Anyone else hated the main 3 you start with ???

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  1. I only played them in the beginning and hated Ed the most
  2. rebel36

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    No. I actually liked all of them and grew more attached to them as I played. As you progress in the game and gain trust with other characters you can play as them also. This game isn't really about playing as one particular character but as a group or community of different individuals.
  3. Bob Crees

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    To be honest I enjoyed playing them, seemed to fit in very well with the story.

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  4. The chick wasn't to bad
  5. Zeppathy

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    I liked Maya, usually switched to her right away. I liked Eds traits, but he was an extreemly annoying character. Didn't help that for some reason in every vanilla playthrough he gets himself in trouble constantly. He starts to feel like a more annoying version of Chloe from Life is Strange. Oh feth, Eds attempting assisted suicide via Zs, again. Best drop everything and go save him, again. -.- I was neutral on Marcus. I didn't dislike him, but if he died I wouldn't have cared.

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  6. Zeppathy

    Zeppathy Got Your Back

    I liked that the dialog with the military was different if you took Maya too.
  7. Kid Kayole

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    Marcus died pretty early on in my first playthrough so I never really connected with him, and since then I've always felt a bit indifferent towards him.
  8. I really hope when SOD2 come out there's SOME character creation or customization

    I don't want it to turn into fallout but just a little stuff you can do.... maybe make the same game just in a different location
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  9. Vers

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    We'll know soon enough. If we get customization, I think it will be with clothing, not facial features. But that guess is based off of nothing. If we don't get it, that's fine with me, SoD held my attention without it, and it made finding a rare character I wanted that much more of a gem.
  10. zechs

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    I liked Marcus and Maya. Didn't care much for Ed.
  11. XzerothreeX

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    I did not like Ed initially. Kind of a goof. But he does have Reflexes. The spin kick is very useful.
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  12. Doomen Gloom

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    Marcus is a bad ass he levels very quickly, Maya is real good as well, Ed is well Ed.
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  13. Vers

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    Well put, Ed is Ed indeed. Embrace him for who he is... or feed him to the zombies.
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  14. CaptainAssassin

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    "A big part of the State of Decay experience is that you recruit people as you find them. People have on them whatever they happen to have been wearing when the apocalypse broke out, or maybe the best outfit they were able to take off the body of their dead neighbor. (As with the original game, the look of each survivor is locked in when you recruit them.)"

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