Community Summit Announcement 7/9/15

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Nicole, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    Haha, and it would make another great trading card! :)
  2. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy Famous

    I'd pay to see that. Or at least a video of it.
  3. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    As a community, we just have to offer additional t-shirt designs for consideration:

  4. Genious

    Genious Here To Help

    Hah, thanks @QuarantineRoad and @SwissArmyKnife-- it helps a lot. :) I'm fairly sure I'm more memorable for the "typo" than anything, but hey, I'll take it. XD

    @Undead Lori, why isn't @CaptainAssassin's card a thing yet!? Only suggestion: OR ELSE. instead of "Rue the Tricycle". But I DIG IT!!!
  5. Dutchdynomite

    Dutchdynomite Here To Help

    I like how it's phrased now. It shows the level at which you should fear the tricycle.
  6. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Never underestimate the Tricycle of Gibraltar.
  7. Aaron V

    Aaron V Famous

    Newtons laws mean nothing to it! Madness! Utter madness!
  8. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    I designed it as an achievement— because I thought it could be one someday:

    ............................................................Rolled or destroyed your vehicle by hitting a tricycle.
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  9. RobertH5996

    RobertH5996 Got Your Back

    I love these forums! Everybody is polite and not rude and crass like other forums. Additionally the employees that contribute I see as pretty rare. This is an awesome place to discuss the awesome game we all apparently cherish.

    Lol that's awesome!

    No gamer score though we unlock the trike!
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  10. Aaron V

    Aaron V Famous

    It is the best forum I've ever been privalliged to be on.

    You can use the reply button to quote multiple posts, or edit a post, and use the reply button to avoid double posting. Makes thing easier, plus you won't incite the wrath of the mods. Cuz you know, they're supper mean.
  11. MrMonst3r

    MrMonst3r Famous

    Hehe I absolutely love this!! I thought it was only me who had a grudge against this unyielding three-wheeler!! Curse yoo trike!!
  12. Aaron V

    Aaron V Famous

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  13. I like the Tee...bravo!

    Coool!!! But i think you might also see the name "MonPrinCe" as a future achievement!!! Ahaha

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  14. WillieSea

    WillieSea Famous

    As a member who already made "that" trip, I would suggest writing down your ideas now, because the time you have there will go by much too fast.

    Take lots of pictures and enjoy the time. And make sure you upload some of those pictures here so we can pretend we went with you guys.

    But mostly, have fun and act like you own the place! :p
  15. liamypoo

    liamypoo Famous

    And bring @Undead Brant a coconut bra :p
  16. Rock33B

    Rock33B Here To Help

    Congratulations to you six! Definitely envious of each of you, but I think ULs picked a good group of Ambassadors. Look forward to your reports when you get back.
  17. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    make sure to play some spin the bottle. :D :po_O
  18. Rock33B

    Rock33B Here To Help

  19. I dunno about that spin the bottle...fairly sure most of us are not single. :p

    @Undead Lori did propose some karaoke... I definitely think @Undead Nicole will be HAPPY to join us for that too right? :D
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  20. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    If people want to hear my off tune singing, who am I to say no?

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