Congrats, Superfans!

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, May 29, 2013.

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  1. Congratulations folks.. :-D
  2. Congratulations guys :D
  3. Saw30

    Saw30 Starting Off

    Sanya the game comes out Wednesday and we still have not our preview code .. normal?
  4. Silent_Bob

    Silent_Bob Starting Off

    If it does come out on the 5th I don't think we will be getting early codes :(
  5. Saw30

    Saw30 Starting Off

  6. Saw30

    Saw30 Starting Off

    Silent_bob must can be created a new topic to ask, because it does not read our comment I think.
  7. Lame-Brains

    Lame-Brains Starting Off

    Congrats to you all :)
  8. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    Alrighty. Just got confirmation that I can post this. Capt. Abhor and I are going to be meeting Undead Labs on the 5th. :)

    And thank you everyone :D
  9. Capt.C.Baker

    Capt.C.Baker Here To Help

    Yup, thanks all!!
  10. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

    Once again, congratulations Baker, E5 & three truly are the three representatives I would have chosen. I know I haven't been here for very long in the forums, but it was clear from the beginning that you three truly are the absolute best to have won because it is something you have earned by being leaders, not only in knowledge of the game, but also in conduct.

    Have a wonderful time and you three better take a shot of Jameson's for me :) Give my love to the dev team and make sure when you leave, that they have a clear idea how much this game means to many of us :)
  11. Arc79

    Arc79 Got Your Back

    Aye, you three send my love too! And congrats once again Cap'n, e5 and Abhor, you truly deserve it, you lucky bastards! ;)
  12. So what your saying is that you knew the release date a while back... you had to plan for the trip... good on you for not leaking any information and congrats to you 3. Have fun!
  13. Capt.C.Baker

    Capt.C.Baker Here To Help

    What he's saying, is that we had our flights already booked last week for the 5th, even if the launch date wasn't the 5th. We are so happy it worked out!
  14. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    Actually we never knew the release date. We had out flights booked for the 5th. We were going to have a party even if the game wasn't going to come out June 5th. :)Which It's pretty awesome that it worked out like this.

    EDIT: Damn you Capt. :p
  15. Bub's_Of_Monroeville

    Bub's_Of_Monroeville Got Your Back

    You guys enjoy yourselves :D. The universe hates me and makes final tests come the week of release :0!!!!!
  16. Loco Little

    Loco Little Got Your Back

    I have a few requests

    1.take pictures and post on forums
    2.Get drunk, party hard and have fun
    3.Play the hell out of the game
    4. Cardio

    Then I will be satisfied that the trip was used to its full extent. I couldn't have gone anyway, being in the UK, but I hope you guys enjoy yourselves as much as you can, hopefully one day I'll be recognised by the devs and community too, but for you guys its a reality.
  17. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    1. Will do :)
    2. I'm 19 so I don't drink. :)
    3. we will be at a bar for the party. I don't really know if we will be at Undead Labs.
    4. Already planned on it. :)
  18. Kinda sucks that I kinda just withdrew from the forums the last couple of months I coulda been on dat list na jk Im not that selfish
  19. Capt.C.Baker

    Capt.C.Baker Here To Help

    Yeah, I don't think we will get to visit the labs. :(
  20. Abhor Deities

    Abhor Deities Got Your Back

    Thanks everyone :)
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