Any way to activate anti-aliasing in YOSE?

Discussion in 'For PC Players Only' started by JDR13, Jun 30, 2017.

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  1. I posted this on the Steam forum, but I figured I'd post it here too for more people to see.

    Is there really no way to force anti-aliasing in this game? The jaggies are horrible to me even at higher resolutions.

    I used to use Nvidia Inspector to force AA in the original version, but that doesn't work in YOSE. Trying to force it through my control panel doesn't work either. I even tried SMAA Injector, but the game wouldn't start up with that installed.

    Has anyone been able to get any kind of AA to work in this game? If not, I'll probably go back to the original SoD. I'd rather have AA even if it means missing out on a few new items and companions.
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  2. I've had AA working with my nivida 460 gtx (out dated I know) since release. I can send you my specs if you PM me.
  3. I do have a laptop I also play with that has a nivida 330m (being a native DX10 card) that I am required to play vanilla SOD.
  4. Are you using a third-party program to force it? You can't force AA with Nividia's software on DirectX 11 games.

    You might be able to get FXAA to work, but I wanted a higher quality AA than that.
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