Breakdown Heroes Guide [Complete]

Discussion in 'State of Decay Guides' started by Nengtaka, Feb 2, 2015.

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    It IS 10 hours total. You may sleep.:)
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  2. Terrafutan

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    Great guide, working my way through Breakdown now.

    Question from my side, is there a limit to the amount of people in a map that stops unlocked hero's from appearing.

    Currently in BD3, have 15 peeps camped out with 3 enclaves waiting for a decision. I have since unlocked 3 more heroes, but they haven't spawned anywhere.

    Busy doing the max research and max building achievements so will be at this level a while.

    Would be great for me to then jump over to 4 and have 3 heroes available right off the bat if I can keep everyone alive.
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  3. Geoff728

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    Thanks for posting this. Nice little resource.
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  4. Nengtaka

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    No problem! Happy that it's still helping people after all this time!
  5. Geoff728

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    This game is so unique and appeals to people in such a profound way, I could see this original game and it's DLC'S having it's own cult following. Your resource post may be appreciated decades away.
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