel free to screencap that and send it to MS, Undead Labs sold an Xbox One & I doubt I am the only one.
  16. screenamesuck

    screenamesuck Got Your Back

    I was going to try and repurchase SoD by getting the year one edition while it was $12 in the xbox store, but I missed the sale :(. I had the dlc before but never got a chance to try it because I broke my 360 :(. I wanna play all over again in preparation for the sequel. Any idea how often it goes on sale?
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  17. Will there be PVE?
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  18. Goonie

    Goonie Here To Help

    It seems to go on sale pretty frequently. Shop around a bit--it's currently $18 on Amazon!

    Yes, PvE only.
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  19. State of fate

    State of fate Starting Off

    "Some people" you mean a lot of people:) These people created an amazing game which was so good that they partnered with Microsoft because of their efforts. UL ignore this narcissist. We are a strong community and someone like you won't affect it what so ever.
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  20. Lukebazz91

    Lukebazz91 Here To Help

    The picture UL put up on twitter has me pumped for this game
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