Breaking News. And Records. Wow. (6/7/2013)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. Well deserved and I look forward to a future that has Class 4 in it. ;)
  2. It is great to see someone try something a bit different and succeed, Congratulations! Also, thank you for making this an Arcade game instead of a full retail release. As a gamer I/we have been burned before and it was nice that you recognized that the consumer was taking a risk as well, and you met us in the middle.

    Thank you.
  3. Being the grand age of 39, Ive been dreaming of a game like this for many many years! so well done Undead Labs, you guys n gals have made a winner!!!

    Just wish it didnt end lol.
  4. Vantilles

    Vantilles Got Your Back

    Congrats. I'm throwing money at the screen in giant bundles.

    Get some new stuff out there! I hope to see more of Undead Lab's excellence in the future.
  5. Awesome you guys deserve every ounce of it this game completely blew my mind i already have 3 of my other friends hooked on it too
  6. Wimpy Cactus

    Wimpy Cactus Starting Off

    Hell yeah! That's awesome.
  7. Dead Paradox

    Dead Paradox Starting Off

    Now double it! Bring us Co-op so we can all play together!
  8. Logifanogi

    Logifanogi Starting Off

    I agree completely.
  9. Congrats Undead Labs! :D
  10. Hope you add multiplayer, nothing like beating zombies with your freinds!
  11. Same here i was so excited whe I heard about this game!
  12. So true

    So true, So true we want more :-D
  13. Do we have a total count to date of copies sold? Just curious.
  14. Mcgroarty

    Mcgroarty Starting Off

    270k copies

    @Sanya what are you guys at now? and when will be you be hiring consultants for Class 4 ;)
  15. Your move, Undead Labs. Make it happen!
  16. Congratz ! France will be with you too when PC version coming :p.
  17. Arc79

    Arc79 Got Your Back

    Wow, we're currently at 495,162! Just 5K off half a million sales! Nice UL. Not to mention it's the end of the week so now those in Germany planning on purchasing it but were to busy to get it will most likely buy it sometime this weekend. Not to mention for a lot of UK high schools it's the 'official' beginning of summer and so they may now stop studying and go out and buy the game, I know I've convinced a good chunk of class mates to get it. What's the highest all time sales for arcade?
  18. The mod Day Z is endless.This game is better but please make it ENDLESS!!!!!
  19. i dont have Xbox but i watch some vids look very awesome ! Plz dont forget PC gamer :) !!!!
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