Breakdown RV Tutorial. (Xbox 360)

Discussion in 'State of Decay Guides' started by e5futter, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help

    Roof Riding still works.

    Keep it low as there are crashing issues with too large a population and hero unlocks. So Roof Ride 40-50 and it's all good.
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  2. PowerNukin

    PowerNukin Starting Off

    after level 1, i arrive at the rv, do i really need to find a homebase or could i just keep collecting people.
    if i do need a homebase, how does it hold 50 people when there's only limited space? does morale suffer a lot(food shortage, sleeping space)?
    also for those who brought a lot of people to next level, aren't they a pain in the ass whenever they grumble and need to take a walk with you on missions?
    do they permanently leave homebase if ignored?
    i just don't see the point of getting more than 12 people so i could settle the snyder warehouse.
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  3. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help

    it depends on play style.

    I am save everyone inclined. I suffered from depression cause I had to make the choice of who to leave behind. And at a point was so saddened by those choices I made.
    By the time that the RR was found I had already progressed to level 5 of Breakdown, and I had chosen to leave behind a good group of people. Taking only 6 each time, arriving at next level depressed, angry and with less of feeling to start again.
    I arrived at BD6 with all my friends, had my save corrupt...(62 survivors) got my achievements...
    And then started back on BD1 and spent all my time trying to get the "right" number to roof ride.

    That number now after numerous changes is 45

    Was 55 but that results in crashes.
    then 51 but that results in crashes.
    45 is the best safe number to roof ride.

    As for the negative influences from that huge number... don't worry. you will still have the same amount of "go for a walk" than before, you just will be seeing the same names more often.
    Maya, K.C., and Alan and Montressor.
  4. PowerNukin

    PowerNukin Starting Off

    ok, tanks for info..
    do i need to do the initial "find homebase" mission or can i just skip it and gather eventually 50 peeps?
  5. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help

    finding a home base will result in finding more people. The longer you take, the longer it takes for enclaves to spawn (even though should be more regularly)

    Also random strangers won't spawn mission until you relocate.

    WEBEJAYDEE Got Your Back

    Also do u really want 50 ppl standing at a broke ass RV brokedown somewhere? Its just problems waiting to happen.
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  7. Fixmyaccountul

    Fixmyaccountul Starting Off

    So I was moving from BD 3 to BD 4 and decided to try and take some roof riders for the first time. I took the 7 the RV allowed and 3 others.

    Seems to have corrupted my save game. When I first moved on all the loot able containers showed as yellow half spheres on the ground. Then graphics started disappearing (supply locker, rucksacks on back). Now whenever I load into the game I just have a solid blue screen with the minimap. If I try to switch characters it freezes. If it sits for a few, it freezes. I cleared the system cache, no effect.

    Not sure if it's the latest TU or I have the unique pleasure of being individually screwed but there it is.

    [EDIT] I'm playing on xbox.
  8. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help

    have no idea what happened for you man...

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  9. owen lynkins

    owen lynkins Starting Off

    i have this to add.
    plan about what home you're going to because you need certain amount of survivors and matereials (sorry if i writen some words wrong engilish not my mother language)
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  10. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help

    Also depending on which mods are used. Before it was 12 was needed for STW, but now with a new mod I need 16.
  11. RossBeeUK

    RossBeeUK Got Your Back

    I don't understand how to roof ride... is the any visual aids because I read the stages and its confusing
  12. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    I can't post any visual aid because I'm not home but I can try to reexplain how to. :)

    When the RV is all fixed up you will have the option to choose the six people you are going to take with you. When you go to the character part of your journal you will see three options.

    On RV!
    Switch to

    Those that are away from home have the same options except the "On Rv!" Will be replaced with "Check In".

    Select "check in" on all of those that are away from home first, then load up the RV with those that are at home.

    Once the rv is fully loaded with those that were home you can now go and start checking in on everyone that is away. Once you find them you will have a dialog choice. Choose "Get on the RV!". And they will now appear to be on the rv in the character page. Do that for all those that are away and you should exceed the maximum limit of survivors.
  13. It's also explained in the very first post :)
  14. User13

    User13 Got Your Back

    Just moved on to BD 2 for the first time, so this thread was very valuable to me. I didn't read beyond the first few pages, because I felt I had it down, but I did discover a couple of things on my own and thought I'd share them. My apologies if they were already mentioned.

    By the time I was ready to move on, I had over 40 characters in my base. I went through them all carefully, deciding to save those that had decent skills, and those who provided a function of some sort, i.e. fitness guru, researcher, etc. I loaded all those people with the most expensive items I had from storage, starting with firearms, assuming they had the influence to take them from storage. I narrowed my choices down to about 17 players, leaving nearly 30 that would get left behind. That left me with a problem, because I'd read there was an issue with the left-behind characters, after having their items stripped and added to storage, taking items on their own. I decided to solve this by killing them off, but quickly realized that the morale loss wouldn't be manageable with so many toons to kill. So what I did was switch to them, using Q (pc user) and then run them 100 or so yards away from my base. I wasn't sure if that would be sufficient, if they would quickly return on their own, but every single toon I ran from the base like this continued to read 'away from home' until my RV was loaded and I was ready to leave.

    After that it was a simple matter to follow the roof ride directions, loading those at home directly into the RV, and using the check in feature to load those that were away from home. Incidentally, the same trick worked for the ones I wanted to ride on the roof, so to speak. I ran them a block or so away from the base, then switched to my 'main' character back in the base and used the check-in feature. Amazing the distance some of them were able to travel in that short amount of time.

    Hope that little tip helps someone.
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  15. American Steel

    American Steel Here To Help

    I have a question. Can you take a ruck sack with you on the RV? I have never tried it and both of my saves won't load, so I can't try it right now. If you can, can you do it with more than one person? Let me explain...

    I pick up a ruck outside of my base and the switch characters. I then go find that person and tell them to get on the RV. Are they wearing a ruck?

    Also, I take the character I am playing now and pick up a ruck. I then put them on the RV. Are they still wearing the ruck?

    If any of this works, we could could take anywhere from a small amount of mats to a serious supply of mats to the next valley.
  16. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    The only way you can take a rucksack to the RV is when you enter the next level with the RV as your home base. if you try switching to someone while wearing a rucksack it will just fall to the ground. Now your last idea might work. If you are wearing the ruck while leaving the level you might still have it on when you enter the next. I'll get on SoD now and test it out.
  17. American Steel

    American Steel Here To Help

    : rubs hands in anticipation :
  18. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    After finally getting everything for the rv I quickly scavenged a rucksack of medicine and loaded the rv while wearing it. After testing that out I loaded to the next level with no rucksack at all. Sorry bud.
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  19. American Steel

    American Steel Here To Help

    Man! +1 to you for testing it out!!
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  20. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help

    I tried... that... ages... ago... when Breakdown first came out... did not work... guess... it will never work...



    30 Is the new SAFE.
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