Ask Erik and Brant: Oh, Shoot. 8/12/2013

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 12, 2013.

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    During the stream I watched it earlier and he said that he forgot the list of questions but remembered some haha but I like some of those questions that everyone is asking
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    Yes they answered my why are there so many damn guns question. Lol
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  5. Hey welcome to the Forums Erik, and enjoyed hearing your insight on survival. Liked your acronym for CHAOS. Never heard that before. Was that something you thought yourself or from being former Marine. I am former Army and have never came across that one. But I can definitely see that acronym having LOTS of relevance in the Military.
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    Thank You, "Covert Zed." I appreciate the feedback. Yes, CHAOS was a Marine thing from waaaay back in my day. We had a real kick ass Commandant back then; General Gray. He spent more time in the field than any other Commandant ever. And he was known for shaking things up. And that acronym came from Headquarters Marine Corps as all the Colonels, Lt, Colonels and Majors would frequently get their butts handed to them as soon as the Commandant came home. And they would say with a sigh, "Commandant Has Another OUTSTANDING Suggestion"... and thus CHAOS was born.

    It's also a reminder that Hubris can hit any and all of us when we least expect it.

    "Saru mo ki kara ochiru"

    Which means: Even monkeys fall from trees.
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