Cardio and Wits not leveling for characters with penalties

Discussion in 'State of Decay Bugs' started by Gmutant, Oct 12, 2014.

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  1. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help

    Platform: Xbox 360

    Frequency: Unsure (this doesn't normally happen)

    Steps to reproduce:
      • Launch State of Decay
      • Load Breakdown save game
      • Switch over to desired character
      • Starting sprinting to level Cardio

    Observed Results:
    After expending vast amounts of snacks (20 - 30 per character), their cardio DOES NOT increase at all. This only seems to be happening with characters who have Cardio penalties like 'A pack a day' and 'Asthma Attacks'.

    Expected Results:
    Characters with Cardio penalties usually require approximately double the number of snacks to level them up, and I'm used to that. However, in this current game, these particular survivors won't budge even the slightest, no matter how many snacks they consume.

    Anyone else have this issue lately? I find this strange because on the previous level of Breakdown, everyone was able to make it to Cardio - Level 7, even my chain smokers and asthma survivors.

    Is there any chance that this bug could be related to having a kitchen and dojo active at the same time?
  2. WillieSea

    WillieSea Famous

    I have noticed this with my "two left feet" character. I battled zed for hours and the fight skill barely moved up at all. Still a level one fighter. And I modded my game to make them level faster. All my other fighters level quickly but not that dude.
    I even exited the game and tried again in case something glitched. Still no luck.
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  3. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    Same here. I gave up on it after wasting 10 snacks and gaining virtually no progress.
  4. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    I let the team know. :)
  5. This only seems to be happening with characters who have Cardio penalties like 'A pack a day' and 'Asthma Attacks'.
  6. OldDogF14

    OldDogF14 Here To Help

    After failing to make progress levelling cardio, have you tried switching away from that character to someone else, then switching back? It's been my experience that that can get things rolling again . . . so to speak.
  7. mystyk

    mystyk Famous

    I get that sometimes with my Dim Bulbs. Like WillieSea I've modded in so all skills go up faster but sometimes it doesn't want to work for characters with penalties. Though quitting completely and reloading fixes it. Until I start a new game then it starts again.
    I don't have the issue often to be too annoyed with it. Just occasionally.
  8. WillieSea

    WillieSea Famous

    With the "two left feet", saving the game and reloading did not fix the issue with leveling up fighting.
    Changing characters did not help.

    I suspect there is a problem with the math calculations in the game engine with penalties.
  9. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    I have only had this issue with some 'smokers', and only to get them to Level 7 Cardio (I can get them to level 6 easy enough, but then a few bars into level 7 it stops moving) - Fix - give them a rest, switch off for the day. Then try again the next time you log you. That works for me?.

    Never had a problem getting anyone to Level 7 Fighting.
  10. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help

    Here's the story:

    I started Breakdown Lvl 3. on Monday (10/13/14). Moved into Savini's as my first home. Got 2 survivors over the radio: Blonde Team Mom/Teacher (Talia Swift) and Conspiracy Blog girl with 'A pack a day' (Angelica Perez).

    I selected Angelica and began running around Marshall collecting material rucks to make the move over to Snyder's Trucking (STW). During this time, Angelica went from 1 star cardio to 3 star and some spare change.

    Materials and survivors collected, I move on to STW. I switched characters because Angelica was tired. I donk around for awhile as Maya Torres and Jacob Ritter, clear out some hordes and built all my facilities (Med lab, shooting platform, library, kitchen, bunkhouse, and dojo).

    I switched over to another character with a pack a day, the Wilkerson goon that spawns with a Mini Uzi smg (Rylan Trujillio). I take 24 snacks out of mule car and get to running. after about 12 snacks, I'd figure Rylan would have leveled up at least to Level 2 Cardio, but nothing. So I run out the last 12 snacks and still no progress.

    I switch over to Adam Barrera (A pack a day dude that thinks he's hard) and consume 20 snacks running laps. No cardio XP gained. I switch back over to Angelica Perez and use up 12 snacks. No progress.

    At this point, I figure that my game is fubar, save and dashboard. Log back into Breakdown. I grab Angelica again and use 12 more snacks. No XP gained, so I log off for the day and come on here and post this thread.

    Tuesday (10/14/14). Log onto Breakdown. Grab Angelica and Adam and run some laps. No XP gained. At this point I'm trying to figure out what changed from the time I was at Savini's to my time at STW. Besides moving to STW, I built a kitchen and dojo (the kitchen and dojo being the only two facilities that provide stamina and vitality bonuses) so I hypothesize that my dilemma might stem from having the bonuses active from those two facilities.

    To begin trouble shooting, I tore down both facilities. I then dashboarded and reloaded Breakdown. I then rebuilt and tore down the kitchen and dojo individually and did not notice any change in XP being gained. Rebuilt both the kitchen and dojo and dashboarded. Reloaded Breakdown and still did not see any change in my situation.

    Wednesday (10/15/14). I log back in to Breakdown. I'm preparing to move homes to test out whether moving to another location will reset whatever black magic is cursing my survivors, and realize that I've completely wiped out the map of building materials, or at least enough to move and rebuild all my facilities. Defeated, I abandoned my survivors and restarted Breakdown. Will find some new chain smokers and asthma clowns to torture to find out whether or not the bug persists over saves and whether or not I'll have to clear my cache.
  11. WillieSea

    WillieSea Famous

    You need someone with [discrimination alert] the trait "two left feet". I am guessing there is only one of these goons.
  12. Sometimes when you start the game they'll gain xp, and sometimes the game won't. it's a matter of game randomness. i'll play for an hour running and they're xp won't move at all, and then a few hours later when i start the game, it will allow they'er xp to raise. i guess the game allows it when it feels like it.
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  13. gunther

    gunther Got Your Back

    I found a good glitch for the stamina impaired try taking a battle buddy with full stamina and switch off to the impaired one do this a couple of times and snack run to see if it's increasing when it does , ride that sucker to the limit of stamina loss, repeat after they rest, I hope this helps. it worked on xbox
  14. comegetsome

    comegetsome Got Your Back

    From what i've experienced this seems to apply.. totally random. However, random is more like 2/10 chance for me - most of the time my cardio penalized ppl don't increase past their starting level.

    Now, the reason I came in here is b/c the title made me think of something... do survivors who have both a neg & pos trait for ex. improves cardio faster + improves cardio slowly still level at a normal pace (essentially the traits cancel each other)?

    Have a couple of them and would rather be told the answer if someone knows rather than spending a couple hrs testing.
  15. That sounds legit, though maybe it'll gain Faster, when penalty is ineffective, and normal when penalty is in effect.
    Though i don'y think there's any trait that haves cardio lv up faster. except the Parkour Enthusiast Trait that Amelia haves but that's default.
  16. comegetsome

    comegetsome Got Your Back

    There are a few different traits that improve your cardio @Amelia Crasman
    And there are some ppl that have both a positive and negative cardio trait.
    I guess i'll have to test for myself to see how they level up... i like your theory on the penalty effect tho :)

    Here are a few examples from my current Breakdown party:

    Brady Donahue
    - Like to Hunt
    [survival hat trick!]
    - A Pack a Day

    Ashlynn Nguyen
    - Studied Boxing
    - A Pack a Day

    Ashlynn N.PNG

    Yvonne Guerra
    - Played the Drums
    - A Pack a Day


    Samuel Kraus
    -Studied Boxing
    -Asthma Attacks

  17. I thought those traits just have a higher cardio start, not gain Xp faster? Do They? If they do, i didn't notice. But Good Catch
  18. comegetsome

    comegetsome Got Your Back

    Your response caught me off guard a little as I hadn't thought about it from that POV.

    After thinking it over I'm going to say whenever a character has 'improved stats' it does mean said stat increases faster.

    I'm basing that on a couple things:
    - individuals who start w/ stats like lv7 fighting don't have an improved stat listing
    - individuals who start w/ stats like lv3 cardio (which my Breakdown starting survivor did) don't have an improved stat listing
    - no numbers to support this claim atm but IME individuals w/ improved stats seem to level that stat up quicker

    obviously the situations I mentioned could happen w/ an improved stat listing just noted them to point out that improved stats don't automatically indicate a higher starting pt.

    If anyone knows the answer to be different please post.

    Also, now I have to check to see if ppl w/ both a positive & negative stat listing level up normally + check to see if ppl w/ an improved stat only truly do level up faster...

    Thanks @Amelia Crasman :mad:!

    PS. j/k :p
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  19. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help

    Got another survivor who won't level up cardio.

    My observations:

    Base: Snyder's Trucking
    Dojo built w/ fitness regimen active.

    I recruited some new survivors. Now the question is: Could the stamina bonus from the fitness regimen bug out the game and my pack a day smokers before I use them for the first time? I noticed that the bonus seems to extend their stamina bar beyond what they would normally have at level 1 with no XP. Could that be causing the problem?
  20. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help

    I updated the thread title to include Wits now. It seems like whatever is bugging out Cardio is now bugging out Wits too.

    I noticed this Friday, before I had to restart Breakdown again after having my file corrupt/freeze up the xbox on loading. No matter how much searching you do (even with a researcher and library bonus active), characters with Wits penalties like absent minded and lush WILL NOT level up their Wits at all.
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