Ask Erik and Brant: Oh, Shoot. 8/12/2013

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 12, 2013.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

  2. jwarner

    jwarner Starting Off

    Well, this kinda falls under survival (in the game) why are my fuel and med outposts not working? They worked fine before TU3.

    Gun related: What are the chances of a Marine DMR style M14 being added in the future?

    Edit: I'm not going to be able to catch this stream. Could someone possibly let me know if my questions are answered?
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  3. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

    Any plans on any weapon DLC at all that may be packed into Sandbox Mode?
  4. Zarvar

    Zarvar Starting Off

    I think Brant said there would be a few more guns added.
  5. i know memory is a big issuse but will there be a way to add sights like holographic and such?

    AcidPANTALONES Starting Off

    1 Question for Erik and one for Brant. What was Erik's MOS in the Marine Corp, and for Brant, is weapon customization a possibility in the future, or are we going to just have more variants of the same firearms?
  7. 15-20 new weapons (don't remember if it was guns & melee weapons or just guns, but I remember there would be melee weapons added as well)

    I really just want to know if Brant has started on the honey badger... or if there would be any other integrally suppressed guns...
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  8. Ever see that slingshot guy on youtube? He made a sling shot that fires machetes! THAT would be bad ass to see in the game, I can picture zed falling to the ground with a machete sticking out of an eye socket now *wistful sigh*
  9. JustinRuin

    JustinRuin Starting Off

    This has already been asked, but I figure, the more it is asked, the better chance it has to be answered. So...

    Will we be able to customize our guns in the future to any extent? I know we have the AK Custom (which I love), but there are some guns I would love to put optics, broomsticks and even PEQ-15/16s on, even if only for looks.
  10. krymzen

    krymzen Starting Off

    I was just wondering, why are there so many damn guns? ;-)
  11. King of AR

    King of AR Got Your Back

    to Brant :any chance of that Israeli bullpup getting added ? I think it's the M-tar 21 or some such.
    to Survival dude Erik:Have you got to use an ACR in field conditions and if so how good was it ?
    also this is just overall but can we get bandages in game? Maybe for small health restores, so I don't have to call doc for every little injury.
  12. Bite your tongue krymzen! Dont look a gift horse in the mouth! I just wish the shooting mechanics where a bit better. Still I have tried to use guns more since TU3. I even stumbled upon a nice rifle for Maya an Assault Rifle
    MRK16 MOD 0 with 7.62 ammo, pre silenced and has a scope installed. I only shoot it on semi auto and its still a hassle. My Maya has rifles as her tagged skill and even with the cursor right over a zeds head she misses more often than she hits. But she is shooting level 7 now just from using that gun.
  13. Julia_Faye

    Julia_Faye Famous

    I had to quote you because I feel the same way, whether or not you meant it. I never use guns and I personally don't care what new ones are being added since I wouldn't know what was new and what was old anyway. That said I know alot of people are excited about this and i'm wholeheartedly happy for those people. :)

    On point I guess I could ask if laser sights are a possibilty since those are kind of cool and would help aiming because the over-the-shoulder shooting is kind of wonky.
  14. krymzen

    krymzen Starting Off

    I would love to see some new melee Weapons. The guns, though a nice addition, don't feel like they fit the game play

    So are you adding melee Weapons? If so any swords
  15. JustinRuin

    JustinRuin Starting Off

    How can you not care for guns? Ever shoot one in real life?
  16. I see the point you two have, my stash has 2 different versions of the 1911a1 and there is no difference in stats between them. Still its kind of nice to see a wide variety of firearms, one would expect the same given a real life scenario, especially in the boonies with farm land and hunting grounds like we get in the Trumbull Valley
  17. krymzen

    krymzen Starting Off

    Personally to many games have them. So it feels... Ummm repetitive
  18. JustinRuin

    JustinRuin Starting Off

    Most games require you to kill something. ;)
  19. krymzen

    krymzen Starting Off

    And that's why I do it with me kickass crowbar! :p
  20. Julia_Faye

    Julia_Faye Famous

    I was refering to the game, I find the guns a useless waste of ammo so I just leave them for npc's to use for the watchtower. But no I haven't fired a gun before. I was pretty good at archery when I was in school but that's the extent of my shooting abilities. =/
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