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  1. As you all know in other games because of rules I will not list any. Character Customization has become one of the many gamers of the world's norm and desire in any game to have a piece of your own hard work to be used by you and create your own stories backgrounds ext. my poll is ideas of your's and mine to really bring your emotions out when you make it look like you and you get hurt you get angry right. well why not have not just those but others like a phobia you have and use your character to through hard work over come it as well as personalities and so forth. Please don't be shy about your own comments or ideas but also would you want this feature in the game?
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    I am a little confused on what you mean. Are you asking that we should be able 'customise' a starting character? If so, then I do believe that this will not happen. The whole idea of SoD is the survival of the 'Community' rather than an individual.

    I think many people have 'Rage Quit' a game, I know I have, when I have lost a 'favourite' character.

    We have been told that in SoD2 there will be huge number of traits that our Characters may have.
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    My old post still represents my current thoughts about character creation in a game like this.

    I mean, this is pretty much what mods should be for, and if it's too much to rely on modders to create content one believes should be in the base game, it just doesn't belong in the base game.
  4. I think if character customization was implemented in the future, it should be heavily limited. I would enjoy the option of being able to customize the outfits of my survivors, through gear I've scavenged or some other sort of method. Basically just cosmetics, nothing that can affect gameplay. e.g. traits. It would also be nice to choose the voice associated with the character. I hated having one of my fav characters with a voice that didn't match their appearance at all haha. That may sound picky but it was slightly annoying. Hopefully that last part won't be as big of an issue since SOD2 should have more variety than the original.
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    GameOver21 welcome to the Forums:)
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    It's clear -- unambiguously so -- that there will be no Character Creation system in SoD 2. And, frankly, anyone who's played the first game for a substantial period of time understands why this is so.

    Having said that, I WILL echo the sentiments expressed in GameOver21's first two sentences. I loved the new backpack that Gurubani sported, and found myself rotating it amongst several survivors. Ditto her unique internally silenced Wingate Commando rifle, which only the elite of my community had the privilege of using. So yeah, I'm hoping UL expands on this established mechanic and creates a handful of unique weapons and/or vanity items, which can imbue even pre-rendered survivor models with distinct looks.

    One thing I thought of during my current playthrough of SoD was a kind of "Heirloom" system, whereby a particular weapon or item you get attached to (say the Wingate) can be "passed on" to another survivor, even IF a survivor carrying said weapon perishes.

    That would be cool, since one can get as emotionally attached to their survivors' THINGS as one does to the survivors' themselves.
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