Aren't You Too Short To Be A Stormtrooper? [Application Thread]

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    Galactic Imperial Recruitment Application Holoscreen

    Welcome to Unit 793 'Hawkshaw Troopers' of the Imperial Navy!
    Unit 793 oversees pacification of Urban Patrol, Disaster Relief, Investigation of Crime, Pre-Emptive Crime Aversion, Crowd Control, Imperial Relations, in order to bring Peace and Prosperity in the Galaxy!

    If you wish to sign up, please feel free to do so on the Holo-panel and apply for the position that you wish to take! First come first serve!

    "Empire united over all"
    Things to take into consideration before signing up:
    -After swearing allegiance to the Emperor, you shall be admitted into the Imperial Armed Services in order to serve the interests of the Empire. You shall be living and spending time with your fellow recruits. The training program will last for a while, and your unit shall be permanent. You will be given leave after assignments.
    -The Empire maintains that no prior criminal record exists of any applicant. If such history is found, you will be brought into interrogation.
    -You will be signing up for service, and will be paid in accordance with your rank. At any time, with the needs of the Imperial Forces, your service may be extended or you may be discharged.
    -You may be wounded in action, killed, and suffer a wide variety of hazardous experiences.
    -You may or may not be able to enter into the field that you wish to do so, seniority key.
    -The Empire will assign you to a location, for as long as required. No negotiations.
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    Squad Dossier

    Squad Members:
    Squad Lead:
    Johann Legrand
    Jing Pei

    Rak Zlar

    -Application Form:

    ---Name of your Character:

    ---Age of your character:

    ---Bio of your character:

    ---Reason for joining

    ---Area of Specialization
    [Now, guys. Just a heads up, your characters are NOT FORCE USERS, they are NOT REBELS or people with different agendas. This isn't a story about those things, this is an RP that will be based around squad tactics, character development, and generally dealing with everyday situations. As promotions begin to roll in, things could change.

    Your characters aren't super heroes, please do not forget this. You have had no history of fighting anything. You may have been a farm lad/lass, or worked in sanitation. You are not a Jedi, you don't harbor any grudges against the system. Your not saboteurs, that isn't what this RP is about. Please. PLEASE do not forget this.]
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    Event Logs

    I shall be rolling for events, in a sort of random event generator:
    1st Dice roll: 3

    Event Type: Civil Unrest

    2nd Dice roll: 2

    Event Specification: Food Riot

    3rd Dice roll: 1

    Orders: Find the culprit.​

    Then the story will begin from there and so forth. Once this event is finished, then there will be a return to the barracks. And then when everyone is ready, a new set of dice rolls.

    You can spend entire events without firing your laser blaster even once. Or it could be a string of rebellions, attacks, and so forth. Characters will play important rolls.

    You will be able to kill regular npc's without dice rolls. Bosses will have rolls. Also event effects will have rolls:

    Is the riot successful? Maybe you all will be trapped in an elevator with an angry mob outside with no reinforcements. Perhaps the other squads are doing exceptionally well. Maybe a shoot out has started.

    Your characters when acting against more than 1 opponent (crowds generally) will also have rolls: Trying to calm down a crowd by talking/compromise. Maybe it will work. Maybe they will have rebel sympathizers among them that will cause your attempts to fail and so forth.

    Remember you are a team, lone wolfing unless ordered will get you killed/maimed/end in mission failure for you. The wolf catches the sheep that leaves the flock.
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    Certain Restrictions shall be in place of what you can and cannot do without rolls:
    -You will be able to kill regular npc's without dice rolls. Bosses will have rolls. Also event effects will have rolls:

    -Is the riot successful? Maybe you all will be trapped in an elevator with an angry mob outside with no reinforcements. Perhaps the other squads are doing exceptionally well. Maybe a shoot out has started.

    -Your characters when acting against more than 1 opponent (crowds generally) will also have rolls: Trying to calm down a crowd by talking/compromise. Maybe it will work. Maybe they will have rebel sympathizers among them that will cause your attempts to fail and so forth.

    -Remember you are a team, lone wolfing unless ordered will get you killed/maimed/end in mission failure for you. The wolf catches the sheep that leaves the flock.
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    Name: Johann Legrand
    Age: 24
    He was born into a poor family, where food was always hard to come by. He had to fight with his other siblings just to keep his share. This lead him to run away from home, but someone would always bring him back. This continued for a long time, he would be hungry, he would go out to find food, then someone would bring him back. When he was about twelve, his mother left and his father could not take care of children. Though, his mother was barely doing anything herself, she was just someone he was was returned to when he ran away. His father could care less, and when he was returned, it was as if he never left. His family was not the only battle he was fighting, he also had to deal with the outside world. Kids would always fight each other, and he was in most of the fights that happened. Most fights were over food or some stolen item. He never had any friends, friends were a luxury his area could not afford. You either fought for your life, or you were trampled on. The years went by, and his hate for how his life was grew and grew. He wanted out of there, he wanted to be able to say he had been successful in life. He didn't want to have to worry about his next meal or weather he was going to be killed over a broken robotic part. He was never in trouble with the law, most people knew what the imperial forces would do you if you were caught breaking the law. He knew that they would have no trouble disposing of him, no one would care.
    Reason for joining: Wanted a better life
    Area of Specialization: Security
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    Hello everyone
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    I will apply soon.
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    Form for Application

    Birthname: Jing Pei
    Age: 26

    Jing Pei was born on a Scrappers planet and worked alongside the collective of his family. The planet was invited into the Emperors servitude as a Ship Manufactorum and was taken under the wing of the Galatic Empire and into the Emperors perpetual services, because of this help from the Emperor to the planet an ideological debt was formed that pushed most inhabitants of the planet to fight as a loyalist movement at the side of the Galatic Empire, this was known as the "Nợ nần lý tưởng" or "Ideological Debt" by the people of the planet.

    By the time he was born, the Rebellion had sprung from a niche movement and became a logical and legitimate ideologic faction to follow.
    Thrust forward by his family to help repay the debt that had come alongside the immense wealth provided by the Galatic Empire, Jing Pei sought to become a servant of the Galatic Empire to help spend his life in dedication to the Emperor to help pay the world's debt.

    Reasons for Joining: Through ideological debt.
    Area of Specialisation: Mechanics and handling/Generic infantry-level fitness.
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    that boy is 10K/Tom for ZNation
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    [The Imperial Oversight Team aboard the Debaunte, is little more than an a single room many simply define as boring. The metal seats, provide no comfort. The metal tables, provide no comfort. The bleak holocrons that look like they are about to turn off at any moment, are perhaps the only thing that one can describe as mildly interesting. The room is half heatedly packed by a group of three Imperial officers.]

    Tav'o 'Dusk' Bunke

    "Yeah? Well your mother gargled balls for a living Duke." Jack's eyes widened, while Duke stood in shock. Jack spoke up. "Oh. You went too far. Worse then when you threw his clothes down the trash dispenser." Tav'o turned to look at the Holocron attempting to ignore the two of them.

    WFNQS31l (1).jpg

    Just another day in the oversight office, he thought.

    As he was about to continue his day, the drone came floating in. Tav'o groaned, per usual, glaring at Duke who seemed hurt enough to call in an investigative drone (For the 10th time this month, really). Tav'o got up and followed the robot while Jack remained silent. She was the new recruit, and only served as a slight distraction from Duke's impressive stupidity.

    [Moving over to a private room, the drone beeped out some sequence of sounds, the drone has the numbers T3211 on it's side. Written in white, a contrast to the black plating all around it.]

    "Look. Let's get this over with. Standard stuff. 11, Duke tried to insult me, I fried him." The robot beeped, matter of factly. "I know that's what I always say but it's always what happens." The drone beeped a single time. "Look I didn't mean to, but Duke was asking for it. Plus. Today has been boring, even more so then normal. Can you believe that?" The drone whistled, and then beeped. Both impressed and agreeing (This is the one thing the two of them agreed on, that Oversight was extremely boring).

    "Nothing happens in Oversight, you know this. Like we are the last to find out about anything that's happened. You might as well call us the janitors of crime so to say." The drone beeped a reprimanding line of sequences. "Yeah. Well, you tell Captain Jules that and I'll rip your robotic limbs bit by bit." The robot chirped, excited and worried all at once. "Look, just delete it from the records and I'll put in a word for you over at maintenance." The robot gave an excited whistle. "Yeah. It's a good deal. Now, delete it." One final beep, notifying him that 11 had deleted it. "Good. I'll go get you the scrubbing you need." The drone beeped a series of lines. "Oh? A battery overhaul. Your getting rather demanding...Maybe I'll put in a word that you need a wipe..." The drone blared with beeps and boops. "Kidding." He mouthed before heading towards maintenance, with the drone in tow. 11 was the only friend he had aboard this god-forsaken ship.

    Reaching down towards his pocket, he pulled up a small device, a mirror. He had a sharp face, with round glasses, and black hair. His body was just fit enough to pass the routine physicals but not much more. "Just another day, in his majesties service. Saving the galaxy from chaos." The drone beeped, mocking him. "It's good pay, but for what?" The drone, laughed. "Nothing. Right." Walking forward, he ducked through to a side passage of the Imperial frigate 'Debaunte' as it made it's way across space. Nothing new, nothing fun really. The Empire commanded overwhelming might. The rebellion on Yavin IV had been crushed, the Death-star had cleared it with a single strike. Any other rebellious fleet was seen through with the Empire taking brutal tactics. Ones that he had only heard of....

    Making his way over he spoke. "I wasn't always like this, but coop an enthusiastic young officer with a mindless moron for 8 months, and you get me." The drone beeped a tune that mimicked his voice and sentences. He had said the same thing a thousand times, 11 was saying. He waved towards the girls at the Intelligence department. They acted like they hadn't seen a thing. Tav'o sighed. They had pretty high standards. Be a scout or go home. 11, beeped a long 'OOOOOH.' Tav'o pushed the drone, "Shut it. Always worth a try."

    Taking a turn through the long, and only corridor on the ship he came to the hanger bay. Which also acted as the main maintenance area. As he approached Roach, the mechanic that he gave smokes to, which bought him favors around here he could put in requests for stupid stuff like this. "Hey, Roach! My favorite gal aboard the Debaunte!" Roach looked up at him, and she laughed. "You wanna have fun Dusk? If so I'm always ready." Looking her up and down, formalities, Dusk shook his head. "I'd rather try out the girls in the command bridge first." She laughed. "What do you want Dusk?" Tav'o lazily pointed at 11. "A good scrubbing, and a battery overhaul." Roach squinted at the robot. "A batter overhaul? On 11? 11's garbage...I think last time around they forgot to decommission the flying junk." 11 beeped a horrified sequence. "She's just screwing with you 11." Dusk reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack. Roach eyed the packet, enviously. "From Coruscant?" Tav'o spoke up. "Only the finest for you." He tossed it at her awaiting hands. She smiled. "This isn't gonna cut it this time."

    Tav'o scowled. "I'll pass along another tomorrow?" She stared at him, their eyes deadlocked. "You'll bring me, four more tomorrow." Tav'o looked at her in horror. "Your killing me." She stared him down. "I'm gonna end up losing a very expensive battery from the inventory in a few moments. You tell me, who will end up killing who if this is found out." Tav'o shook his head.
    "At least let me bring two this we-"

    His voice was cut off, as someone screamed from the entrance to the hanger "CAPTAIN ON DECK!" In an instant the entire hanger crew stood ready with a salute, Tav'o included. The Captain stood at the door to the hanger, her eyes scanned the entirety of the group, before settling on Tav'o.

    "At ease, Tav'o. With me. Now." Roach chuckled. "What ever I was gonna say to you, she is gonna do worse. Bring me two tomorrow. The others next week." Tav'o put on the must menacing grin possible, then moved over to the Captain. "Captain, you wanted to see me?"

    She didn't reply for a long moment. Tav'o opened his mouth to reply, she shut him off with a motion of her hand. "Lieutenant Tav'o. I've got good news. Walk with me." As he matched the Captain's speed, and once they finally were in the hallway, in a low voice he spoke. "What is it Captain Jules?" She looked at him with a smile. "You can drop the formalities Tav'o." Stopping, she looked straight into his eyes. "Well, J, what possibly had you walk all the way down from the Bridge?" She laughed. "Well, you've caught someone's eye. Your being promoted to Captain." She had a full on mischievous grin. Tav'o looked left, then right, confirming that the coast was clear. He punched her in the arm, gently. "Ow! Hey. I'm serious." Tav'o looked at her, and then spoke. "Look, I've gotta find four boxes of smokes before next week. If your shitting me, I'll be in serious trouble." She laughed. "No, your going to the planet of Kras'Dur an old Separatist Stronghold on the Outer Rim. It'll be fun for you. Here is your very own Unit 793, Hawkshaws. They are all a fresh batch!" Tav'o looked down at the Unit, then back up at her. "I take back everything I've said about the Oversight assignment. I'll even apologize to Duke. I'll never throw his clothes down into the trash compactor."

    Captain Jules frowned. "What?!"
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    I am confused. Are we roleplaying in this thread, or, is this just for applications?
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    Just an intro. I'm going to begin preparations for the map.
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    Oh, okay, I didn't know if I needed to respond or not.
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    Nah I'll start it up by this Friday. ;)
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    ---Name of your Character:
    Rak Zlar

    ---Age of your character:


    ---Bio of your character:

    He worked in a machine shop on some nameless backwater planet that nothing exciting ever happened on. His father was a mechanic, his grandfather was a mechanic, and his great grandfather was a mechanic, so it was only natural that he was a mechanic too. He didn't mind since he was good at it, but as he passed his teens he started to want more out of life and learned how to pilot various land vehicles, and eventually he started taking whatever he worked on out for test runs both for something else to do and to make sure the work was done right. He still wasn't satisfied but without enough money to book passage he was stuck until an Imperial delegation showed up for an "efficiency evaluation". They were impressed with his work and offered to take him with them and drop him off at the nearest recruiting station if he wanted to do something bigger than what he was currently doing, he didn't have to think twice and went along.

    ---Reason for joining

    Wanted something more out of life

    ---Area of Specialization
    Mechanic/Land vehicle piloting
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    Rest in Peace thread?
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    Not yet, constructing map.

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