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Discussion in 'News' started by Undead Sanya, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. Dunadain

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    #SoD2 jumbomapconfirmed!
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  2. Fabian907

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  3. CaptainAssassin

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    They better at least STOP SCREAMING after you kill them... #oldbugsthatnevergotfixed
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  4. Fabian907

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  5. Undead Sanya

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  6. Vers

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  7. 23-down

    23-down Got Your Back

    Oh wow fantastic! I actually didn't expect any replies to my comment. I see the philosophy of your publisher. It certainly is one way of handling things and you're right it might hit in like a "big bang" upon release. A "surprise release of the year" like event. Assuming of course that the game receives good reviews in the first place.

    Still at the same time I think that strategy belongs back into the past of the 90s. Considering the competition nowadays is so huge and plenty of AAA titles release on a monthly basis nowadays. You didn't have that back then. Big releases happened perhaps only every 6 months. So in conclusion it's a big gamble. I myself peruse plans into indie development. Personally I would rather try to build up a hype for my game by talking about it and on occasion showing few screens or vids. Of course without spoiling too much or anything about the actual story or enhanced game play mechanics. The target by that approach would be simply to establish a loyal group of followers. A group that constantly grows. Releasing something that might have been missed by the majority of people which didn't watch the E3 trailers might cost potential buyers even post release.

    There are always these people thinking "Hm what's that? It looks good but I never heard of it before so it can't be that great." Customers might also believe that the studio or publisher might be hiding something. That the actual game play isn't that great after all or bugged, unfinished. Star Trek Legacy was such a case. Anyway those people which really get appealed by your trailer and any upcoming youtube vids post release surely will buy it if they like what they're seeing. After all the 1st thing a buyer considers first before purchasing is if their like the theme of the specific product. I like action & scifi so you would never see me buying a fantasy game, movies maybe. It really depends on the quality and story of the movie.

    Both philosophies might work but since your hands are tight in this matter the discussion is pointless. I remain with my opinion that it is riskier than trying to build up a huge hype around it. Either way I guess there's only one thing left for all of us to do: To think best thoughts and hope your publishers strategy pays off by going for the "big surprise release" approach. I certainly hope so and wish you folks best of luck. :) I will buy it no matter what. :D

    That would be cool and most welcome. :D
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  8. Vanilla

    Vanilla Here To Help

    I respect the decision. When game studios release info that they have to go back on it never bodes well for game and potentially harms sales.

    Look at No mans sky for example.
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  9. 23-down

    23-down Got Your Back

    Well that applies only when they speak about certain features and promises of things that aren't even implemented by the time they speak about it. And it backfires only if they get pushed by their publishers for a deadline & release date which they simply can't keep without sacrificing game content.
    But yes I too respect their decision I may no like it and it's not my style of handling things but like I said in my previous post both methods can work so why not.
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  10. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Indeed. I would rather wait a few extra months and get an 'as bug-free as possible' game with all content included.

    Something to consider, if you (Undead Labs) have control over it, vs Microsoft having control:
    NO PAY WALLS OR BS PARTITIONED-OFF AREAS REQUIRING PAYING EXTRA!!! UL did VERY well in the production and full-access of content of the first game, and the 2 DLCs were awesome. I hope they continue the model with 2, rather than the unfortunate trend to restrict core content to premium pricing.

    1. Guru-as-bonus was nice, as you were rewarding previous buyers.
    2. The knife skins for location where YOSE was purchased were ok, because it was a re-skin of an item you got with the game, not something an entry-level payer couldn't get.
    3. The day-one idea (prepper's pack for 1) I'm uncomfortable with. I understand Collectors Editions, which get bundled with physical items, or an Extra Disc with some sort of content for additional pricing, but having some of the EXISTING coding locked off because you simply couldn't get to the game in time leaves a bad taste in my mouth (see 4.)
    4. The Monthly Bonus unlockables I'm okay with, because they are designed to be accessible to everyone if they do something at a certain time to anyone who has the game, rather than having to pay for these.


    (SOD 1 Vanilla is the burger, BD is the fries (everyone loves fries!!!!!), and LL is drink)

    Please, DON'T do the NOW model!
  11. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    I got the preppers pack, so I am all for another new preppers pack cause I will be getting day1 edition, again.
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  12. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    I'm planning on doing this too. However, what about those who buy the disc, but cannot play for 6-months, a year, whatever due to life? I checked a week ago (because I photo'ed my cousin's day-one code:p) and Prepper's Pack is no longer available. Those people who legitimately purchased content cannot access it! Code should not 'expire' after a certain time. (I'm not going to consider console modding. Never done it, don't know how, not interested in learning.)


    Opinion: I pay for a disc full of code and I have to pay more to access the SAME disc?? (EXPLITIVE RANT DELETED BY USER).

    Just my 3 cents...
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  13. Backpacker Lee

    Backpacker Lee Got Your Back

    Although we all want all the information now on this great game, the publishers pay ridiculous amounts of money for psychology and human behavioural studies to determine the best times for information release. The higher powers know us better than we do and although it doesn't hit on an individual, it does appeal to the masses (hordes). Hence why most have no savings and huge amounts of debt. If you doubt you are one of these people, first check if you have money saved and that you are not paying someone else's mortgage, if not, it's because you have spent it on frivolous items that are now stored in a place no one goes. However, that being said... I want more info, now I have to get back to the QVC channel, I'm on hold to buy a DustBuster 1000.
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  14. BiggusD

    BiggusD Got Your Back

    To the developers: what are your ambitions in relation to the zombies themselves?

    Spawn/despawn like in the original, or do you have plan for some sort of persistence? This is by far the most important issue for me because if I am supposed to go around and kill "special zeds" around the base and take out infestations etc., doing so to spawned enemies is a major turnoff.
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  15. Tsewe

    Tsewe Here To Help

    Deer devs,

    Please take the time you need to do what you want/must.
    Good quality but late info is way better than lots of false hopes or unfulfilled promises announced early on.

    Of course, we're all dying to hear what you want to feed us with, but we can restrain ourselves. Right? Haha

    Maybe you guys are the Survivors and we're the zombie horde trying to ripp the most info out of you!
    Otherwise we're just lurking around aimlessly, waiting for some fresh news to jump upon.

    It's just a weird way to show you our deep appreciation and concern haha

    Patience :)
  16. ErnestK7

    ErnestK7 Here To Help

    I trust that the UL devs won't go the Arkham City approach and release a load of stuff as a DLC even though they were probably in the original game.
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  17. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    Yup that game was just a cash grab. I never purchased the DLC, and didn't continue playing that "half a game" they called a full release.
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  18. Tsewe

    Tsewe Here To Help

    I did as I usually with those kind of game: waited for the GOTY edition and bought it on steam on a season sale at probably 10$...

    And I hope UL won't go the Arkham Knight approach and have to withdraw the PC release entirely lol... There are so many major fails with the AAA industry these days...
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  19. gish

    gish Got Your Back

    I'm hoping for a release in june since thats when the first game was released it would be a awesome way to celebrate
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  20. Mospus

    Mospus Got Your Back

    I hope to see some new gameplay soon
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