Ask Shaun (Questions for the stream on 7/23)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 22, 2013.

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  1. Phacops

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    Okay, I've placed all of the Undead Labs staff in a document. I can't promise we can individually thank them all. I sorted them by awesomeness and put the technical ones at the top, and put asterisks next to the ones that were awesome several times :)
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  2. Live stream was awesome again. @Sanya, will we see some "meeting notes" from the stream?
  3. what time is this at PST, please let me know thank you
  4. SilencedScream

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    I most likely won't be able to watch it, due to work - any chance at getting a quick look/recap later on? It'd be much appreciated.
  5. MstrJedi Kyle

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    The videos tend to pop up on YouTube after a day or two I think.
  6. Has this live stream come and gone? Are there any links to a recorded version of the stream?
  7. Franz von Humboldt

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  8. Thank you very much.

    Yay, my questions got answered. Much appreciated.

    While they might not have been the answers I would have liked. I can certainly see where they are coming from, and the technical hurdles they would have to jump through.

    Guess there won't be any new home locations in future.
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  9. Phacops

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    Seems like, based on his answer, you could actually make it work if there were a few set layouts since the pathing could be set up for those layouts and thus add feasibility.

    I know it wasn't easy to ask considering all the data but that's why I provided the extra data to narrow down what was meant by it.

    Not to say that the answer didn't have to be extremely concise considering the time :)
  10. e5futter

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  11. Leeds93

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    In Sandbox mode will you spawn straight away as Marcus or a random character ? I'm hoping its as a completely randomised character
  12. Abhor Deities

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    Pretty sure it is a random character. Then when you unlock the "Heroes" then you can choose to spawn as them at the start of a new Sandbox game.
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