Any I Am Legend styled games out there?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Thunder Ice, May 27, 2014.

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    I've searched online for games with the similarities to I Am Legend, but all I get are people telling others asking the question to try out L4D or DayZ.

    But what I am looking for is a game that is almost like I Am Legend. The infected come out at night and hide in the shadows. You have to search for supplies until the sun goes down. When that happens, you survive.

    Sure, there's 7 Days To Die, but the one thing that's missing is having zombies not spawn outside.

    Any games similar to I Am Legend out there?
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    Last of Us, Dying Light when it comes out.
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    The I Am Legend movie predicted the Batman Vs Superman movie.
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    Minecraft! Bwahahahahaha!!!!
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    Now that you mention it, that works.
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    Theres this new PC game, its pretty much the same...
    I cannot remember it for the life of me though
  11. yes i can tell you its called DUSK it comes out in 2017 on pc ps4 and xbox360 and it is exactly like the movie!!!!!!! Looking at the trailer i think its going to be big when it comes out if they dont muff it up that is! If you need something sooner like now there is the new one called dying light you search for supplies but when the sun goes down if your not in a safe place or back at your base watch out! your in trouble!!!! you have the ability to parkour to escape those are the 2 new game i know of! Ok i hope this helps i see everyone else just spouts the obvious stuff i hate when that happens ya know? ;) good luck and have fun gaming till then!

  12. here is the trailer link to dusk enjoy!
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  15. Thank You :)
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