Anyone else hated the main 3 you start with ???

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Hamblin22, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. Del44ZSlayer

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    @MrMonst3r I completely agree, my current breakdown gang consists of ed, Marcus, just haven't come across Maya as yet, but she will be recruited when I do. There not just characters with great traits and skills, I have a certain fondness for them as the original trio from the vanilla campaign.
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  2. VerdantSF

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    Love all three of them. In my first playthrough, I lost Marcus and Ed and just couldn't bear it. Had to restart.
  3. Zeppathy

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    Eds comic relief would be welcome, if his jokes wern't so aweful. He tries too hard to be funny and just ends up talking me into feeding him to a SWATbro.
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    Boooo, hisss Ed is just humour challenged, should be in his bio info LOL. I'm sorry, I love Mr Jones.
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    Couldn't agree more @MrMonst3r Here Here!
  6. TheLoyalPatriot

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    I'd say that the main three were pretty simple, but well done by all means.

    Except for how clueless they all were about zombies. I mean...I get that they were out of the loop for three weeks (Ed and Marcus anyway), but you'd assume they'd automatically know what a zombie is when they see one.

    But really, that was the only thing that bugged me about the three. Aside from that, they were all good characters to start out with.
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  7. Bob Crees

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    The Original Story line indicated that neither Marcus or Ed really knew what was happening.
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  8. Kid Kayole

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    It's a common trope in zombie fiction that people are totally oblivious to what zombies are.
  9. It was Maya for me. Cleared a bunch of infestations, a couple hordes and beginning missions only to have a bump in the road flip the car and for Maya to get snatched by a feral as she tumbled out. Tore her in half a moment later.
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  10. Even if they knew what a zombie was, which I agree with your statement, a lot could be answered. 3 weeks for zombie outbreak is fast, I would have liked a little story on how it started, how it spreads, what they were doing before being thrusted into zombies. It's not required though for me to love the game.

    And with it open like it is, there is so much room for story-telling of your own.
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  11. I'd be a goof as well in a zombie apocalypse. Made Ed relatable to me.
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