Approaching 1000 hours -- another love letter to SoD

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by futurehermit, Nov 27, 2017.

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  1. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    So I'm approaching 1000 hours for SoD. Only a few games have hit that milestone for me in my life. So, it's in rarefied company now for me with few others. In short, I love this game. It's got me reflecting again on why this game (specifically Breakdown mode) really does it for me. The reasons have been expressed before, but they are worth repeating imo:

    1) The setting. I think at the top of the list is the setting. It's clearly made with love. And detail. So much detail. The options for stealth are incredible. Plus, it's just incredibly thematic. And funny -- donut shop attached to the police station. And interesting -- the opened hazardous waste container at the plane crash site, the water supply made toxic with the dead. The posters and signs are just awesome and often hilarious as well. The remnants of others (e.g., impromptu medical labs, dead bodies in different locations containing hints at their final moments, etc.). The dead animals. The variety of buildings. The feeling that this was a place that people truly did inhabit. And what is up with that school?

    2) The characters. I roll random characters and restart every level fresh. Whenever I find Marcus or Amelia or some of the random ones that I love (like the first character I ever rolled random in my first Breakdown run), I am just pumped to play them. And the narrative trait that gets added to each just adds to the roleplaying options. We all love Biker Steve, of course, but there are others too that are interesting.

    3) The potential. I don't have any technical ability to mod games, but, if I did, I would mod games I love. I would mod this game. Not to fix weaknesses, but to enhance strengths, build on potential. Like, I often wonder how cool it would be to be able to populate multiple bases and establish trade between them. To rebuild civilization in this area. Or if there were other maps. Or if the narrative and other traits added different abilities or stats or items. I think good games just engage the player and interest them in exploring and pushing the limits of the game. Definitely has my interest piqued for SOD2.

    4) The systems. There are some really interesting systems working together in this game. Influence, fame, friendship, the stats, fatigue/injury, morale and mood, difficulty increase in Breakdown levels, etc. etc. It's fun pushing them to their limits and exploring different playstyles and strategies.

    5) Open world/sandbox. While not unique to SOD, this is a solid open world/sandbox game. Nonlinear gameplay that accomodates lots of different approaches.

    6) "It factor" and "wow" moments. This game just has that "it" factor. And some serious wow moments. I used to play Age of Mythology a lot. And it had a feature where you could download and watch recorded games of other players. Some nights I would just download some games from top players, pop some popcorn, and watch and enjoy. I feel that way with SoD. I'd love to just watch recorded games of people playing. There are just some really good wow moments that make for entertainment. Like there was this one time I noticed in the backyard across from Savini's that there were a TON of zombies. Like 50+ easily. And a Jug was in the middle of it all on the porch. Honestly, it looked nothing more than like a Jug had thrown a massive zombie house party in the backyard. And the NOISE. EERIE!!! That many zombies growling all at once just sends shivers, seriously. And of course nothing gets my attention more than a trio of ferals zooming my way. A trio came at me in a house yesterday but fortunately I had two allies with and we beat them down. It was pretty epic. Those moments when you're desperately rummaging for food or healing or a weapon or whatever you need to survive immanently because zeds are pounding on a door, or a feral is coming, etc. just have me on the edge of my seat. And, of course, crushing two zombie heads together never gets old :D

    7) The community. The community here is pretty awesome. Gaming communities are usually pretty solid, but I love the sense of humour here and genuine interest in sharing ideas and stories. I've picked up a lot of good tips here, like about specializing powerhouses in scavenging, since they can carry more. Makes sense, of course, but I had never really though of it like that before, since they are also great at combat. It's made me think about giving ninja to my powerhouses, which I hadn't really considered before. And countless other tips. Much appreciated.

    Anyway, not sorry for gushing :D Just feeling reflective as I'm headed to 1000 hours. Looking forward to SOD2 with much anticipation.
  2. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    I remember 'Rage Quitting' just after reaching Level 6 of the original Breakdown. At the time I thought 'Lets check Google and see if there are any tips". Well I did a search and found something call State of Decay Forums - I quickly found out what was causing my people to go missing all the time, which was the main reason why I joined the Forum in the first place. But then I started to follow all the other Posts and have not really left since:)
  3. Terrafutan

    Terrafutan Got Your Back

    The big question in 1000+ hours of gameplay....Have you got The Rescuer achievment.

    Nice post. Hitting 666 hours on YOSE to go along with my 800+ on 360 SoD and agree with all of it.
  4. SonnyJim

    SonnyJim Got Your Back

    Great read! I'm still shocked sometimes when I look at my total hours on SOD - approaching 2000 hours now between both versions (owned since Dec '13). I only have one other game anywhere near this amount of gametime and it's pretty cool to think I am still enjoying it for all the reasons you mentioned and more again. I'm no expert but I guess any singleplayer game that gives you more than a couple hundred hours is already quite remarkable.
  5. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    Nope, haven't got that achievement. I've read that it isn't possible to get it due to some kind of bug or issue with the mercy shot one. I haven't had the patience to get the gardener one. Those are the two I'm missing.

  6. Biker Steve

    Biker Steve Got Your Back

    Okay, where do you go to find the amount of hours you've played, and how do I keep my girlfriend from doing that? :D

    I'm usually able to avoid really bad situations, but a few levels ago I had to power down the XBox quickly. In my defense, it was because a Juggernaut teleported into an enclave *after* the siege was lifted and injured me, then I got jumped by a feral AT THE RV. If I can blame it on a glitch, I think it's fair.
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  7. Biker Steve

    Biker Steve Got Your Back

    Also, I agree with all of the first post. This game is absolutely amazing. It incorporates elements of strategy games I played when younger (Oregon Trail, Sim City, Civilization), + the open world aspect of this generation of games, and the references to all the zombie movies I grew up watching are just icing on the cake. I'm on level 17 (and I clear everything out as much as possible, and spent a LONG time on the earlier levels maxing out my ammo) and am still finding new things.

    From what I've read, the way to do it is to force someone that's not your friend to be sick and not have medical facilities. You can do it by having Lily call for survivors, and then do your best to injure one of them, or even better, have them pop a bloater. You'd have to do it at the beginning of a level after starting your first base. After that, go for the gardener one. :D
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  8. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    Ok I'll get that a try :D I'm on Steam, so it logs the hours I've soaked into this game :D
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  9. Terrafutan

    Terrafutan Got Your Back

    On Xbone, check your achievements in the game hub, it should have time played in minutes, and your xbox live account on the net will have the same info.
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  10. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    Well, I started a new game explicitly focused on trying to get the last two unlocks. I have 6 sick survivors, 3 of whom are "gravely ill." No medical area. I've been religiously knocking off missions to try and trigger the mercy kill one. No luck yet... I had Marcus to level 5 leadership before he got torn in half. Sigh. Trio ferals took out another guy. RIP.

    On the positive side, I have 9/10 for gardener, so tomorrow I will have that one done. I'm not confident though on the mercy shot one. :shrug:
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  11. MrsFish

    MrsFish Here To Help

    The key is the sick person can't be your friend. If you're doing missions, you're increasing trust in your group (and likely have made them your friends by now). Doing missions won't ping the "mercy shot." I guess there might be a chance it gets delayed a little if you have the max amount of available missions, but I've never worried about that any time I've unlocked the achievement. If you have a sick or injured person, every 20 minutes or so of game play, the game will roll to see if the sick/injured gets better (that's when it checks to see if you have a medical area/medicine) or worse. So if you have a sick non-friend, and no medical area or base medicine, you just need to wait. Don't do too many missions because that could raise the trust in the non-friend to the point that they are your friend (and then you won't get the mercy shot). If you think you have too many missions available, just decline a couple.
  12. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...that would explain it :D I will have to give it one more try then. Man, I hate this achievement :D But it's the last one, so I' get it.
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