Chicago Cell?

Discussion in 'Survivor Cells' started by Zombie_Hunter, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Any open cells near chicago or any survivors looking to start one?
  2. Patrick

    Patrick Starting Off

    Unforntunatly not
  3. <--Chicago here..
  4. Sorry, live on the other side of Illinois:(
  5. I'm in Chicago if anyone wants to start up with me?
  6. staypuft

    staypuft Got Your Back

  7. staypuft

    staypuft Got Your Back

    I'm game to form one. I've been following the game since the studio was announced years ago, was active on MMOZED forum when it was still around.
  8. staypuft

    staypuft Got Your Back

    I'm guessing UL will ramp up cell stuff as they get closer to next game (which might be announced at PAX this weekend)
  9. gorefiend

    gorefiend Starting Off

    Bah...Most likely a bit late to the party...but...Chicago here
  10. garlicburp

    garlicburp Starting Off

    i am only a couple hours south of chicago, dunno if that still works but i am down to join

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