Breakdown RV Tutorial. (Xbox 360)

Discussion in 'State of Decay Guides' started by e5futter, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    Hello everyone. I saw XzerothreeX's post in a thread talking about a RV tutorial.

    So I thought I'd make one. :)

    Step One: Find the RV

    While you are playing Breakdown you will eventually get a message from Lily talking about an RV being spotted somewhere on the Map. You will get a map marker and a mission called "Gotta be a way out". Go to the Map marker and you will find the RV.


    Step 2: Prepare The RV

    Once you find the RV you will then get a mission called "Prepare the RV" Go to the base section on your journal. You will find a picture of the RV next to the outposts on the bottom left.


    There are four different types of missions for Preparing the RV.

    Refuel the RV: 25 Fuel; 100 Influence

    Repair the Engine: 25 Building Materials; 5 Fuel; 100 Influence

    Repair the Tires: 10 Building materials; 100 Influence

    Disinfect the RV: 10 Medicine, 200 Influence

    In Level 1 you will only get one of these missions, Level 2 you get two, Level 3 you get Three, Level 4+ you get all four.

    Once you prepare the RV you are ready for the next step.

    Step 3: Loading up the RV (With exploit)

    After you finishing fixing the RV you will now have a new mission for the RV. Loading it up.


    After you activate "Load up". Do not Leave the Valley!!!!!

    Instead, Go to the survivor part of your journal and choose your six to go with you. you do this by Hovering over them and Pressing "Y" if you are on Xbox or "E" if you are on PC.

    As noted by Monolith1985:

    If a survivor is away and you have yet to choose your six and don't want to do the check in mission. Do what Marshall has stated below. :)


    Once you have your six you can leave. Or do the Exploit where you can have more than six people.

    To do this you need to have a survivor that is away and you must "Check in" on them.

    To Check in on the survivor they must be away from base. Hover over their name and Press "Y" if you are on Xbox or "E" if you are on PC. You will now get a mission on your map called "Checking in!"

    Go the survivor and talk to them. You will get 3 prompts. Choose "Get on the RV!"


    Here is a very helpful addition from Byerly724 who explains how to force a survivor to be away from home. :)

    And a helpful warning as posted by LiNanMian1984:

    Here is another helpful tutorial on roof riders and how it can become a living hell. :)

    Once you have as many as you want (Or everyone) you can then go to your RV in the base journal and click on "Escape town"


    Extra Tips: The Supply Locker

    When you finally leave the Valley you will come back with just a fraction of what your base had.

    Example: Say you had 100 cases of ammo with your base when you left. Now you have 5.

    But you will still keep everything in your storage locker. Be prepared because you will have either a very tiny bit of influence or you won't have any at all. In order to gain a lot of influence upon starting a new level equip all of the survivors you are taking with you with guns, ammo, medicine etc. Anything that will give back high amounts of influence upon starting in the "New Valley"

    When the next level starts up simply unload all of your survivor's items in the supply locker and you will have a butt load of influence to spend.

    Also. The storage locker has a limit. So you could see problems down the line when you can't put anything in the locker. I suggest you take out any melee weapon that has a base damage less than 3 and sell them to enclaves instead of destroying them. Giving them to an enclave will give influence back while destroying does nothing.

    LiNan goes into detail about the Locker limits:

    Extra Tip 2: Fuel by Kolobian.

    Hope this helps. :)

    A special thanks to LiNanMian1984, Byerly724, Marshall, Monolith1985, Kolobian, and SticksNstones for the very helpful extras and expansions to the Tutorial. :D

    And another Special thanks to Undead Labs for making the game. :p
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  2. Abe F

    Abe F Got Your Back

    Ugg beat me to it lol was typing it out on a notepad on my phone lol. Nice work man.
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  3. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    Sorry bud. :( I guess I am getting my speed back up again! =P
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  4. This'll be great for the newer guys.
    There should also be tutorials with visual aid for the cloning of resources, although it's easy.
  5. Zyrexius

    Zyrexius Got Your Back

    Nice work. Wish I saw this before I botched my first attempt and just left the valley without picking anyone!
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  6. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    Did the same thing on my first playthrough too. xD
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  7. Michlo

    Michlo Got Your Back

    Thanks for this. I was considering it too after XzerothreeX's response to me yesterday and with how many times I've had to tell people about the extra survivors. :)

    Should it really be called an exploit, though until we have confirmation that it is? To me this is still a hidden feature and is exactly why our survivors suddenly take off into the field and need to be called upon.

  8. Abe F

    Abe F Got Your Back

    I always thought the double resources was an exploit but confirmed it's not.

    Lily makes a reference to people riding on the roof sooooo....... lol
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  9. Byerly724

    Byerly724 Here To Help

    To force a survivor to be away from home switch to the and physically leave your base. Then switch to someone else, first survivor shoulf now be away for you to check in on
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  10. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    I added your post to the tutorial. :)
  11. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help

    Don't try RV roof riding more than 45. Safe side RV roof ride no more than 30.
    Tried RV roof riding 62... 4 saves corrupted... Highest level BD6.
    Now... I take 26 + Lily.
    I have most of them at 7 stars in cardio and fighting and edged(unless super survivors like Ray) otherwise everyone gets edged and ninja...(9 ninjas at present)
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  12. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

  13. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    You're a good egg E5 :)
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  14. We all know what happens to the BAD eggs...

  15. Negnar Holf

    Negnar Holf Here To Help

    Bout as good as a poke-egg :p

  16. I remember having 2-3 eggs at a time and i'd be on my bike on rout 218 just rolling around while watching Scooby Doo.
    Man i miss those days.
  17. monolith1985

    monolith1985 Starting Off

    really good guide, could you explain more about the roof riding exploit? as in do you put your 5 survivors on the RV, then do the check in -> get on RV, or do you do that with an empty RV initially?

    also, might just be me, but could be worth mentioning that you choose 5 survivors, and the survivor you are playing as when you choose to move on counts as number 6. I ran into this problem on my first breakdown playthrough and couldnt figure out why i couldnt get a sixth, ended up taking on a crap character lol
  18. Michlo

    Michlo Got Your Back

    I don't use or need this one but again, why would you call this an exploit? Lilly even suggests it to you.
  19. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    I'm calling it an exploit because, as Linan said. It can cause the game to crash. Also Lily's roof rider comment was more of a smartass/ sarcastic joke instead of a real suggestion. :)
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  20. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    Sorry for the double post. Typing this on my Xbox.

    I'd say load up first then do the check ins. :) I believe that if you do the Check ins before loading the RV up you will just get the "Go home" and "Nevermind" option when checking in on the survivor.

    If anyone wants to add to the tutorial feel free to do so. :)
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