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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Undead Jeff

    Undead Jeff Got Your Back Staff Member

    Today we announced the highly official Undead Labs Forums. Check out the news, and discuss here!
  2. Cool to have forums now where we can discuss the game more profoundly. Class 3 is looking awesome and I have no doubt Class 4 will be better. Keep up the good work guys!! :D
  3. It's awesome that there is a forum now. Now everyone can chat! :D

    Can't wait for more Class 3! @___@
  4. This just makes me more excited about getting into Class 4, being able to meet people in game after getting to know people on the forums will be pretty awesome!
  5. RetroMutt

    RetroMutt Got Your Back

    Sweeeeet can't wait to see the upcoming features!!
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  6. Excited to be joining the community from the start, and expecting to watch it grow and evolve over the years to come. First time for me haha!
  7. Im glad you guys are still alive and that you spoiling us with the new info and a offical forum keep up the great work and I can't wait to explore the world :cool:
  8. I'm so glad that there are forums up! I knew that they would only be a matter of time before we had a place (besides FaceBook and the comments for News Announcements) to talk, collaborate, and just hang out with people that are just as excited as us for this epic game!
  9. Shiny! Thanks for your continued efforts in bringing this great title to light! I look forward to building our community and becoming part of this strong world of survivors.
  10. Hi all

    As it says in the name , Im so glad and releaved that you are making this game as i myself had started to use cryengine 3 and thought of this idea, How ever yours is 200% better and perfect compared to my crappy thoughts,(im a newbie designer and pretty thick)

    I hope you guys all the best and will constantly check for updates and pass the good word around to all my buddys who are currently hardcore gamers looking for a new buzz(especially zombie games)

    Currently there playing day z arma2 mod which quite frankly is crap, Reason why they play this game is because of map size and gameplay if this is somethink you are contributing to your game then more of a benifit too you,

    All the best :D

    Hey Guys have you setup a facebook page yet maybe a good idea wink wink
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  11. Thanks for this! It's really nice to have an official forum.
  12. Nice place, like it, it's warm in here.
  13. For Class 3 I see this as a great way to meet other fans and read about info on the game. For the future Class 4 this forum will be a good way to meet future alliances and as a good trade corner. Can't wait to see this game grow as well as its loyal followers!
  14. Th3 Und3ad Tac0

    Th3 Und3ad Tac0 Starting Off

    YEAH!!!! I cannot WAIT for Class3!
  15. Doing a great job on keeping us updated, I love how the game is coming along.
  16. Kodyack

    Kodyack Starting Off

    I don't suppose more avatar selection is coming?
  17. Cargot35

    Cargot35 Starting Off

    Agreed, we could use this as a place to meet new people to help in our future zombie killing endeavors.
  18. Goonie

    Goonie Here To Help

    It's so pretty. :eek:
  19. Dantron

    Dantron Here To Help

    Dantron waves to all the forum members. :D
  20. Great that there is a forum for this now, looking forward to some interesting discuissions :D
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