Contest: Who Is Your Hero?

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Nov 27, 2013.

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  1. Theghostlyisaiah

    Theghostlyisaiah Got Your Back

    [​IMG] The guy on the far right.
  2. Yeah I couldn't leave my favourite character of all-time behind, Xena would kick butt :) My gamertag is named ChakramPrincess in tribute to her as well. Glad that there's someone else here who thinks she is awesome too.
  3. Mike from the BiteMe Machinima Zombie Series; love the "Firecrutch" (Fire-Nailgun);
    Tough guy how he fights zombies and endures his girlfriend :D
    BiteMeMike.JPG BiteMe.jpg
  4. Alan Gunderson

    Alan Gunderson Here To Help

    My hero would be a rare character I found the other day by the name of Aaron Pederson.

    He is one of the rarest survivors in the game, have only seen him once out of all of my playthroughs.

    His clothing consists of a red jacket over a black hoodie with a yellow blank T-shirt underneath.

    He has a rare face that can only be found on seldom few other survivors, and has dark, almost black brown hair.

    His traits?

    Loner, Garbage Collector, Natural Athlete (powerhouse).

    He doesn't have any special dialogue, but I like his character as a quiet young man that only finds his 'badass' once the world goes to shit and makes for a great addition to any group I may have.

    Looks cool, has Marcus voice.
  5. toupz

    toupz Starting Off

    Marcus Campbell because he is awesome at killing zombies!
  6. I would choose Merle Dixon from the Walking dead
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  7. Zaph

    Zaph Starting Off

    I would choose Roland Deshain of Gilead, the Gunslinger never miss a single headshoot, plus he is a great hunter, leader and teacher.
    I'll maybe add to him Ellis from L4D2, because he have this funny-redneck point of view on the world that -in my opinion- is mandatory in a Zed's apocalypse.

    About SoD character, i'm not sur, I love them all so it's quiete hard to choose... But I guess i'll choose Alan Gunderson, love him, love his badass side, love the note I found in the post office, telling me he was trying to get some .50 rounds and a .50 rifle before the apocalypse, and of cours, love his voice =)
  8. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    [​IMG] *whispers* I love the Tick.
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  9. xr1st1anos

    xr1st1anos Got Your Back

    Tom Hanks and a volleyball. Not my hero but someone i'd bring along. At least I know he'll survive by himself if worse come to worst...
  10. I would bring... My girl friend. She has the best of the wilkerson brothers; drinks like Mickey and then kicks ass like Job. Hobbies also include shooting firearms and cooking! In the worst case scenario, her full 7 stars in nagging specialization keep the zombie hordes running... AWAY!!! As long as im there to twist off tightly screwed jar lids we are in the clear.
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  11. LetsPlayCatGaming

    LetsPlayCatGaming Got Your Back

    The six essentials:

    Someone fat to act as bait in the event of being caged in
    Someone really fast to leg it and grab us some grub
    Someone really strong to lift and carry the RV in the event of Breakdown
    Someone really brilliant and awesomely badass who has played so many zombie games that if he dies he's done it wrong and so he can form a duo with the leader - Me.
    Someone who can count so we can count how many bullets there are, how many zeds, how many bottles of milk in the fridge
    Someone who can cook, clean, do all menial labour and not die because she's already dead so she can vaccum around zeds - Moira O'Hara from American Horror Story
    and Rik Mayall.

    Just because he's the leader.

    Also, in the event Moira O'Hara isn't available for filming, the guy who invented stem cell brains. I would love to stand on top of the RV with Rik Mayall and a mad brain launcher, flinging brains into the crowd to distract the zombies.

    Wait, what about the guy who invents the mad brain launcher...?

    Also, I've already said seven. The guy that can count is needed even today. A sign of things to come...

    Also also, when did this become a film in my head...? I've wasted my morning before work writing this. Ho hum.

    Kif, we have a conundrum.
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  12. Kid Kayole

    Kid Kayole Here To Help

    I'd save a spot for Tyler Durden from Fight Club. He can make bombs so he's definitely got some chemistry know-how (he'd be my researcher) and he could easily punch a hole through a zed's head. Ok, so the guy might be a bit mentally unstable, but all that means is we've got to keep stocked up on meds!
  13. scarface4467

    scarface4467 Here To Help

    Daryl Dixon

    He's a hunter. Part leader and people would look up to him.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Six Spartans would be an end all
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  15. MstrJedi Kyle

    MstrJedi Kyle Here To Help


    No zombie could even get close
  16. Ub3rL4zy

    Ub3rL4zy Starting Off

    I would bring this guy.


    Because he would end apocalypse in few minutes.
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  17. gish

    gish Got Your Back

    Bob the builder
  18. GermanZ

    GermanZ Got Your Back

    in state of decay i would take leon montague cause i like Ninjas

    in real my wife cause she is the best cook on earth
  19. Conor08

    Conor08 Starting Off

    About time someone said that name he is a BADASS

    *dribbling* just look at him (not in a gay way)
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  20. Frost

    Frost Got Your Back

    XD you're kinda crazy for a dead cat wayne
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