Contest: Who Is Your Hero?

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Nov 27, 2013.

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  1. Mattyice26

    Mattyice26 Got Your Back

    Chuck Greene from Dead Rising

    Hes strong , resourceful. Smart. A leader. Can build just about anything. Would always have a weapon with him around. He's someone id trust would always have my back
  2. Sapper Jay 12B

    Sapper Jay 12B Here To Help

    I guess Alicia Hawkes and Sasquatch.

    Alicia if I can only pick one. Strong leadership, calm in hopeless situations, and great in any kind of fight she's in.

    Sasquatch I like cuz he's her polar opposite. He's a jerk, self centered, a complete braggart, but outstanding in a fight, and funny.

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  4. Domino_Effect_V

    Domino_Effect_V Got Your Back

    Patrick from spongebob. The man(fish) wasnt afraid of anything.
  5. I always have to have a character with medical experiences (paramedic) and tools expert all the others should be good fighters.
  6. My hero I would choose would be Doc Hanson.
  7. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    Fill the RV
    1: My Son
    2: Inspector Gadget
    3: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    4: Bones (Star Trek)
    5: Maddog Murdock A-team
    6: My Boss so I could trip him
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  8. Blackthorne

    Blackthorne Here To Help

    I'll just post this up here :D

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  9. BumKnee

    BumKnee Starting Off

    The "Sweet Bro, Awesome" Cop guy and Evan Woodrow with a shovel.
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  10. Blackthorne

    Blackthorne Here To Help

    Hanging with Evan? I can dig it... ;)
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  11. ErnestK7

    ErnestK7 Here To Help

    I died my first time on state of decay, and it gave me Jacob
    I have had him ever since.
    I have completely leveled him up
    He has ninja skill
    He rarely ever takes damage any more( he's too good for the zeds)
    Has 300% knockdown chance (WTF?)
    He's maxed out powerhouse.
    He can kill a zed in 2 hits
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