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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jukka, Jan 16, 2018.

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  1. Jukka

    Jukka Got Your Back

    Consensus seems to be pair powerhouse characters with heavy weapons and reflex characters with blades.

    What about normal non-powerhouse, non-reflex characters? Does it not matter / all personal preference?

    I'm trying to decide how to specialize Sasquatch, who isn't powerhouse/reflex. Leaning towards blunt since there are so many good lightweight blunt weapons but don't want to do it if it'll put him at a disadvantage. Blunt specialization doesn't seem to get much love in general.
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  2. It simply depends on your preference and play style.

    I think edged weapons are better overall, because it can fluidly cut through a horde.

    Heavy weapons are to slow for me, so I tend not to use them.
  3. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    I prefer 'Bladed' attacks
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  4. Sailorwolf

    Sailorwolf Famous

    I agree with @Bob Crees and @ThatChristmaskid Edged weapons are what I use and a edged/powerhouse is a zed killing machine :D I do use blunt as training weapons to get people to level 4 fighting but that's only because really good edged weapons can be hard to find.
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  5. manOyore

    manOyore Starting Off

    I use blunt weapons often with characters who aren't nimble or powerhouse. You can uppercut a few zeds in quick succession which knocks them off their feet and then finish them off. You can also uppercut a Feral which can be a lifesaver. The backhand move is pretty good as well but I don't think it works on Ferals. Focus aim is something else I use a lot with these kinds of characters.

    I agree, my powerhouse ninja with edged weapons is a zed shredding machine. A powerhouse with heavy weapons and the spin attack is devastating as well but it takes a little practice to get used to the slow recovery after a swing, especially if you miss.

    As was said before, in the end, it all depends on what you like.
  6. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    I must look at this 'Upper Cut' move. I don't think I have ever used it to be honest.
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  7. BoRoBomB

    BoRoBomB Here To Help

    I don't like the special moves for edges weapons. Decapitate works well but has a slow build up and sometimes that makes it hard to hit a moving target. And the low slice doesn't kill the zed only immobilizes it. Not really a big deal except when you are trying to pad you kill count and your followers keep stealing your kills :mad:
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  8. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    Low slice does kill the zed just takes a few seconds

    Uppercut works well and is fun. Blunt weapons are plentiful so I use them a lot

    Heavy weapons while slower can hit multiple zeds nicely and the spin attack is awesome
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  9. Sailorwolf

    Sailorwolf Famous

    Low slice is good for making friends. Just low slice some zed then cheer as the npc finishes them off. :D Dropkick is another good one too.
  10. FreedomFighter

    FreedomFighter Here To Help

    Blunt - uppercut is spammable. It fast. It can hit multiple zeds, and doesn't use that much stamina.

    Edge - Their special moves are all underwhelming, but the edge weapon itself kill thing faster than any other weapons once it leveled.

    Heavy - When you don't want to see that hoard parading around anymore. Spin move is funny if you eat snack before use it.
  11. Kid Kayole

    Kid Kayole Here To Help

    I use blunts quite a lot, the uppercut is awesome. Uppercut, execute, uppercut, execute - rinse and repeat!
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  12. Jukka

    Jukka Got Your Back

    Update: I have the Eldridge Bros in my BD team, spec'ed both in blunt and loving it. Zed crowds are mesmerized by watching their fellow zeds getting the blunt beat down, and practically wait their turn. Compared to fighting with blades and heavy weapons, crowds really do seem to give you a bit more space when you're engaged with a blunt. Aside from a couple stray scratches and an occasionally bite, you can easily handle large crowds with a few combat rolls and uppercuts thrown in for good measure. Factor in that wrenches are only 1lb with max durability, you get serious bang for your buck. My take is that blunts get overlooked since they aren't as sexy as the other weapons classes, but IMO are easily as good as blades/heavy.
  13. Takuro_Spirit

    Takuro_Spirit Here To Help

    I've fallen out of love with blunt at higher Breakdown levels. Also, never never ever set up someone with decapitate. By the time your character prepares for it, you'll get bitten. I gave it to Sassy's brother many moons ago and regret it to the point that I will not shed a tear if he dies :p

    But like others have said, they all depend on your play style.

    I prefer edged, and low slice to chop the legs off the zeds.... it goes against the whole "A Bullet To The Head Is The Only Cure" thing, but its nice to put down a bunch of zeds in your area and watch them wiggle and die. It's just a shame good edged weapons are so rare to find.
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  14. Jukka

    Jukka Got Your Back

    Have to say the SoD developers did a great job with balance, while there are a few dud specs (e.g. decapitate for blades or double kill for powerhouse) the good specs are well-balanced and selecting them does just come down to play style. That being said, I think blades get the most attention on the forums. As for good edged weapons, I'm only on my first playthrough of BD, but I've had no problems finding many top edged weapons. Maybe I've just been lucky though...
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  15. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Yes there are a lot of good Edged weapons about to start with.
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  16. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    While double kill might not be "good" it is badass and fun, so that's something :D Nothing like wading into a horde and cracking skulls together multiple times. Pure awesomeness :) My only frustration with it is that it is glitchy as heck to get it to work. I would prefer that if two zeds are in proper range you push a button and it works, not the way it does now where the button push puts you in a defensive posture and THEN if the zeds happen to wander into proper range it triggers. So many times the zeds wander just a bit off and it doesn't work and then they both are chewing on my face.
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  17. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    I am going to get out of my 'Comfort Zone' and start using some of these special moves more often. But in the 'Panic' I forget and revert to what I am used to lol.
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  18. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

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  19. Dynamite

    Dynamite Here To Help

    I gave blunt weapons specialty to my two support characters Ray and the Doc. I don't use them much so it works out.
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  20. Jukka

    Jukka Got Your Back

    @Bob Crees I'm on discord, but didn't even know about that forum you posted, thanks, is that fan created and maintained?

    Call me crazy but blunt is now my favorite class, followed by heavy then edged. Big catch to highlight: none of my BD crew has reflex/nimble, so perhaps blades may still rule on those characters, but on powerhouse, non-powerhouse/non-reflex, blunt works best, for me at least. Combined with mastering when to use combat roll and upper cut, I feel safe with a maxed out blunt survivor with both hoards and ferals.

    That being said, the coolness factor of edged weapons takes the cake though. Wrenches/nail pullers/garden hoes are lame in comparison to swords and axes. I'm hoping that SoD2 brings us a little more creativity and improvisation to the blunt and heavy weapons classes.
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