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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Nov 15, 2013.

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  1. If you have not pre ordered the Xbox one or PS4 by now you may need to wait until 2014 to actual buy one at a retail store, its sold out everywhere.
  2. YES YES YES. I have been waiting for news about this mostly for the price. I got 8 bucks in my steam account. I will def be buying on the release. Thank you so much this is really great news.
  3. Not sure I want it anymore, it's been so long...
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    Cheers Zmurf, yeah i imagine it will be in demand - I don't mind waiting so much, I don't get to play all that often these days & i have a bunch of 360 stuff still to get through. Am interested to hear how eveyone gets along with the new consoles though as I'll deffo be 'in' at some future point.
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    You can still buy Microsoft Point Cards (not sure if they still call them that) at the stores that used to sell them (Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target, etc.) and Redeem them.
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    Actually Microsoft has stated that they have a "enormous amount" of Xbox Ones being sent out to retail stores, not just for pre-orders, but for them to sell off the shelves.

    PS4 I heard that they did not make enough PS4s, so they will most likely be out of stock until at least January.
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    Magazines told me the same thing about the original Xbox on launch day. I beat those odds.
  8. I've invested a ton of money into the PSN, more like 100+ games of worth. I feel im am forced to buy PS4 when the time comes.
    I wish there was a third party online store for both Xbox and PS.
    Right now I'll settle for an awsome PC with xbox gamepad :D Nearly the same...right?
    Maby not, :D still I am excited that MS did not force this game into xbox only.
    On second hand, don't the rest of us run MS's Windows?

    Atleast we know MS won't settle for nothing, like some other publishers...refuse to say name...shhhh........Kalypso :D
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  9. you have my money.i hope your next project (state2) come to PS4 and Xone and have multiplayer.goooood wooork
  10. i wish they would make it so every time the map respawns the way the map is setup changes like the way the towns are setup having those get either bigger or smaller and having more options for your home base.
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    But I've answered this one so many times. Not easily possible in a fully fledged 3d game. Possible in voxel based games. Not in 3d games, at least not in the way this game is made and this size restriction.

    As to the home base options. What should they add? What is even possible from a balancing point of view?
  12. like the ability to gather up as many survivors as you can or make it so we can put more facilities in our home base
  13. and i mean like just move the buildings around they don't have to make it bigger just move the houses around and mix it up a little
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    The reason they can't change the layout is because the zombie AI pathing isn't adaptive, if you changed the dimensions of the building, the zombies would continue to move as if the building was the same. So you would see weird issues like zombies dropping through floors or phasing through walls, jumping through invisible windows, etc. Plus it's a lot of work even if that wasn't a problem. Undead Labs is a small team, they can't fix the way zombies path in a reasonable amount of time nor can they create a new system for randomising the maps or remodelling what's already there.

    This is only an arcade sized game at the end of the day and a lot of compromises where made during production that limited their ability to improve systems post-release. You should lower your expectations, it works here AND on dates.
  15. Vers

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    Lower them for now and appreciate it for what it is (still a kick ass and fun game!), and hope when they start the new game for the next gens they'll be able to do MUCH more.
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    Larger team, larger budget. A lot of the backend already done, take that with say a 2016 release and we should get a game that should easily be twice if not thrice as big. Well that is my hope.
  17. I think that randomized content has a chance of losing its charm, but there's is definitely some possiblity. I've noticed that there are several houses that look different but are pretty much the same once inside. It shouldn't be too hard to create more house "templates" as well as creating new maps that are randomly chosen each time you clear a level. You could release these new maps and layouts as DLC, even.

    Hell, you could even set it up like this: You start off in the countryside where houses are further apart but zombies are also not as numerous. As you fix the RV and "travel" you move closer and closer to the city, which makes sense since there should be more homes, more supplies but also more zombies. The city is therefore considered the most dangerous but also the most rewarding. All the levels after you've gotten into the city could just up the difficulty but not change the map (which probably should be pretty large considering it's a city) Here are even some pros and cons

    *Increased difficulty
    *"Freaks" will become more common
    *Tighter zombie concentration
    *Hordes will block off an entire street
    *Any loud noise will attract a lot of attetion because of the zombie concentration
    *Tight quarters means more danger, stealth to survive

    *More loot
    *Systematically raid apartment buildings
    *Zombies could be behind any door, and will alert more
    *Guns will have much higher risk/reward
    *Cars will be very dangerous to use, perhaps implement bikes and armored vehicles

    *Set up base in apartment buildings
    *Multiple floors
    *More space for buildings
    *Farm and catch rainwater on the roof

    I think the biggest con is the size of the project. I know you're a small team with limited resources so this type of content might be too much without more manpower and cash. I just thought it'd be cool to play a different aspect of survival in a zombie apocalypse; city survival!
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    Yeehaw time for the zompocalypse to really errupt!
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    I don't check forums for one weekend, and Breakdowns released!
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