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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Nice work! on the game and the site, this forum is very well organized and easy to use.
  2. Been waiting for an official Undead forums for over a year now. So glad there is somewhere we can all discuss our passion for zombies and Class 3 :)
  3. Glad to see we now have an official forum. I hope as the game progresses the wave of new people dont spam repeat topics of genuine ideas from old members. I still feel this will be a fun ride waiting for this game just hope we dont get spammed out like all the call of duty forums.

    MAJOR WARPATH Starting Off

    Glad for all the news we are getting so far. It takes a special type of person to love and appreciate the zombie world. Happy to be a part of this awesome community. Love anything with zombies from games (Left 4 Dead, Dead Island) to movies (Dawn of the Dead to 28 Weeks Later). Eagerly awaiting more info and the release of the game.
  5. MetalMum

    MetalMum Starting Off i gotta check here AND forums...ugh....j/k :)

    **really this is just a shameless plug JUST in case people dont know about forums**
  6. TenaciousMarine

    TenaciousMarine Got Your Back

    Congrats on the forums, Really excited to see everything come together!!!
  7. codybuck0

    codybuck0 Starting Off

    Yay! We have a official forum now thank you so much and your doing a great job!

  8. Dude ! They have had a facebook page for the longest time now.
  9. finally a forum wooo!
  10. Anyone know how to get it to show a notification at the top when someone has quoted you? I've tried to find it in the settings but I'm none the wiser!
  11. Wow this is soo awesome :D
  12. Lilbuffalo

    Lilbuffalo Starting Off

    YAY! Giggity
  13. Words definitely cannot express the excitement
  14. Wooo movin on up! I have never followed a game from the very beginning, this is all very exciting haha.
  15. Lilbuffalo

    Lilbuffalo Starting Off

    Im still excited Giggity...
  16. :D I've been waiting for a forum since the day the website first appeared, hahah. Nice to meet you, everyone...
  17. This forum exploded overnight so many people use it, its AWESOME:)
  18. Excited I get to interact with everyone in the community and the devs. Hello all!
  19. Bturn

    Bturn Starting Off

    Can wait for what UL has in store for us.
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