Blood Plague & Black Fever

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DJB204, Sep 18, 2017.

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  1. Vladtheimpalerr

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    A random starting point would be awesome, but I wouldn't complain if it was the military base either. And that first map you best believe that if people have military grade weapons I will try and trade for them or if they won't I'll just have to take them lol
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  2. DJB204

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    I love that they added a military base in SoD2. Its over run and probably a high risk/high reward looting spot. I don’t know how I feel about starting off there though. Should we really start off with military grade weapons at our disposal? It feels like a hand out and not earned. Sure the base is getting overrun, but it won’t be long before we figure out the combat system and be able to stock up before the game actually gets going.

    My opinion but starting off at the military base feels like a hand out to me.
  3. xGbHx

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    It should save who are survivors were at the end if SOD and generate them into SOD2
  4. Vers

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    We might not start out with everything at our disposal. It could start with hordes attacking and really the only option is bug out and come back to fight another day. We'll just have to see.
  5. Psienist

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    In Lifeline we are introduced to the possible form of the zombie pathogen. A micro-organism that rebuilds the human form using some aspect of its form as a template. Special type zombies would be successful transformations and regular zombies less than successful transformations. Blood Plague zombies would just be another example of the pathogen redesigning the human form.

    If the narrative scope of the game extends beyond any one map, then it will be difficult for Lily to keep up with mission planning. Unless.....she teams with Cleo! Lileo? Clely?
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