Big Wonkin' Community Summit Thread

Discussion in 'News From the Lab' started by Undead Nicole, Aug 26, 2015.

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  1. XzerothreeX

    XzerothreeX Famous

    You poor soul. Cleanse yourself on a diet of steak and bacon. You'll soon lose your taste for the vile vegetation.
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  2. Dutchdynomite

    Dutchdynomite Here To Help

    Wow, [fluffy bunny] much? Who picks up a dictionary anymore anyway? With all the dumb words we add to the dictionary every year, that book would take up a room. And I feel it has everything to do with being American, because while not the only ones, we are notorious for butchering the English language. It's not meant as an insult, it's just fact. While I go pick up a dictionary, why don't you type brussel sprouts in a search engine and see how many results come back that reads brussel as opposed to brussels. So I will continue to say brussel sprouts, because it rolls off the tongue easier than trying to enunciate a word that ends in and S and a word that begins in an S, without sounding like I'm attempting an imitation of a snake.

    I love steak and bacon. I also love fish, and vegetables, and most everything that is put in front of me. I still am not a fan of olives, no matter how much I eat them to try and develop a taste for them. Oh, well.
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  3. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy Famous

    That would be why I suggested a Dictionary instead of googling it. Take it anyway you like, I was simply suggesting what would show the proper spelling.
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  4. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    While the Ambassadors were at the Lab, they did Voice Over recordings of the game. Today, Kevin sent the videos out with each voice to their respective owner. I want to get a head count of who got theirs. Also, let me know if you put it up on YouTube. We'll tweet that stuff.

    Personally, I listened to them and they were so good and they just reminded me of what an incredible pleasure it was to meet you all.
  5. Undead Lori

    Undead Lori Moderator

    I would love to see that stuff on Youtube!
  6. Got mine and I am a bit sad thaf I dont sound better but it was still cool!

    I'll pop it into youtube when I get the chance
  7. Dutchdynomite

    Dutchdynomite Here To Help

    I want a recording of my voice. "Cool, right? I mean it doesn't suck." Still my favorite line. Still use it on my phone. I get strange looks when it goes off in public. So worth it.
  8. Orcus187

    Orcus187 Got Your Back

    OMG!!!! so excited that i got mine. I will be posting here very soon. It is taking forever to get it to post to youtube. You guys will love it :)
  9. Orcus187

    Orcus187 Got Your Back

    Here is the 1st video of our VO work. Kevin thanks sooo much for this, you sir are absolutely awesome in what you do :)

  10. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    +1, and nice job, man! :)

    I had the same reaction to my VO as Swiss, but no question what Kevin did was awesome. Since Orcus and Swiss are posting theirs, I'll see about posting mine tonight, and look forward to seeing any others' who'd like to. :)
  11. Orcus187

    Orcus187 Got Your Back

    i cant wait to see the others, i still cant stop laughing at how ridiculous i sound. It was sooo much fun listening to everyone do their recording and really hoping everyone does post theirs as well. It was soo funny and such a great time in that sound room with everyone while we did those recordings.
  12. Mine is uploading now!

    It's so weird hearing my voice...

  13. I definitely sound terrible...except when I'm dying. Why do I sound GREAT when I'm dying... LOL
  14. Orcus187

    Orcus187 Got Your Back

    lol aww cmom that was great swiss, i definitely enjoyed it :)
  15. Shannon

    Shannon Here To Help

    Got mine as well. Will try to put mine up sometime tonight or tomorrow. Definitely sounds strange. :)
  16. YojimBeau

    YojimBeau Famous

    That is so Kentucky. I love it! Awesome job!

    Too bad he didn't have time for you to do all of the dialogue. I'd definitely mod a Kentucky Marcus into my game.
  17. Orcus187

    Orcus187 Got Your Back

    lol Kentucky Marcus is the best Marcus, i think we need to make that happen :) Im ready for more VO whenever to make this happen
  18. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    @SwissArmyKnife: I'm with Orcus and Beau. What I like about yours and Orcus's VO is how natural you guys sound. That's what I liked about everyone's when I was listening in studio.
  19. Undead Lori

    Undead Lori Moderator

    Everyone did such a fantastic job, I am proud of you all! Now I am wishing I'd have done it, would be hilarious to hear my voice on man! :D
  20. Orcus187

    Orcus187 Got Your Back

    i think that is an excellent idea Lori, you should totally still do that the next time you make your way over there. I would love to hear your VO, lol.
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