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  1. General comments/observations on SoD

    Rucksack and ítem issues:
    • They are tedious to have to carry back to base individually.
    • Cannot be dropped off in an outpost.
    • Items have to be destroyed permanently.
    • Items can only be carried by player.
    • All vehicles should be able to carry atleast one rucksack along with the one the player is carrying. Depending on the vehicle more rucksacks can be packed into the trunk. For example Cabs or Police cruisers could pack 1 rucksack besides the one the player carries (trunk?), while pickups should be able to pack 2-3 depending on whether there are passengers in the back.
    • During raids with partners, be it an infestation, rescue, or any type of hunt for special zombies, the player should be able to have the other character carry either items or a rucksack.

    Companions and resting/healing issues:
    • Having to be alone unless during specific NPC missions.
    • Companions are only available during specific side or main missions.
    • Companions sometimes do nothing during combat, especially during recue or missing survivor missions. (Bug)
    • Obligatory change in characters in order to heal and recover.
    • Companions should be able to be available for use at any time. This would be entirely dependent on their current state (tired, hurt, and sick) and obviously part of your community.
    • Either a waiting or sleeping option should be available for the player. Real time makes the game progress extremely slow at some points during research, building, car or weapon repair.
    • The possible houses to live in never have enough room or slots to build everything, and beds where always scarce.
    • Too many survivors constantly being lost, missing, in need of rescue or assistance with some sort of unique zombie hunt.
    • Character customization could be a valuable addition to the game though purely aesthetic.
    • More character development and back-story, i.e. diaries that can be found throughout the map, more dialogue options with the survivors in the community.
    • The possibility of talking other enclaves into collaborating or joining the player’s community.
    • More involvement with the Judge and her community.
    • Weapon customization, scopes, barrels, etc.
    • Vehicle customization, stronger against hordes, faster, etc.
    • Building or outposts that can produce a certain type of resource per a certain amount of time, food, ammo, materials etc.
    Suggestions for future instalments:
    • More areas to explore, like islands only reachable by boat, larger towns, larger more complex structures (apartment buildings, malls, hospitals, penitentiaries, etc.
  2. Accidentally posted it twice.
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  3. Hopefully that means State of Decay 2? Lol
  4. IrishDead

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    World of Decay ;)
  5. Just to add to everyone's posts that you deserve this recognition!
  6. I LOVE THIS GAME!Finally a true masterpiece.I've searching everywhere a quiet apocalypse like that.Every future and past game have to refeer to this game like a milestone.DayZ,The Dead Linger,Dead and learn!
    I don't care about some little graphic issue when the core is so generous and deep!
    From italy....BRAVO!
  7. First off, super awesome and fun game, and it's what I was expecting and MORE. Great job Undead Labs - though I have lots of praise, I'll keep it short and get to the point:

    I second the "CONTINUOUS MODE" Mode option being added in a later Title Update, but with a slightly different angle to it:

    I would say after you complete the game once, you would get the "Continuous" option. Kindof like a bonus way to play the game after you learnt the ropes and played the story. When you start this "Continuous" mode, it would start you out as a RANDOM playable character, in a RANDOM location, with a RANDOM BASE, with a RANDOM number of other survivors. Or even possibly no base, and alone. The "story mode" missions would be removed, but added with a few other more random story mode style missions just for this mode.

    Why the random person and random base? Well, that would make each game play feel different. It would also force you to try a base you wouldn't otherwise try, or scout for a better base. Also, it means you won't know if your first goal is going to be find supplies for your group, or whether you are completely alone and have to first FIND a group!

    Right now, in my game, I have the Church as the base, and it's safe, so I don't plan on leaving. I like it's gate, it's location, and it comes pre-populated with some good people. But, that's a shame, because there's probably other cool bases and people out there. But this is how the games starts me, so although I might be free to change it up, I also want to win. I'm not going to pick a sucky base to use, right? But, if I started out with a random sucky base, then I'd be forced with the decision to try to defend it for awhile and get supplies, or run out and find a new base. It would be more difficult, and you'd have to make different hard choices, and that's what the game is about. And that's why I think a mode like that would reinforce that theme.

    Also, you might start at the opposite end of the map, so it would give you a different area to start in. Maybe one you aren't as familiar with. There's lots of different surviving scenarios that I would like to try, but I also want to win, so chances are I'll start out the game wanting to try something, then as I progress to get there, I'll say "better not try it. What if I die?" so I'll play the safe route, unless I'm "forced" to by circumstance. And starting the game with a random character in a random place, with a random number of other survivors, if any, would be a great way to "force" a player into different scenarios without feeling forced in anyway.

    I think this is important for re-playability. I was playing through my first (and only so far) playthrough, and I ALMOST lost my last character. The whole time I was thinking: "I'll start a new game if I die, but I REALLY don't want to go through the whole Ranger Base tutorial story all over again." And I'd also like to not start at the Church, too. And I also know the Maya and Marcus characters well by now - wouldn't it be awesome if you started as someone else, then later in the game could find marcu and mayam, and maybe earn their trust to become their friend, or maybe find out they died before you could get to them? That would really make the second and third playthroughs of the game fresh, and I would look forward to starting a new game every time!

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    I have been pretty caught up in the game to post in a while so, it's good to be back
  9. XiricaDalla

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    Congratulations guys!

    Like said before: If you build, they will come! ;)
  10. Congrats to everyone at undead labs i freakin love this game i give it a 4.8 out of 5 just because when i was in marshall i saw the inside of a building and i was walking through everything....and the research time is kinda wierd that i have to wait 1-3days to make a research because i cant get a person that is good in that feild......but all in all i love the game and i cant wait for updates and ad-ons for this game :-D
  11. Australia is going to censor the shit out of this game
  12. I wanted to again thank the crew at Undead Labs. You are worthy of any acclaim that is sent your way. From the concept to the implementation you hit on a topic and style that obviously is what the gaming community was hungry for. I am just as excited for this release if not more than I am for the release of The Last of Us. ( If I could have come across an xbox for free I would already be playing this game )

    I have yet to play this game as I am a patiently waiting PC gamer, though i have watched the demo played to its fruition. I will not allow myself to watch any more additional footage because i want to thoroughly immerse myself once i can.

    Again Congratulations Undead Labs. I hope the PC release is also a huge success. I would be surprised if it is not.
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    Those are some great points, twicetwice2--especially about the vehicles. We should be able to fill a trunk or back of a pick-up with supplies. Although I'm guessing the creators felt that would make it too easy to deliver large amounts of supplies back to the home base, which would equal less supply runs (which would probably make for a duller experience. But that's just a guess.) Regardless, this is a GREAT game with some very interesting concepts. Really enjoying it, Undead Labs!
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    HEY SANYA dont kow if youve seen it yet but phil spencer has just walked on the E3 floor while wearing a state of decay T-shirt! the shirt looks cool! and more advertising! XD
  15. First, I’m very excited, the game is immense fun and has explosive potential, I think it's just teetering on greatness. Looking forward to what’s next!
    I would add though, some options to increase difficulty would be beyond swell. I think some added challenge and accomplishment are holding this game back in the mid to end game. Once you learn the ropes and get settled in I found the game began to become a tad stale (whilst I still enjoyed it), when I suddenly found my dirty dozen striving it began to feel unrushed, slow paced, and peaceful. I hated this.
    We need options to enhance the difficulty. You could say, “Just don’t use cars/guns/etc.†However, I think the argument would still be that after you learn the ropes the games challenges are far from challenging.
    That said, It’s a wonderful game that needs a bit more polish and before long it’ll be a masterpiece.


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  16. As expected from such a game. Great Job and looking forward to help out the spread of news when the PC release comes out.
  17. Not one mention of PC gamers. Thanks for that. Grats on your success and whatnot but it's kind of hard for me to be happy for you when I won't get to play your game for another ... (indeterminate length of time since you guys can't even give us an estimate).
  18. Amen, brother!
    As a fellow PC gamer, I can't wait. Congrats, Undead Labs! You guys deserve it!
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    I assume they're still waiting for the Australian Classification Board to rate the game...which means us Kiwis are also waiting...:(
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