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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. Jay B

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    Hear! Hear!
  2. ItzDizzY

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    I spent so many hours on the first SOD. I haven't played since 2013. Only to come back to hearing that that there's a sequel, I can't wait for it to come out!
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  3. Hello? Is there no answer?
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  4. Undead Nicole

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    I'm afraid that we're unable to answer many of your questions right now. It's not through lack of want, but the gags and muzzles are on pretty tight. :( We hope to start getting more information out to you starting around the time of E3.
  5. Cejao

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    Damn NDAs
  6. Habrá modo lifeline de new ?espero que yes , así como un nuevo modo mas hard "mode inferno"
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    It is if you use Google Translate.
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  8. I'm doing my first run through Breakdown, level 4 now. Lots of fun. Here's hoping SOD2 has it on release.
  9. Darth_Necron

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    i think a speed selector for zed the faster you make them the less you encounter but the slower the more numerous the zeds are 50-100 zeds coming from all directions slowly approaching because your last bullet was unsurpressed yup its brown trousers time
  10. Lukebazz91

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    Shadow of war and state of decay 2.... these game companies are spoiling me.
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  11. Griffonclaw39

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    Hey Marcus! Ed! We've got work to do...

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  12. there are few things id like the dev's to have a good look at. these arent coming from the prospective of just a fan of sod1. these comments, suggestions, cautions, etc, come from all angles. i love sod1, it was a game that i played more than im willing to to mention, and would have played more if i could enjoy it with friends. i remember seeing state of decay 2 mentions and i was STOKED. but then i read that it was going to be nothing like the game that i loved and i lost hope.

    recently i saw the change of plans; to give us the game we were asking for and my hope was restored. although ive been watching the trends of video games and business for awhile now and a part of me is afraid. i want you guys to succeed, i really do. i understand business, video games, and computer coding, as well as all their limitations.

    the following are NOT based on assumptions or ignorance of the many factors that effect the development of this game, such as time, money, technology, reality etc. They are also NOT based on MY idea of the perfect game, i will not suggest things that are totally unrealistic or impossible to accomplish.

    1. learn from no mans skys mistakes: i remember the hype about the game "no mans sky" but i wasnt fooled. when i saw the trailor and looked into the expectations were, i knew it would fail. no mans skys main mistakes were that they gave the impression of multiplayer involvement, and didnt have any. i knew they there wouldnt be multiplayer, the game was too beautiful, and mass scaled to even consider multiplayer, half the people who bought it could hardly run the game with just them.
    what the devs should take from this is: one, dont mislead your customers, and two, you cant focus on too many things without the performance barrier stoping you. you cant have amazing graphics, massive detail, massive scale and variety and smooth performance... i suggest that you focus on your mass scale, detail and variety and leave graphics as a low (NOT NO) priority.

    2. the things that made sod1 stand out was the variety of weapons. to this day, i dont know if there is another survival game that has a huge varity of BOTH guns and melee weapons. its usually one or the other... or neither. variety is one the most important things, its what gives a game alot of its replay value. i remember on my third play through i was finding things i never saw on any of my previous play throughs. keep that up and expand.

    3. dont forget about the base building: this was an extremly awesome aspect of sod1 (one of the best). me and other people are hoping to see this aspect improve greatly. there is alot that can be done with it. more buildings, more options, more locations, more uses. much more upgrades. it was sort of a bummer how you could max your base in no time at all (i am not suggesting make it harder to upgrade. give more things to upgrade.)

    4. whether to have finite everything. i understand the goal is to create an accurate survival fantasy game... but i remember one of the things that i think took away from the fun of sod1 is when you clear out everything around you, forcing you to move, untill there are no places to move, in which case you start a new game... but starting new games got annoying after awhile. (i will build more on this on point 5) i think there should be a way to survive in a world for ever, if you think about it, its unrealistic to say that humans cant survive in a single place forever. there are a few options for you guys. (1) modify the finite supplies approach and have zombies drop loot. this is realisitic enough (though its a fairly big project to accomplish and performance will have to be addressed) (2) scrap the whole finite supplies thing and add respawnable loot (it can be a very slow rate or what ever so this doesnt mean that supplies will no longer be an issue) (3) you can invest the time and make both partys happy. have options for this stuff. you can make more people happy which leads me to my 5th point (which is related in a sense) but one last choice and the most unrealistic one (4) implement a self sustaining system (better farming system, crafting system, harvesting system and what not) but this is hard to do.

    5. swallowing pride is hard, but sometimes you have to. realize that sod1 wasnt a "one and done" game. people like me had countless play through's and you never do it the same way. replay value is key for a game and you should do everything you can to maximize replay value. it seems like everyone (being myself and the people i talked to about sod1) did was play through the first time sorta as a trial and error/beat the game kind of way. the second time is the beat the game more effectivly than the first (since you understand the game better) then theres there is the explore play through (search the places you never searched, go where youve never gone, settle where youve never settled, experimenting with your characters abilitys and work on improving them. then after a few play throughs your really just playing to make a deadly group of survivors and killing zombies and just stalling as much as you can, this is where finite everything takes away replay value. if you insist on making people to play the game the way you want, then make them... for one play through. its not a bad idea for there to be options after you beat the game.

    5.1. keep in mind that not everyone plays the game the same way, dont expect them to, avoid forcing them to. some people want to just play the same way every time. some people want to just stay in one spot forever. if possible let them both do their thing with options.

    6. add more skills, upgrades and what not to characters. alot of the fun came from the desire to improve your characters, expand this idea.

    7. dont pull a mincraft. dont say you will give villages, and give the villages without any use. inother words think about what people are acutally asking for, not just what it sounds like their asking for.

    8. be honest with the community. if people are asking for somthing and you arent giving it to them, tell them why. people will either understand or give alternatives that you didnt think about.

    9. graphics shouldnt be the priority. if the games performance is too low to improve gameplay and variety, then lower graphics. as long as they stay abit better than sod1 most will be happy.
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  14. Hendo003

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    Dylan, first and formost, welcome to the forums. Stick around we have fun here. The one thing that I like about what Undead Labs do here is that they listen to the community. They are as honest as they can be. There was a time, before you were able to load up rucksacks in the back of a vehicle and cart them home, that you had to take them one at a time. We, as the community asked if we could use vehicles to load up rucks. UD heard us and gave us what we wanted. If there is one thing that I have noticed, they are passionate about this project and that passion shows.
  15. I dont disagree at all. i just want it to stay like this :). My tone seemed firm in my last post but that wasnt the intention. I just want to help!
    t a
  16. Hendo003

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    No worries. All is good.

  17. I hope they announce some roof know, just for fun!
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  18. Hendo003

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    Roof mines?
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  19. Also i remember the max ammo you could stock in the locker was 30 instead of 255 iirc, that was quite frustrating, thank god they increased it
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