Congrats, Superfans!

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, May 29, 2013.

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  1. screenamesuck

    screenamesuck Got Your Back

    Congrats to Baker, e5 and Abhor. Kinda surprised Baker won, not really sure he deserved it.

    Well deserved guys and I envy you. I hope you have a blast

    I'd also like to Thank Sanya and the rest of the Undead Labs team for even putting this contest together. It's not often you see developers giving back to the loyal gaming community. You guys are the greatest
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  2. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

    Couldn't agree more, and that goes for all of the little extras that they have done..Well said screen
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  3. Cargot35

    Cargot35 Starting Off

    Congratulations to all the winners, and for you specific three, have a blast! Take tons of pictures/videos :D
  4. agentwred

    agentwred Starting Off

    Congrats Superfans. I'm expecting acceptance speeches now.
  5. CodySP

    CodySP Starting Off

    Bring a Camera Seattle goers, you'll need one!
  6. Saw30

    Saw30 Starting Off

    I watch every two minutes to see if I received the code LOL !
  7. Just to echo everyone else, big congrats to cap, e5 and abhor, and to all the hon mentions. There are some devs who deserve the words spoken by their fans and a contest like this shows a team who care about their gaming community, enjoy the trip guys and enjoy every success now and in the future UL.
  8. Congrats to the winners have fun in Seattle
  9. remember when they had that thread about what Capt. looked like? seems like we will finally find out huh?
  10. Negnar Holf

    Negnar Holf Here To Help

    We already did. Hang on, I saved the picture on my phone... Let me find it....

    Just kidding, that would be creepy. It IS on the forum somewhere, though.
  11. Arc79

    Arc79 Got Your Back

    Kinda why I was hoping Dantron would win, too bad he's a Canadian robot! That would make for an interesting video...
  12. Capt.C.Baker

    Capt.C.Baker Here To Help

    Now there are 4 photos of me on the forums....

  13. Campfire food and a G36 !!! Living the dream Cap :)

  14. Dantron

    Dantron Here To Help

    Dantron probably looks like a cross between:



    But probably not...
  15. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

    just keep the first part and you'll be
  16. Saw30

    Saw30 Starting Off

    The winners? I propose a hunger strike! as we do not get our preview code! ---> [​IMG]
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  17. MISFIT 582

    MISFIT 582 Banned

    what is that a airsoft gun because i actually have a G36C airsoft assult rifle that i was given for my 12 birthday :) my birthday is June 2nd so just sayin not that anyone cares
  18. Capt.C.Baker

    Capt.C.Baker Here To Help

    Yes, it is. I use to do airsoft games all the time, but since I have had my boys, it just sits in my garage. I don't bring out my real guns around my boys, unless I'm heading to the shooting range or hunting, and I figured it added a little spice to the photo. ;)
  19. NiteFox11

    NiteFox11 Starting Off

    Hey hey hey hey... I'm not on that list :(
  20. Awww shit yeah!!! I freaking called it!!! The 3 going to Seattle!!! The Untouchables. Survivors!! Goddamnit congrats you guys!!! After all you 3 have contributed!!!

    Now I'm going to pretend that my post for you 3 is the reason you guys are going so I feel important lol

    Capt. For directing the new kids to the info. Being polite, and being a father well deserved of a vacation.

    E5 for keeping the morale up. In the apocalypse, low morale means nobody gets out alive. And Undead Labs wants to live. So when the shit comes down, e5 will be there.

    Abhor D is the weapons specialist. When the hordes rise, and the release party goes south, you're gonna hear the magazine slam into the gun, a slide, click, and when you look over, you'll know AD has your back UL.

    You guys made the right choice.
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