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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by segue77, Jun 9, 2017.

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  1. segue77

    segue77 Got Your Back

    Is it possible to make Snyder/Fairgrounds an option for one of the three places to make you first home base on new levels of BD? Even if I could switch out The Church for Snyder as an option would be cool. I know I would have to switch the amount of people and resources needed to move there in the homesitelimits xml but not sure where the home base starting options are located. Also having the blip appear on the correct spot on the map for Snyder/Fairgrounds also may be an issue?
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  2. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Because you would be joining an existing enclave, the home site limits would not need to be changed.

    In enclaves.xml
    Look for <Enclave EnclaveId="Sandbox_StarterEnclave" Flags="">
    Under that, adjust the alts in <State Alertness="Relax" Id="LocateHomeSite">
    You will need to add the ranger station, rodeo, and warehouse if you want them as options. Do that by copying and adjusting one of the existing ALT Ids.
    See the following eight Joinable states (such as <State Alertness="Occupy" Id="Joinable_DanielFarm">) for the other available sites.

    However, there are some problems you will encounter.
    The ranger station has no nearby resources, and extremely limited build options.
    The rodeo and warehouse will leave you severely understaffed. Prepare to have Lily tell you that you need more people over and over again.

    Also, if you start in the largest bases, you basically are bypassing all of the goals of the level... the need to find more people, to collect resources so you can move, and to make decisions about what to build. You will be making it extremely easy, and with no needs to meet, somewhat boring. Essentially, it will be just to wait it out until you go to the RV.
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  3. segue77

    segue77 Got Your Back

    Thank you. They way I play I make it very hard from the beginning BD level 1 is filled with zombies and special zombies. I like to stay on the map long as possible before going to a new level looting everything I can. It takes weeks of real time to get to BD level 2 in this fashion. Fighting to get an outpost and missions are near impossible and on par with cleo drop. Even if you bring people to help. I limit the search findings, vehicles and made more wants and build times longer and lots more...a big base and many people from the start are really needed for this style of play so I start with lots of people by modding the rtsevents to start with more. As far as making decisions on what to build this style of play also requires you to have the option to build everything you can. Trust me it is still very difficult. I have yet to make it past BD level 2 with how i have it modded. Thank you so much this is going to help a lot because I move to a home base and always move right away to Snyder. If I don't resources are wasted and the way I have it set up is asking for a nightmare you can't wake up from.
  4. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Ok, as long as you realize it... a lot of people make changes without necessarily thinking about the consequences of what they change, and end up making it too easy, less fun, and ultimately, stop playing faster. But since you have thought about it and know what you are getting into, have fun.

    One other thing I forgot, probably obvious but to make sure, once you make the new alts, you have to add them to the list in the main LocateHomeSite.
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  5. segue77

    segue77 Got Your Back

    Ok that worked and it was done so easily with your information. I simply went to enclaves xml, Find and Replace option, Church with Warehouse. Presto! TY!
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  6. segue77

    segue77 Got Your Back

    Oh yes I have been working on this modded game for a long time. Basically it is like putting yourself in hell from the get go but in order to to do that and make it playable, enjoyable and not easy is to make some things easy..if that makes sense lol. The only thing I haven't messed with is fate cards and such as you did. I did make extra spots available from all your advice on parking lot spaces and pathing issues and it works well with Phacops B&B mod too. I have a panic attack when someone is sick or hurt esp. when my doctor just got ripped in half by a Jug and his twin brother and we have zero medicine.
  7. segue77

    segue77 Got Your Back

    Another example of this is starting with more would think "o yeah easier pfft" you need more to make it through the zombies to even get to a car or a base. Rolling around away from ferals eats up a lot stamina. Without them chances of death are very high. ;)
  8. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Best part of modding... making a game play the way you want it to.
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  9. FreedomFighter

    FreedomFighter Here To Help

    Eh, if you are having fun doing that, nobody going to judge. Not like you are competing with anyone for world record.
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  10. im trying to enable ranger station in breakdown when i change the church alt id to rangerstation and overwrite the pak file into the folder it belongs i start up the game and it crashes. Could you elaborate on what exact things need to be changed in the enclaves file to ranger station and how to properly overwrite the breakdownc.pak?
  11. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Don't overwrite any pak files.

    Go back and do a file verification to put them back as they are supposed to be.

    Once extracted, edit the xml, then convert to bmd.

    The XML file you will be looking for is in (wherever you unpacked them) \Game\sandbox\game\libs\class3.1\rts

    Find enclaves.xml
    Search for <Enclave EnclaveId="Sandbox_StarterEnclave" Flags="">
    Then under that, find <State Alertness="Relax" Id="LocateHomeSite">

    Just above the <Alt AltId="Alamo" AltOdds="20" />
    add the line <Alt AltId="RangerStation" AltOdds="20" />
    The 20 is roughly the percentage chance that one will start there. Adjust as wanted up to 100.

    Copy the entire section from <Action ActionFlags="Alt" ActionId="Alamo" ActionType="" ExecuteTimeStandard="0.0" OutputDelayTime="0.0" PauseWhenOffline=""> to the next </Action>

    Paste that above the <Action ActionFlags="Alt" ActionId="Alamo" ActionType="" ExecuteTimeStandard="0.0" OutputDelayTime="0.0" PauseWhenOffline="">
    and then change the ActionId="Alamo" to ActionId="RangerStation"

    Save the xml and convert using xml2bmd.

    After converting, the bmd files for this go in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\State of Decay YOSE\Game\libs\class3.1\rts directory.
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  12. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Also, one other change to make that I forgot to mention:

    In that AltId="RangerStation", find the line <ChangeState ActorIndex="" Silent="false" State="Joinable_Alamo" /> and change that to Joinable_RangerStation
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  13. mystyk

    mystyk Famous

    In the Action section where you copy and paste that entire block, do you also need to change all instances of the word "Alamo" with "RangerStation"? Or it doesn't matter?
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  14. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    You are right, I did miss another one.

    There is one additional change. Although it is also in the "Joinable_RangerStation", you should change the line
    <HomeSite ActorName="Home_Alamo" HideWarnings="" Optional="" Type="" />


    <HomeSite ActorName="Home_RangerStation" HideWarnings="" Optional="" Type="" />

    All the others don't make any difference as they are addressed in the "Joinable_RangerStation".

    You can also set up the other two sites in the same way.
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