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  1. where will we spawn in sandbox mode? or is sandbox after you complete the story?
  2. MstrJedi Kyle

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    When you take an AI character with you will their skills (cardio, fighting, etc etc) improve while they are battling the zombie hordes at your side?

    If you take an AI character with you, will their skill levels and specializations come into play during zombie entanglements?

    Will Sandbox mode have a separate save from the story or will it override your current save?
  3. Are we looking at just one DLC for now or is there something else in the pipeline?
  4. MstrJedi Kyle

    MstrJedi Kyle Here To Help

    He won't be answering questions about future plans.
  5. Is it possible to add more to the map? Is there a possibility of the city at the end of the game being incorporated into SoD?
  6. jeremy1012

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    I have no idea if this question has been asked but I really feel like it should be implemented.
    Is there going to be new home bases to settle down in?
  7. Roids

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    What language(s) were used in making SoD? (I can guess 1 or 2, but still :] )

    Which language(s) are the most popular/best to learn?

    What language(s) talk to hardware? The controller for example maybe?

    MAIN QUESTION: As all who played SoD know, sound is a huge factor in the game. Echo seems to be implemented as well. So how is sound treated? Is sound an object that is influenced by variables? Or is sound itself only a variable influenced by the different objects in the world that produce sound? If/Then-type logic applied to how the game decides how big the sounds circle gets?

    (Simply asked, and can be simply answered..unless you'd rather give the in depth/technical answer! :D)

    P.S. I can post lots and lots of Q's, but for the sake of time I just chose sound. I can figure out generally how some of the other things work, not so much for sound, per say. xD Code = Fun.
  8. I want to shoot while crouching with DLC. Can I ?
    I want crossbow
    Kill from behind with Y and LB shouldn't make any noise.
  9. therhino

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    How many voice actors were employed to make the game? Were they specifically hired for that, or are we hearing actual UL staff?
  10. Dantron

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    Dantron would also like to know the answer to this query...mainly because that human owes Dantron $5. ;)
  11. I am also curious as to why CryEngine was used, and not Unity3D for instance, given that CryEngine is bloody expensive.
    I also read that CryEngine encrypts a lot of its meshes/levels/... packages, which might make it harder for modding when the game comes out on PC?

    What I would also like to know is how you look at the development of Class4, given the knowledge you now have in regards to Class3,
    towards the time required to go to market with the concept of Class4. I don't want any timeframe or anything, just like to know whether
    you are looking at yet another 4 or more years or that this can be considerably faster since you have learned alot from Class3?
  12. MstrJedi Kyle

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    This is a good question!
  13. The number of surviors for population cap.
  14. Leona Buttz

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    How much time until the team stops updating/putting out DLC for the game?
  15. Undead Sanya

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    Okay, everything here is in a document. I can't promise he'll get to them all. The time goes by quickly and we do need to answer live questions as well. I sorted the questions and put the technical ones at the top, and put asterisks by the ones that were asked several times :)
  16. Coyote

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    Yay! I'll have to watch the livestream if it makes it to youtube tonight. Because, you know, security guards gotta be securing during that time :D
  17. Things I'd like to see added.
    1.There are a lot of ladders to rooftops. but never anything on them. since zeds don't climb there should be some folks trying to survive up there or at least some supplies.
    2. We need more random encounters with survivors. the lumber field for example has nothing going on there or the lake area. campsites are another example. if you cruise thru there maybe you stumble onto a survivor fighting for his life. a lot of area's have nothing going on there.
    3.There's not enough space at the fairgrounds to have a library .Garden ,Storage. Had I known I couldn't have some things there I would have stayed at the warehouse. Either allow me to add more stuff at the locations or force me to have to move to a bigger place to have the areas I need.
    4. I would rather drive across the map to save someone as opposed to being across the map and have to run all the way back to the area my camp is in. It makes more sense if I've cleared out the town by the fairgrounds for people to go into marshall and do their thing.
    5. Throw in some humans as bandits. the wilkersons for example. could be a group of bad survivors. I'm searching a house suddenly some bandits drive up looking for supplies and we have an encounter. could be another way to lose some of your survivors. The living are still as dangerous as zeds.

    I love the game and look forward to any updates or DLC. cant help but wonder if UL had waited and put this on a disk if they could have put everything in they wanted to begin with. minus muti-player of course. Even the first gta's were more stable. keep up the good work.
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  18. King of AR

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    thank you, I don't have a Facebook account so I can't send them questions during the stream.
  19. I want to ask a few question's as well. But refuse to open an account for something I don't want to use. Fix this Sanya. We want our voices heard.
  20. Do you vault fences?

    Weapon of choice; cricket bat?

    Is your local 'The Winchester?'
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